Meet the patrons saints

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meet the patrons saints

Meet the New Saints to Be Canonized Oct. Paul VI joins The new saints were announced in two groups. He is a patron of the disabled. Meet the patron saints of the internet, single ladies and hungover people. “I have been waiting for a book like this my whole life.” “I've never felt so empowered!” “[It] gave me permission to be who I am.” Two and a half.

Others wonder if her drinking molten lead was the hangover link.

Engaged couples: Meet your Patron Saint

This sprang from his horrific death — he was reportedly boiled in oil after he supposedly ridded an emperor's son of an evil spirit. But because he didn't sacrifice to the pagan gods, the emperor arched up and attributed the cure to sorcery before torturing the guy. The link to sleeping in was that a rooster was apparently chucked in the boiling pot — and roosters are known for their alarm-clock-replacing morning cries. When he was unable to defeat her arguments, old mate cracked it and ordered her torture.

6 Patron Saints of Relationships

But before ordering her execution, the emperor is said to have tried to convert her faith by offering her hand in marriage, which would have made her an empress.

She said "nah" and asserted that her virginity was dedicated to Jesus Christ. As such, her patronage includes students, unmarried girls and apologists.

meet the patrons saints

St Barbara is considered the patron of fireworksas well as sparkies, because of her story's connection with lightning. Her father was a " rich pagan " who wanted her to renounce her Christian faith and marry her off, but she refused.

meet the patrons saints

Her father beheaded her along with the village prefect, both of whom were struck by lightning after her death. St Barbara is often invoked against lightning and fire, with associations of explosions [Photo via Getty Images]. Isidore — The Internet St. Drogo — Unattractive people Looks aren't all that matters. Plus, he could bilocate!

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Polycarp of Smyrna — Dysentery Polycarp is so unique both his name and patronage that we still have a letter from him from the year A. He was beheaded with an ax. Valentine — Greeting card manufacturers Obviously.

Meet the New Saints to Be Canonized Oct. 14

Adrian of Nicodemia — Arms dealers He used to persecute Christians, but then he converted. Clotilde — Disappointing children As royalty, Clotilde's children fought endlessly and divided the kingdom. Eligius — Gas station workers He was the patron of all metalsmithing and horses…but then cars came, so, yeah.

meet the patrons saints

Friard — Against fear of wasps A swarm of wasps went after his tormenters. Her father forced her to marry, but she refused; so, he beheaded her. Soon after, he was struck by lightning and killed. Patrick — Against abnormal fear of snakes A fear of snakes is pretty normal, though. Columbanus — Motorcyclists He probably rode a Harley.