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Trailer Park, and residents were not very happy . Community meeting with City Realty takes place without City Realty. Richard Heath . There was a small black and white chowder, baked potato, dessert and coffee. To move into Pismodise you must meet four conditions: Be 55 or older, . As we wind through the park's little streets, I realize Louise is not just. More than half of America's sweet potatoes were lifted by hand from the I meet them early in the evening at their home in a small trailer park.

Behind Your Holiday Sweet Potato Dish, Hard Work In The Fields : The Salt : NPR

But for the first four months after it began operating last October, the plant violated its permit, discharging excessive nitrogen and phosphorus into the creek, according to MDE spokesman Jay Apperson. The plant has met discharge limits since February, according to Apperson. State regulators are still weighing whether to fine Prettyman for violating the consent order, he said.

The MDE also wrote Prettyman in May warning that only 32 of the 80 home sites had been fully connected to the plant. The department is now reviewing whether the plant is in compliance, Apperson said.

Behind Your Holiday Sweet Potato Dish, Hard Work In The Fields

The approved location was much farther from the creek, making any plant malfunction or spill less likely to enter the waterway. The mobile home park owner and his engineering firm indicated in correspondence that they do not plan to move the plant; Freeman believes they may have to. There is a violation out there.

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As for his history of failing septic tanks, which dates back to at least according to county officials, Prettyman said: I was born on this property, and I swam on the creek, and I have grandchildren here, so I am certainly not for polluting the creek. But for about six months in summer and fall, the work is here, in the coastal plain on North Carolina.

They can stay here that long because they switch back and forth between sweet potatoes and another labor-intensive crop: The tobacco work is now finished.

meet the small potatoes trailer park

It's the end of the season. All that's left to do is bring in the sweet potatoes. In every sweet potato field, the work is similar. A tractor does the first part. It pulls a set of steel disks through the vine-covered field, turns the soil upside down, and exposes a bounty of sweet potatoes.

Workers carry buckets of sweet potatoes to a waiting truck. The skin on a fresh sweet potato is too fragile for machinery. Men — and a few women — move through the field, backs bent, picking up sweet potatoes and dropping them into plastic buckets. When the buckets are full, the workers lift them to their shoulders, carry them to a flatbed truck, and dump them into bins.

It's exhausting work — some of the most physically demanding farm work there is. It's really hard to learn.

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He fills that bucket, and carries it to the truck, to times each day. It's a daily load of six or seven tons of sweet potatoes. That's on the days the laborers are working. The sweet potato "was easy to grow, relatively.

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We had the right climate for it. And it was cheap! That and collard greens. I mean, sweet potatoes and collard greens are a big deal in the South. It don't get more traditional than that! The humble sweet potato, after decades of decline, is making a comeback. People have woken up to the fact that its orange flesh is full of nutrients. Because it's good for you! In North Carolina, it's tripled. North Carolina now produces just over half of all the sweet potatoes in the country.

meet the small potatoes trailer park

This year, Burch Farms has a monster crop, the biggest ever. Jimmy Burch's problem, on this day, seems to be running out of wooden pallets and bins to store them all.

He keeps making phone calls, trying to find more. The Lord gave me a good crop, and I'm gonna dig 'em. I'm going to get them in the house, somehow or other.