Meet elizabeth at the bow bioshock

The glitch that spoiled the ending of Bioshock Infinite for me [SPOILERS] : Bioshock

meet elizabeth at the bow bioshock

Oct 30, , BioShock Infinite: Complete Edition Coming Next Week when Elizabeth revived me, the objective "Join Elizabeth at the bow". BioShock Infinite at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and join Elizabeth at the bow of the ship to effectively end the game. Head for. Has anyone else had this problem? Just after Hall of Heroes, I took the skyline back to the other island, but Elilzabeth wasn't with me. So I went.

Use the office besides you to circle around using Shock Jockey and the crank gun for maximum damage. Head all the way downstairs now to the basement as we have collected everything here of worth. Have Elizabeth unlock the gate and head all the way down to the bottom.

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  • 3. Story walkthrough

Once you open the tear you will unlock Assist the Gunsmith. Take the Sky Rail down to the lower area and make your way to the Graveyard Shift Pub taking out enemy soldiers along the way.

At the top of the elevator before going anywhere, head into the small office ahead and pick up the Charge Vigor. Head back outside and across the street to enter the next area. The Factory This is one of the more fun areas for me. Follow the Vox through the doors until you reach a wide walkway, somewhere in the middle you can bring in a rocket turret through a tear and have it help dispatch the enemy soldiers and Patriot accompanied by a turret or two that show up on the other side.

meet elizabeth at the bow bioshock

When the enemies are defeated a zeppelin will come join the battle, the goal here is to use the Sky Rails to get high enough to board the zeppelin landing on one of the wings. When you land try to take out the soldier sitting there shooting at you then quickly take cover as there is a rocket turret just below you. Use a combination of Shock Jockey and Volley Gun rounds to take care of the turret and then make your way along the walkway to the inside of the blimp where another Patriot and a few soldiers are waiting.

Use the sniper rifle to poke out of the doorway and pick off the soldiers so you can have an easier time taking on the Patriot solo. When the Patriot is down head up the engine it was guarding and hit 'X' to destroy it, then you need to run back outside onto one of the walkways and aim then jump to a Sky Rail to make it safely back to land.

With that done, head up the large golden steps where your comrades wait for you. Inside head into the next room, only a couple of soldiers and a rocket turret, kill and destroy and head into the elevator room. If you search around the dead bodies you should find a piece of gear behind a turned over cargo dolly, when you have that head up the elevator.

At the top of the elevator be ready because the Vox Populi will now be hostile towards you. Kill the group when you arrive on the top floor.

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Instead she will send in a group of her followers along with a Handyman. Use the Sky Rails to your advantage and move around a lot taking shots when and where you can. Eventually the Handyman will fall and so will the rest.

Now board the First Lady and continue the story with a cut scene as well as unlock - In the Main Campaign, complete Factory. This fight can get a bit annoying because you should be rather low on ammo after the Handyman battle, try to choose your shots very carefully and focus on taking out the volley gunner because he causes a great deal of problems.

meet elizabeth at the bow bioshock

When the Vox are dead, collect what ammo you can and then have Elizabeth pick the lock to open the next door. Head on through the gate on the other side and a little down the hall will be two lone Vox, kill them and head outside.

Down the slope you will notice you can tear in a turret, do so. A rail car should be on its way down with about 4 Vox Populi on board and a Patriot. Let them get off the rail car and have the turret draw enough attention for you to hopefully pick off all if not a few of the Vox soldiers, when the turret is destroyed look to your right and you can tear in your own Patriot, do so and then run down the right side hill. If there are any Vox here, use Undertow to hopefully knock them over the railing, saving you some ammo.

The Patriots should both end up having it out with each other at the top of the hill; while the enemy one is focused on yours go around behind it and shoot it in the back until it's destroyed.

Rules & Info

Port Prosperity Head up the stairs and you will soon come to two or three Vox Populi, kill them and to the left head in the door to find a safe if you want to open it for three lock picks really it costs two, in the room to the right there is one sitting on a desk. In the next area on your right is a restaurant called 'The Salty Oyster' open the door for three lock picks, be careful as there is a Fireman and other enemies lurking about behind you up those stairs, kill them before moving on.

Head out of the restaurant and up the stairs to arrive in Grand Central Depot, a big battle will ensue consisting of Vox Populi, a Patriot and two Firemen. Conserving your ammo here is very difficult, as usual try to pick off what you can with your sniper and there should be a volley gun tear around the place to help you out, if you get stuck to the right of the room there is a small ticket booth room, if you go inside there is a desk in the back of it that lets you see perfectly out the window giving you excellent cover.

