Meet the parents 4th movie of dumb

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meet the parents 4th movie of dumb

From bad sequels to classic movies like "Jaws" and "Caddyshack," to some even more "Dumb and Dumber To" () . Sequel to: "Meet the Parents" () . 4. "Highlander 2: The Quickening" (). Davis Panzer. Here are 17 of the worst sequels to great movies, ranked by the increasing Critic score: 4% Sequel to: "Meet the Parents" () — 84% What critics said: "Dumb beyond belief, hollow, bloody and nonsensical. Read Dumb and Dumber To reviews from parents on Common Sense Media. Become a Our Mission · Our Impact · Meet Our Team · How We Rate · Board of Directors · Press Room · Our Partners . I routinely look at the reviews to know whether a movie is appropriate for our kids. Adult Written byaidans1 April 4,

Little Fockers 3 3. Is it any funnier?

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No, it isn't any funnier. Little Fockers 4 4. Boy oh boy, that's comedy gold right there!

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Little Fockers 5 5. And now to the improbable casting choices section of the Little Fockers trailer. As you can see, this instalment stars Jessica Alba, fresh from showing off her comedy chops in that film about the man who graphically attacks the prostitute and, equally depressingly, Good Luck Chuck.

Little Fockers 6 6. That's not such a weird choice.

meet the parents 4th movie of dumb

She might be primarily known for her strange, otherworldly work with David Lynch, but remember that she was also in Jurassic Park. Like Robert De Niro, Dern can play both comedy and drama.

meet the parents 4th movie of dumb

She's a versatile actor and she'll do well here. Little Fockers 7 7.

Meet The Fockers - Trailer

He can only play variations on his Bad Lieutenant character, which explains the scene in Little Fockers where he suffers a harrowing, guilt-induced breakdown in a church. Little Fockers 8 8.

Little Fockers: a running joke too far?

And, of course, there's Barbra Streisand. Little Fockers 9 9. But each incident forces her to take a good hard look at her actions, and eventually she comes to appreciate who she is, which helps her relate better to others.

Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about how the characters' experiences compare to kids' own.

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Have you ever felt "invisible," like Jamie does in Dear Dumb Diary? Are you ever jealous of other kids for what they have or who they are? Does that influence how you relate to them? What unique qualities are you most proud of in yourself?

meet the parents 4th movie of dumb

What opportunities exist for you to showcase your talents? How do your friendships reflect your personal values?

meet the parents 4th movie of dumb

Talk with your kids about issues like peer pressure and status. How is popularity determined? What criteria is typically used? How does the desire for popularity influence how you dress and act?

meet the parents 4th movie of dumb

Does this ever conflict with your true inner nature? Why are we drawn to want popularity? If your kids have read the bookstalk about how the movie compares.