People meeting taylor swift at meet and greet videos

Taylor Swift Meets Fan Fighting Cancer with Meghan McCain's Help |

people meeting taylor swift at meet and greet videos

Taylor Swift met year-old fan Lexi Caviston, who is fighting brain cancer, to help Lexi meet the “End Game” songstress at her Reputation tour a photo from her meeting with Swift and videos of herself rocking out during the show. absurd to most people, but the Royals aren't most people, they are a. Taylor Swift Fans Picked for VIP Rep Room Meet and Greet stopping occasionally to watch Taylor's music videos play on the TVs in the room. Taylor smiled and hugged Jane again, telling her that she does the rep room for people like her. . The girls had a blast meeting Taylor and that's what matters the most. Police Department Helps Year-Old Girl with Down Syndrome Battling Cancer Meet Taylor Swift had to give up the concert tickets that the Dover Police Department had asked us to help make her wish of meeting Taylor Swift come true. In January, a video of Officer Jeff Davis jovially lip-synching to.

We got a cute Polaroid picture with her before being called into the room to meet Taylor.

people meeting taylor swift at meet and greet videos

Jane and I walked in slowly, taking everything in, while Anna wasted no time in bolting inside and throwing her arms around Taylor, who laughed. This was a dream come true as we had been following her for so long Jane has idolized Taylor for much longer than I have, though and she was finally there, standing in front of us.

Taylor hugged each of us individually and Jane, unable to contain her genuine excitement, launched into how she found Taylor at five years old and has loved her and her music ever since.

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Taylor smiled and hugged Jane again, telling her that she does the rep room for people like her. The ones who had been such dedicated fans for so long and who Taylor had never had the chance to meet.

Jane smiled and introduced us all, to which Taylor responded by looking at each of us individually and repeating our names aloud to herself. We all posed, and Taylor leaned her face close to mine. Eventually, though, we had to go, and Taylor hugged us all one last time before telling us to have a safe trip home.

We told her we loved her and she returned the phrase before we left, squealing and shaking and crying. We would love to know more about you! But more often than not, she tends to recruit online. With a profile and following as big as Swift's she's the seventh most-followed person on Instagram, and reputation became the top-selling album of in the US the week it went on saleyou could imagine her being able to coast when it comes to interacting with fans.

Taylor always goes the extra mile for her fans. Swift fan Gabby Hoefer But not only is she up for engaging with fans, she actively seeks them out, going so far as to turn online micro-interactions into real-life encounters that they couldn't have imagined even in their wildest dreams.

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It's an approach that sets her apart from run-of-the-mill, chart-topping musical megastars who are happy to rest on their laurels. It keeps my life feeling manageable. Seeing her fans online, Swift told Walters, "is the only thing that keeps me not feeling overwhelmed by the abnormality of my life. Taylurking Swift started following Gabby Hoefer, a year-old college student from Connecticut, on Tumblr in The star had reblogged a couple of Hoefer's posts and even followed her mother's account, but Hoefer was still shocked when in October she received an invitation to Swift's house in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, to preview her new album.

Swift held several of these "secret sessions" in New York, LA, Rhode Island and London, welcoming chosen fans into her home, dancing with them, eating pizza and sharing her latest labor of love with them before putting it out into the world.

For Hoefer, the experience was a dream come true.

Greetings from Taylor Swift’s Rep Room!

She suspects Swift and her team picked her out well over 12 months before the invitation arrived. She said, 'You're Gabby, right? The fact that the woman I had looked up to for so long took the time to invite me to her home, feed me dinner and know me by name is something that I will never fully be able to comprehend.

And I invited them over and they came. A DM from Taylor Nation inviting a fan to a Secret Session is the equivalent of one of Willy Wonka's golden tickets, but the fan club can be cryptic at times. Taylor Nation said they would like to meet her, but didn't explicitly say that Swift would.

people meeting taylor swift at meet and greet videos

They are the most beautiful people inside and out. Andrea said she was so happy to meet us and asked us how we were doing and Scott started handing out guitar picks. She has her critics too -- she's often portrayed as disingenuous or as a snake, a symbol she has come to own on this latest tour.

Back in Taylor Swift favorited tweets I'd mentioned her in on two separate occasions.

people meeting taylor swift at meet and greet videos

Both times my phone buzzed constantly for three days as more and more people continued to favorite and reshare the tweets.

Going small-scale viral off the back of two favorited tweets gave me a tiny insight into the vast deluge of notifications Swift and other celebrities must be receive at any given moment every day. The idea of handpicking fans from the hot mess that is social media seems crazy and overwhelming.

But for many Swifties, it's the way the star cuts through the noise to reach out to others personally that really defines their relationship with her.

Swift found Jack on YouTube and gave hime free tickets to a show of his choice. Taylor Nation "The difference between being a fan of Taylor Swift and being one of another celebrity is that Taylor always goes the extra mile for her fans," Hoefer said. Last year, Swift, for reasons she hasn't discussed at length, went dark on- and offline for several months. We reached out to representatives for Swift offering her the opportunity to comment for this piece but didn't hear back.

This months-long vanishing act was particularly impressive given that there are times she can barely venture outside long enough to take a single gulp of fresh air and feel the sunlight on her face without being papped.

But even in the Taylor heartlands of Tumblr, there was tumbleweed. Meeting other Swifties online is honestly the best thing of stanning an artist. As the marketing effort around reputation ramped up, she gradually returned to the internet.

people meeting taylor swift at meet and greet videos

But even at full blast, her presence is not as easy, island-breezy as it once was. At the age of 28, reputation-era Taylor is far more guarded on social media than the Taylor who released and put it all out there -- friendships, relationships, no holds barred. There are no more pictures of romantic beach trips and heavily documented gatherings with famous friends at her houses.

Now, only on Tumblr does she let herself stray from the carefully curated social media strategy that she follows across other platforms.