Digifest meet and greet 2015 tax

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digifest meet and greet 2015 tax

Another successful Jisc Digifest conference took place this week in There were several "hey, I follow you on Twitter and it's nice to meet you . Now, if you don't happen to have your own paper copies of 's taxes handy. In , being a good-looking teen boy who posts goofy videos on Vine can become a full-time career. DigiTour is the largest producer of these social media tours and Personal Finance · Retirement · Taxes · Wealth Management Both include a pre-show meet-and-greet, where the girls can hug each. citizens are now able to pay online taxes (property tax, development tax etc). .. As per my meeting with Ajmer administration, every school there will have at least . I assumed the charge as Chairman at ADA in , and since then I The top planters were recently felicitated at the Digifest held in Kota.

First, I think that people who go into higher ed are an internally motivated bunch. A higher ed career is not an easy one to construct. Most folks who go into education do so because they love learning, research, and the mission of the schools in which they gravitate. Not all of us are effective at our roles at all times - we can all improve our own productivity and performance - but I think that the norm is of higher ed people doing our very best. A second reason for the end of deadwood may be the increased pace of work.

E-mail, laptops, phones, and the web mean that we are always connected to work. The higher ed cost disease means that every school must find ways to do more, usually with less people. At every school I know people are doing more than one job - and doing so without much in the way of administrative assistance or support.

There is no deadwood because there is no time for deadwood. A third reason for the end of campus deadwood is that how we work has changed.

digifest meet and greet 2015 tax

We all work in groups. All of our services, projects, and initiatives are done in collaboration with others. This is a function of the increased complexity of work, as well as the growing ambitions of the projects that we initiate.

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Nobody wants to let down someone else on their team. So you tell me. Am I seeing the world through hopelessly rose colored glasses? The Rajasthan Government is going to spend a huge amount about Rs 15, to 20, crores - in improving sewage treatment and water supply projects in about cities in the next four-to-five years. What are the challenges you face while implementing the projects?

We have several bodies involved in decision-making when it comes to the implementation of the projects. This has been one of the major challenges for us and it is everywhere, which many a times delays the work.

digifest meet and greet 2015 tax

But we try to ensure the synchronisation of these processes and make efforts to fasten the decisionmaking in the best possible manner. We have started this project in four smart cities and it is working fine.

We believe this project will ensure easy, eco-friendly and economical transportation for the people. How are you making the best of Information Technology? What are your plans to improve the conditions in other cities of Rajasthan? There are various services which are online and can be subscribed by people.

People can seek various permissions online and saving their time and energy. How crucial is the public transport to make a city smarter?

We are working on increasing the number of city buses enabled with GPS Connect with us on egovonline egov magazine We are making efforts to make every city of Rajasthan a Smart City. In the four cities, selected under the Smart Cities Mission, the rate of implementation of project will be faster, but we are not going to ignore other cities of the State. We are focused on making these cities cleaner and greener.

We will ensure that all the best practices are in place in remaining cities of the State. What message would you like to give to young officers? I encourage young officers to work hard and keep taking new initiatives.

Believe in yourself, be committed to your work and make every possible effort to deliver what you are supposed to deliver. Our staff has also shown efficiency as far as disposal of cases is concerned. With the use of social media platforms, especially through WhatsApp etc, we communicate with the different groups at different levels for the fast dissemination of information. IT has been a helpful tool to work-out crimes, contain law and order situation, and expedite the overall police machinery.

How can we deliver with more improvement in our functioning? This in turn makes our department efficient. Likewise, we are also thinking of starting an IT-based patrol system to check locations of officials and men deputed for patrol duties and ascertain their presence on beat locations. What are the initiatives taken by your department to train employees to make most out of the IT interventions?

With the use of IT being so rampant, through internet and other platforms by people, registration of cyber crime related cases has also gone up simultaneously. This is increasing by leaps and bounds. Keeping it in mind, to make our officials well-versed and well-equipped with technology while dealing cyber crime issues, we train them at the police headquarters and training academy as well as at national level by sending them to renowned institutes with expertise to deal in this area.

They are taught about various issues related to cyber crime, for instance, how to track cyber crime related cases; how to deal with technical equipments; and usage of technology to decipher cases thus making cyber crime investigation faster and more reliable. This is an ambitious project started by the Government of Rajasthan.