Head over the far end of the room and up some stairs to a gate for Elizabeth to unlock then use the cover to help take out a couple of snipers in the room. Do not go through the turnstiles just yet otherwise you will miss a few things, on your left just before you go under the bridge is a doorway leading to a 'Founder's Bookshop' have Elizabeth pick the lock costs one pick and go in.

Now you have picked up the voxophone you can head back to The Salty Oyster. When you leave the bar more enemies will show up. Head back to where you entered the bookshop and if you are sure you have everything go through the turnstiles. Head over to the elevator but it needs a code, look around the room it really isn't difficult to find and then after a small scene head back and take the elevator to your next destination.

BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360) Walkthrough

Downtown Emporia You come into an area swarming with enemies and with useful tears all over the place, equip yourself with an RPG up on one of the higher landings and either a sniper rifle or volley gun. The main one to watch out for here though is the Handyman, this guy is just relentless and he does not stop.

BioShock Infinite Gameplay Walkthrough Part 12 - Meeting Elizabeth & Songbird

When you manage to defeat the Handyman and clear the area head up to the highest point where the volley gun and RPG tears and have Elizabeth unlock the door for you for three lock picks. Hide behind the sign close to you and have Elizabeth tear in some sniper rifles and ammo then have her tear in the decoy in the middle of the area, this will draw three snipers out, kill each one. When they are dead, enter dilapidated green building in front of you and go down to the basement.

Across the street in another building you can use three lock picks to open up a building the get a new piece of gear. Continue along the path until you come to a bridge, here a battle will begin between Comstocks men and the Vox Populi, let them duke it out while taking shots from afar at the Patriot and Fireman they have with them, then take care of the regular enemies.

From here go up to the gate and try to open it to get your new objective, turn right and head towards Memorial Gardens. This fight is tough, the boss is strong, the minions are strong and you are not so amazing. There is a solid strategy when it comes to this and that is to use Charge when at max power on the boss and then fire as many shotgun rounds as you can, run away and repeat.

When you have won you will get to have a small chat with your favourite twins, after they have spoken to you, head out of Memorial Gardens and you will see them again and they will give you your next objective which is to follow phantom trails to where you need to go, they simply look like blue wisps of smoke coming from the ground. Your next destination is The Bank of the Prophet, run all the way back to where you first entered the area and fought the Handyman.

meet elizabeth at the bow bioshock

As you walk up the steps you will be greeted by two Crows and a Fireman as well as a few Vox soldiers. When the Crows go down do a dismount attack on the Fireman then back up a bit and just use Shock Jockey and the volley gun until he is dead and then finish up with the Vox enemies on the ground. With all of that taken care of, head into the bank. Inside the first room against the far wall you can see three kinetoscopes, do not bother with them as you have already collected them towards your achievement, head in and ride the elevator down.

When you exit you should see the next tear above you. Walk in and there will be a group of enemies in the large room, kill them and search everywhere to fill your ammo, I would also suggest making sure you have a shotgun handy. At the back of the room, go up a small flight of stairs and turn left. Turn and head back into the main room and this time take the left hand path.

When you can turn left into a room where you will see a Crow standing atop some deposit boxes, he will disappear and a group of regular soldiers will show up, take care of them and head forward a little bit but be cautious as there will be a sniper on the other end of the room. Continue around and before you drop into the vault room make sure you are well stocked on salts and ammo for when you enter you cannot go back.

With that all done, head back to the main room of the bank through the back of this room, in here you will be taking on a Siren the same enemy as the boss in the graveyard. When she is dead, loot the bodies to stock up and head out of the bank. When you are in the courtyard in front of the gate do a final check of your salts, vigors, ammo etc. Once you approach the gate you will be in a final battle with the Siren and will not be able to leave until she is defeated, when you are ready for the battle, approach the gate.

Retrieve sniper rifle and kill infantry 5. Allow infantry to disembark from both barges, then kill them with sniper rifle 6. Destroy barge on the left using songbird before infantry and rocket-wielding soldier disembark 7. Use sniper rifle to destroy rocket cannon on gunship 8. Kill rocket-wielding soldier with headshots 9.

Kill infantry with sniper rifle Destroy the first zeppelin using songbird Destroy rocket cannon on gunship with sniper rifle Destroy patriots using songbird By the time songbird has recharged, patriots will be directly in front of the core Move to the rear of top deck near medicine Use sniper rifle to destroy turrets on barges.

Possession and Return To Senders can be used as defence against turrets. Use songbird to destroy the zeppelin which has a rocket cannon this is the zeppelin on the left Move to the front of top deck Kill infantry and rocket-wielding soldier with sniper rifle When songbird is recharged, use it to destroy final zeppelin Wait for songbird to recharge while patriots shoot at the core When songbird is recharged, use it to destroy patriots and mission is completed.