Chi upsilon sigma meet the greeks gsu

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chi upsilon sigma meet the greeks gsu

Chi Upsilon Sigma (ΧΥΣ) ("Women of Wisdom") — official name is Corazones Unidos Siempre Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc. (Hearts United Always) — is a Latina oriented Greek letter intercollegiate. I love being a part of Greek Life at GSU. The IFC welcomed my co-ed Chapter of Psi Upsilon with open arms that we started from scratch. I'm happy to be. Members of the Multicultural Greek Council at the Philly-wide 'Meet the Greeks' right), Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity (middle left), Chi Upsilon Sigma Sorority (middle right),. Sigma Beta Rho Georgia State University was fourth with donors.

MGA seeks to expand Greek Life: To create new leadership opporunities for students. To increase student retention, progression, and graduation.

chi upsilon sigma meet the greeks gsu

To strengthen alumni relations. To improve community relations. To remain competitive with other institutions.

Chi Upsilon Sigma

If your organization is interested in expanding to MGA, please contact Dr. But did you know that there are many different types of Greek organizations? Multicultural sororities are organizations whose founders may be from a particular culture or of a certain race.

chi upsilon sigma meet the greeks gsu

The mission of these organizations is to promote the culture that they were founded on. HC Drexel has provided you with a breakdown of some of the benefits a collegiette can reap from joining a multicultural sorority: SisterhoodSisterhood is the bond you share with other members of your sorority.

The people you meet through your organization can become lifelong friends and mentors. They can even become your future bridesmaids, said Gina Medayil, a senior and member of Kappa Phi Gamma, a South Asian interest sorority. When Nikki Echols, a Drexel alumna and sister of Chi Upsilon Sigma, a Latin interest sorority, needed someone to drive with her to Philadelphia from Columbus, Ohio, a sister responded to an email she sent to the whole organization.

Being a part of this council makes it easy to network with people of diverse backgrounds that are in other organizations.

chi upsilon sigma meet the greeks gsu

Luckily for those involved in multicultural Greek life, there are different customs that make each sorority special. Each organization has its own motto, colors, symbols, gems, songs, and events that are celebrated, such as the day the sorority was founded. Before the semester began, Mu Chapter welcomed 19 new associate members into the fraternity house, and have begun the process of new member education.

Overall, the experience was extremely useful for the current brothers and we would like to extend our utmost appreciation to the alumni that helped make the event happen.

Our philanthropy chairmen have also been busy to establish our National Organ Donor campaign at Cornell. More details will come later. The biggest highlight of it was our partnership with MetLife Stadium, where we worked a concession stand and received a percentage of the sales we made. This ultimately led up to us working the Super Bowl, which was an amazing experience for the brothers involved.

We have just concluded our formal recruitment week this semester, and are extending five bids to potential new members; some of which we recruited through a pick-up football game on the quad in the snow.

chi upsilon sigma meet the greeks gsu

With the changes and success the chapter has had, our chapter saw a larger alumni turnout than Epsilon-Rho Chapter 29 1 h Following an exceptional fall semester, Epsilon-Rho is continuing its quest for excellence. Louis and a highly successful retreat, the EpsilonRho Executive Council is well-prepared to guide our chapter in new, exciting directions in Iota-Xi Chapter 19 10 0 Duke received snow for the first time this winter and had our first snow day!

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Louis and had a great time learning a lot about other chapters and meeting new brothers. The chapter successfully recruited our newest class of pledges as part of formal spring recruitment.

East Stroudsburg University Beta-Psi Chapter 18 0 h past years, which reflected their strong support and appreciation towards our brotherhood.

Sigma Lambda Upsilon | Revolvy

Now we look towards the future with many events in mind and are anxious to get started. Eastern Illinois University Beta-Gamma Chapter 67 16 h The men of Beta-Gamma Chapter ended this past fall semester with a philanthropy project in which the chapter teamed up with Alpha Phi Sorority that benefited local less fortunate children.

We came together and bought the children Christmas gifts that included shoes, clothes and toys that they wanted. We had a brother play the role of Santa Clause. The kids loved the event and had a blast!

Greek Life: Middle Georgia State University

Louis, where they spoke with other chapters and alumni. They came out of the event with many new ideas and tools to better Beta-Gamma and Sigma Pi as a whole. Beta-Gamma Chapter is looking forward to our annual Founder Day banquet where we will celebrate our fraternities history.

chi upsilon sigma meet the greeks gsu

The night entails a banquet style dinner and entertainment. Followed by awards for active members and speeches from honorary guest alumni. We have big plans for this spring semester with trying to keep our all-sports title. We are also working on our biggest event, Sigma Pi pig roast, which will be taking place in the month of April.