The CCC is the state-of-art centre equipped with video walls, multiple screens with CCTVs connectivity installed across the city to keep tab over various activities. Control Centre is put to use round-the-clock, appointing especially trained staff to log, locate calls and dispatch information - further making our system efficient as far as reaching out to the complainant or visit to the spot and informing officers is concerned. Lok Sabha by-election was recently held here, in which we made an extensive use of our command and control centre to keep an eye on all sensitive activities.

We hope to tap its full potential in the days to come. What type of challenges the department facises in the implementation of IT at all levels? But, when we compare our previous ways of policing, we are continuously improving.

IT initiatives being a top-priority for the Government, when it comes to extending support in delivering our services, we have actually come far and are in a much better position, today.

I am sure, as the days move ahead, we will become more efficient and well equipped. Moreover, Ajmer is soon to become a Smart City; as it is already in that category, therefore, naturally police also needs to become smart. I am hopeful that this will not be neglected.

IT in the police department is one of the main constituents to effectively avail benefits to the citizens. Which are the other areas where IT can be effectively used further? How effectively is your department involved in citizen engagement? As our command and control centre is becoming more efficient with each passing days, what we need at the moment is the installation of the state-ofthe art CCTV cameras across the city and even at the outskirts to keep tab of any accidents, incidents, law and orders situations, crime.

Officials in the control room are also able to immediately guess the gravity of the situation and communicate accordingly. Likewise, at every divisional headquarter, where we can work-out cases related to cyber crime, we have placed smart units and all necessary equipments to deal with it.

digifest meet and greet 2015 tax

Similarly for any city, traffic is one of the most important things. As far as traffic of Ajmer is concerned, we can have IT-enabled signaling system to be able to control the movement of vehicles and address violations, if any, committed by the commuters. At the same time, just by simply looking at the screens, we can communicate with the staff on the field to ensure smooth traffic flow.

When commuters know that they are under surveillance, naturally they will tend to follow and abide by the traffic rules, and the same applies to the road encroachments which cause a lot of inconvenience to public.

We can also start e-challan to save time. We are also thinking of using body cameras which will be worn by the policemen, so they are at least able to record first hand information about any incident. These cameras will give us an accurate picture as to what really happened? Who all and how many were involved? We are also thinking to introduce helmets with cameras which can have firsthand evidence of any untoward law and order situation when worn by policemen.

Installation of smart signaling system, which automatically Connect with us on egovonline egov magazine We are all civilian police because we are there to work with the people and for the people.

Rajasthan police has done a lot in this area. We believe in the concept of community policing. We even have layers of Community Liaison Groups CLGs at every police station as well as district level where we interact with people informing them about our agendas, visions and also in return take their feedbacks to know how they feel about our services, and what best could be done.

Here too, technology plays an important role because we are all connected. People can communicate with us on various social media forums of the department. When communication with people is made in that manner, eventually the reach will also expand. Importantly, we are open to criticisms as its helps in improvement in the system.

But sometimes, due to paucity of resources and shortage of staff, we are not able to deliver our services as per their expectations, but then we take their criticisms in a very positive stride because people are reaching to us; and when they appreciate our work, it further boosts our morale. How does the department ensure law and order security during occasions like Urs fair? Firstly during such a large congregations like Urs and Pushkar Fair, a complete monitoring of the system is required.

We had deployed a good number of officials and men. This software also helps in identifying deployed officials and issue of passes. How has been the experience so far and what plans do you have in near future? Ajmer is a unique city with a rich history and heritage. Both are pilgrimage destinations, barely half-an-hour away from each other. Tourists arrive here from across the globe. Ajmer is endowed with a beautiful lake-Anasagar lake-in the heart of the city and hills on the fringe of the city, which makes the city more beautiful.

All beautifications and developmental plans of Ajmer are around the Anasagar Lake because it is a big lake with a perimeter of around 8. Earlier, it was treated as a bane in the city, it was stinking and waste water was being dumped into the lake. The local administration put up iron fencing to discourage people from throwing garbage in the lake.

But still the lake was getting dirtier each day. Please give us a brief of the development plan of the Anasagar lake. We started this STP on the [ egov. This led to the improvement in the quality of the sewerage water. Today, seven million litre water is being processed in the treatment plant and the water is going in the lake after processing. We applied convergence techniques, various schemes, organised local funds for starting developmental works in Anasagar Lake.

We started the project as a pilot on 4, metres stretch of Anna Chowpatty opposite Regional College. It was appreciated by everyone. People gave feedback that they had never imagined that this lake could become so beautiful. Inspired from that when Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje visited here on 15th August,she appreciated the metre patch and suggested us to take this project further.

