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Mar 22, in pop including American/South Korean pop star Ailee, dubbed the the KPOP global platform Mwave, or buy tickets here. Q&A (, Vernon, Woozi & Ailee); Chocolate (Vocal unit); Pretty U. MV Making Of. Love Letter. DANCE . MWave Meet & Greet. (ENG) Seventeen. DO NOT SHARE ACTUAL DAILYMOTION LINKS! Only share our links! Streaming links Part 1.

On summer ofI started to purchase my collection from a korean supplier my friend knows and have it ship to the PH via balikbayan box cheap albums and no tax. So note that most of the things that I buy from the following stores that I will discuss are just signed CDs and Japan releases.

Yesasia Pros I love YesAsia's shipping! Based on their website, I live in Zone 1, I always choose the standard shipping so I can save on the shipping fee, the estimate delivery period is days. But I always receive mine within 5 days, sometimes it comes the next day. I forgot, they deliver it directly to my doorstep, so I don't have to go the post office.

For Japan releases, I order from cdjapan or yesasia. CDJapan may seem cheaper at first but when you add the shipping fee, the price is almost the same with Yesasia's price. So when their price is almost similar, I prefer ordering from YA. Because I don't have to worry about customs tax when ordering from Yesasia, unlike whenever I order from CDJapan, everything has to be claimed from the post office.

Aside from the hassle of going, the employees at our local post office are not so friendly.

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I know, we all have our own nightmare experiences with our local post office XD There's this one time they asked my brother to buy KFC for them instead of paying for tax.

Plus, you're sure that Yesasia sells authentic ones, most sellers from eBay sell fake signed CDs. Their customer service is quick to respond.

Cons Their prices are pricier than most of the websites based in Korea. Yesasia is based in HK There is no folded poster option. There's a possibility you won't get all the freebies that you should get. There was this one time I pre-ordered 9 CDs Japan released. I paid for it early so I can secure having the official bonus cards that comes with the CD, but when the CDs arrived, they only gave me 2 of the cards. Soompi Shop Soompi Specials! Plus, they will give you a tracking number always so you know where your package is.

Their customer service is great. BoA and Donny showed off their strong choreography. This movie definitely brought a new generation of dancing. I learned about a new dance, and saw something that peaked my interest. I was always eager to see how this dance would play out throughout the movie. This movie seemed catered to tweens and teens, like most dance movies.

But the movie was actually better than I thought it would be. While Derek Hough played a very typical romantic interest an ex-con, homeless man who dreams of dancingAya was somewhat different than what I expected of her. In fact, she was quite the tomboy. But she owned that tomboy.

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She made that tomboy look VERY sexy. A new side to BoA stepped out. She stood up for herself. I connected with Aya. She was confident, smart, funny, and daring.

There were easier ways than dancing, but I think that was the point. Or maybe, it was just the dialogue that was good. But BoA was really natural, I have to give it to her. You could tell she was comfortable with Derek. There were no random filler characters you know, the random person put in the story for no other reason than to make it funny. The brothers were very typical rivals. This story basically focused ON the story and focused on the point: The setting begins in New Orleans, where Donny lives.

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Aya did work in a coffee shop… Of course, the main focus was on the clubs. So we heard a few SM artists in the mix. It was a good movie that I would watch again. Mostly, this movie is good for a DVD release. BoA shined in this movie. This dialogue was to-the-point and not stuffed with crude humor.