Selena gomez meet and greet seattle

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selena gomez meet and greet seattle

Find out when Selena Gomez is next playing live near you. List of all Selena Gomez I want to see her again and hope meet and greet next time! Thx Selena . LAS VEGAS NV MAY 06 Selena Gomez attends her official Revival Tour kick off after party The singer and actress has been hosting meet-and-greets with fans outside her concert venues every night, Seattle, Washington. Selena Gomez Vip Tickets Meet & Greet. Selena Gomez Meet & Greet VIP Tickets for her Rival concert tour are available with No Service Fees!.

Once she leaves, Gomez appears on the screen wearing different outfits while an instrumental version of 'The Heart Wants What It Wants' plays. The screen rises and Gomez walks through a cloud of smoke, wearing a black catsuit and dress, performing 'Good For You'. After talking to the crowd for a moment, she performs 'Hands To Myself' before exiting for another change.

Another interlude plays, and Gomez comes on, with her hair in a French-braid, wearing a tan leotard with a transparent dress over top. She performs 'Who Says'. After, she thanks the crowd and talks to them. She then sits at the piano that has been rolled onstage and performs 'Transfiguration', transitioning into 'Nobody'. She then explains that she has been writing songs for fun and performs a new, unreleased song titled, 'Feel Me'.

She exits the stage afterwards.

Selena Gomez

Another interlude plays while inflatable roses rise from the sides of the stage up to the ceiling. She then performs 'Body Heat' with her dancers, before getting on the carriage and leaving for a final costume change.

selena gomez meet and greet seattle

The last interlude plays and Gomez enters in a multi-colored leotard with a jacket over top. She performs a cover of 'Sweet Dreams'.

She then talks to the crowd for a final time, asking for them to dance and to have fun for the last songs.

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She then sits down to perform the beginning part of a remix of 'Revival'. She gets up, dances, and bids farewell to the audience before leaving the stage, thus ending the show.

Set list This set list is representative of the show on May 14, in Vancouver. It is not representative of all concerts for the duration of the tour. She returns to the stage in a black dress to perform " Love Will Remember " under a spotlight on the s-shaped runway of the stage.

Gomez sings a cover of "Dream" by Priscilla Ahnwhile playing the harmonica. Another cover, " Royals " by Lordeis performed in the Canadian and European cities on the tour. After a speech telling the audience to accept themselves for who they are and not to change for anyone, Gomez performs "Who Says" before leaving the stage.

Another video interlude shows Gomez opening the final door, which leads into a club. Her and her dancers dance and hang around on suspended ropes during the duration of the song.

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As the lights fade, they return to focus on Gomez as she begins to sing "Naturally". A disco remix version of "A Year Without Rain" is also performed in select cities.

Gomez then leaves the stage once more. A final video clip displays Gomez sleeping at the desk again after looking at star charts.

selena gomez meet and greet seattle

She awakes to reveal that the whole thing was a just a dream. The song features tribal dancing. After the song, Gomez exits the stage again, only to re-enter without the silk skirt to perform "Slow Down" as the music video plays in the background on the screen.

Selena Gomez Revival Tour 2016- Seattle, WA (Live Vlog)

Pink confetti blows out into the audience during the final chorus. She runs out onto the runway to acknowledge and thank the fans for coming to the show. She acknowledges the band and dancers before she runs to the top of the stage And makes her exit offstage as the music ends.

Set list[ edit ] This set list is representative of the show on November 6, It does not represent all concerts for the duration of the tour.