How to maintain an abstinent relationship

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how to maintain an abstinent relationship

Being celibate is hard but being celibate in a relationship can be even You may be thinking that you can maintain your abstinence under. Platonic relationships are emotionally intimate relationships without sex. Here we will explore the pros and cons of practicing sexual abstinence and maintaining. Abstinence can help you recognize the value of your significant other, want to ensure there's a solid foundation to maintain the relationship.

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Therefore, make and keep making a conscious decision to walk and practise celibacy. Be practical about it; there is a difference between knowing wisdom and walking in it. There is wisdom in being accountable to people friends, pastors, married couples about how you and your partner spend your time together.

Choose to be with someone who is a committed Christian that shares the same values and commitment to staying celibate like you do. You may argue that you simply want to pray together or study the bible alone in your room; however, your hormones are less interested in Greek and Hebrew but specialise in body language. Kelly slow jam in the heat of the moment.

SEX DIARIES: 5 Ways To Maintain A Relationship And Abstain From Sex

If you say that you love your partner and you want the best for them, then love them by placing a greater importance on their purity and helping them to maintain their holiness before God. They could be married. In this situation, you would not have invested all of you, therefore lose the baggage.

This is a good idea to maintain your self-respect and self-esteem. More than one friend. If boundaries are not set, your partner can get involved into more than one platonic intimate emotional relationship with the thinking that they are not having sex. Therefore, they can have many friends.

how to maintain an abstinent relationship

The problem is a lack of commitment and self-restraint. The fire is gone. If the emotionally intimate platonic relationship does not develop a sexual attraction that is shared by both parties involved, the relationship will not go to the next level.

You may become more like family or part ways. Breaking the sexual abstinence. Marriage is not designed to be an emotionally intimate platonic relationship with sexual abstinence even if it is necessary to do so for a short period of time.

how to maintain an abstinent relationship

In conclusion, there are medical, religious, psychological, and social reasons why people choose to engage in platonic relationships with sexual abstinence. The benefits of platonic relationships without sex gives partners time to establish and strengthen trust, respect, and commitment in the relationship.

I am the perfect person to talk to you about this because I have been celibate for a couple of years now click here to read why. So when I give you these tips then know that I am talking from experience. I am not virgin by any means, I do have a son. So unless I got impregnated by the Holy Spirit it is safe to say I have had sex before also check out my blog on maintaining celibacy after having sex.

I tried to be celibate so many times.

Can Abstaining from Sex Be Good for Your Relationship?

But the times that I ended up messing up is because I put myself in a situation where I could mess up. So we are clear some of the things that you should stay clear of are: A Netflix and chill night.

Unless you have a group of people around you. Laying in the bed together. Getting drunk around each other that may compromise your decision-making.

Can Abstaining From Sex Be Good For Your Relationship?

Walking around in lingerie, at night, in his room, next to his bed. I know it seems like common sense but you never know.

In case you do not see the pattern here, all of the above actions put you in a prime position to slip up, fall, and not maintain your celibacy. You may be thinking that you can maintain your abstinence under these situations, but why even test it? Why even put yourself in compromising positions that will MORE than likely cause you to have sex?

Instead choose to be smart about how you put yourself out there and what you do with your significant other while you are in a relationship. I highly suggest you read this post by Heather Lindseywhere her and her husband did not even kiss until their wedding day and neither of them were virgins.