We have also taken up two big stretches for beautification of routes. One is from the Naya Bazaar area and the second one is under Station Road. What beautification projects are being undertaken by the corporation? Almost 70 per cent work has been done. A need was felt for the Central Park in the city.

Though a big park like Subhash Udyan was present, people used to avoid it because it has problems of rats, and it was an unplanned old park. Today, seven million litre of water is being processed in the treatment plant and the water is going in the lake after processing. This will become a very big attraction in the city. Along with Subhash Udyan, we have taken up 25 parks in various parts and residential areas of the city.

Open Air Gymnasiums are being set up in seven of those parks and rest of them are being developed so that they not only improve the environment of the city but also help in generating awareness among the people who are health conscious and want to do morning walks and other physical activities.

Traffic is a becoming big menace in the city.

Rajasthan DigiFest 2017: Udaipur Hosts India’s biggest Hackathon

What drives have you started to decongest main areas in Ajmer? Connect with us on egovonline egov magazine For a long time, there was a need to decongest the Kacheri Road and Station Road which connect south of the city with the north of the city. Institutions are located across the entire city. So, for example, you have to travel from the Government hospital to Government college, it used to take more than half-an- hour during peak time.

Both these roads are congested and a demand has risen to construct an elevated road so that south and north part of the city can be well-connected. It will be a four-lane road. The whole project is worth Rs crore. It is beginning this month itself. How are you engaging citizens in your projects? We have taken many initiatives which are participative in nature. It was started in Soochna Kendra and became very popular. More than a km long wall has been painted by students and organisations of Ajmer.

How are you ensuring smart education to students here? We started smart classes with the help of an NGO in schools of Ajmer.

digifest meet and greet 2015 tax

Earlier, mid-day meals were cooked locally. So we invited Akshaya Patra Foundation, which has been doing very good work in Jaipur and Bengalauru.

With the help of them, in CSR, we have set up a very modernised kitchen. All the Government schools get food from this Akshaya Patra kitchen only. It has not only improved their food quality but also removed teachers from mid-day meal responsibility.

The State Bank of India has provided equipment to 20 schools here and remaining schools, we are trying to cover through Smart Cities Mission. We have taken a module on pilot basis and assigned a project worth Rs 20 crores. The work has already started on the site.

Smart Cities Mission is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious projects of the Government of India. It has given scope of positive competition among the cities. Not only the ABD Areabased Development area but the entire city is competing to have the maximum benefits from the objectives of the mission. Will you apprise us of the works that have been done in Ajmer so far? The total cost of Smart City projects in Ajmer is about Rs 1, cores.

We have already planned projects worth Rs crore and these are going to be started and implemented within one month. Among them, the major project is the elevated road — a much awaited and a long-standing demand of Ajmer. This project is worth about Rs crore.

This road will be developed on the steel structure technology used in the construction of metro lines in the country. Apart from this, about Rs crore project is for water supply rejuvenation — another ambitious [ egov.

digifest meet and greet 2015 tax

Will you please update us on the work in and around Ana Sagar Lake? There is provision for escape channel project for Ana Sagar Lake — a Rs crore project.

We are developing promenades along the Ana Sagar Lake which is situated at the centre of the city. Further, to clean and purify the water, we have ordered deweeding machine. Citizen engagement is very crucial for the success of Smart Cities Mission across the country.

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So, the coordination issues, which probably occur in other cities, are not here in Ajmer. Besides, he is also the Collector and District Magistrate of the city and has other departments and resources at his disposal which make the overall coordination among various departments and institutions very smooth. How is Command and Control Centre working in Ajmer? What about the parking management within the cities? We are proud to say that Ajmer is the first city where the Command and Control Centre was used during elections as well.

We had used the video wall for webcasting during the election. It was highly Under the convergence project, a major parking is coming up in Naya Bazar — just behind the municipal corporation. It is heart of the city and very congested area. This parking will be able to accommodate about vehicles.

Further, railway department is developing a parking in Topdara area. So, these are two big ticket Connect with us on egovonline egov magazine projects. Besides, Municipal Corporation has marked several places within the city which will be developed as parking areas.

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How have you involved citizens of Ajmer in Smart Cities Mission? Citizens are involved since the beginning. The plans under Smart Cities Mission were developed with conscious participation of the people of Ajmer. We had organised several workshops which allowed the people to convey their ideas and do value additions during the conceptualisation.

Based upon their requirements and expectations, the projects were developed. The elevated project is the outcome of active participation of people. Rajasthan is pioneer in implementing LED lighting projects, what are your views on this?