Meet and greet with supernatural cast

The complete official Supernatural convention schedule

meet and greet with supernatural cast

4 days ago Supernatural Cast & Crew. Please be aware if you don't instruct couriers you will cover customs/duty on shipments the studio can't accept. Feb 15, Creation's “Salute To SUPERNATURAL” was a wallet-draining, Ten fans who paid extra bucks got a meet and greet with the actors who. Jan 25, The conventions are a great source to meet, take photos with and and Misha Collins walking by with his meet and greet group – which Is there anyone in this cast who isn't just so humble and appreciative of what they're.

Just visit the Registration area at the convention for more details.

Creation Entertainment's Supernatural Offical Convention in Chicago, IL

You can expect to find official photographs from the studio, t-shirts and apparel, journals, jewelry, mugs and glassware, banners and posters, books and magazines, autographed items, and a lot more! Others must be purchased separately below or at the convention if not sold out. Please note that if you have autographs as part of your ticket package benefits you will need to have something for the celebrities to sign. They will sign almost anything you bring from home and there is a wide assortment of photos and other collectibles on sale at the convention.

meet and greet with supernatural cast

Items that are deemed inappropriate will not be allowed to be presented at the autograph table. We do suggest you read the entire site over for the full details as that gets updated a bit more frequently!

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Silver Package Holders choose their seats while ordering packages on line, ensuring the best available, at the time of purchase, views of the stage. Priority Pre-registration Silver gives you priority registration before other guests of course our Gold Patrons go first!

Get early dibs on merchandise the vendors room is open for this special preview night to those whose ticket packages allow for participation and any remaining autograph or photo op tickets! We also love it because it gives us all time to meet up with convention friends and new ones too without worrying about missing any guest on stage, or events like autographs or photo ops.

In fact, it is great to get your registration done so you are all set for the weekend!

meet and greet with supernatural cast

With Silver Packages you keep the same great seats you enjoyed during the day. Certainly most fans us too consider this the finest night of live entertainment in all of genre fandom, and it is offered on a regular basis at The Official Supernatural Conventions.

The complete 2018 Supernatural official convention schedule

Have a blast at our fun-filled Karaoke Party extraordinaire, featuring host Matt Cohen and joined by other stars who will be your back up singers! This is another event where it is best to check the site for the convention for most up to date celebrities booked to appear. They will sign anything you bring from home and there is a wide assortment of photos and other collectibles on sale at the convention.

meet and greet with supernatural cast

Copper Weekend Packages are also a great way to attend the show with the same reserved seats each day -- and the best seats after Gold and Silver. All performers are tentative, subject to change. The dealer room ended up holding about six tables. Some were selling glossy 8x10s, which you would need to have should you pay the money up to a hundred dollars for an autograph opportunity with one of the stars. Other tables held pre-autographed memorabilia. There was a guy who makes the convention circuit selling movie posters and overpriced soundtrack albums.

There was a table selling rotten Supernatural t-shirts and not rotten mugs and shot glasses. Then there was a table selling faerie jewelry. There were Torchwood items for sale in the dealer room, and some Big Bang Theory stuff, but otherwise it was pretty much just Supernatural. For a price you could line up and take a picture with the stars in front of a school photo-esque backdrop.

You could also get things signed, but there was a no-personalization policy - they just put their signature on it and you moved on. What was amazing were the prices for some of the photo ops. It cost 60 to 70 bucks to get pictures with actors who I had never heard of before, and who, even after IMDBing them, I was shaky on.

meet and greet with supernatural cast

You could buy packages as well - photos with actors in groups - and that actually was a savings when you compared it to the cost of posing with the individual actors.

Anyway, that was just about it. There was nothing else. No screening room showing episodes of the show or blooper reels.

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There was nothing to look at but actors standing on stage, and nothing to do but pay money to interact with them. If you paid the right money you could interact in interesting ways.

meet and greet with supernatural cast

There was a karaoke party, where some of the actors hung out and sang with the fans. That cost more than a regular admittance, of course.

Convention tips: THE MEET AND GREETS!

The coolest thing at the convention was a performance by The Brian Buckley Band, which seems to be just a group that Jared Padalecki likes - he introed them and it cost a rock bottom 15 bucks to get into that. The weirdest interaction was the breakfast with Jared and Jensen. This happens at all Creation cons, I guess, and I was told what occurs is that the stars walk around the tables, introduce themselves, say thanks, and leave. I really wanted to hear what Sera Gamble, the show runner, or Eric Kripke, the creator, had to say about keeping the show going after season five, which was where the planned story ended.

Everything was about nickel and diming the fans, some of whom had flown in from across the country.