Asterix and obelix meet cleopatra cartoon picture

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asterix and obelix meet cleopatra cartoon picture

Asterix Y Obelix, Albert Uderzo, Cartoon Books, Comic Book Characters, . Asterix and Obelix - Mission Cleopatra, Gérard Darmon and Monica Bellucci as. Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (French: Astérix et Obélix: Mission animated film, it also acts as a sequel to the movie Asterix & Obelix Take On . 1; 2. View All Photos (7) Ast rix & Ob lix: Mission Cl op tre (Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra). Ast rix . Despite the wealth of talent on the screen, the movie stays as flat as the cartoon strip from which it was adapted. August 29,

With Monica Bellucci as Cleopatra, they couldn't pass up flaunting her. Her courtesans follow suit.

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Never Smile at a Crocodile: As well as anybody unlucky enough to displease Cleopatra. The first movie was set entirely in Gaul, this one takes Asterix and Obelix to Egypt. About Ceplus, he's a Darth Vader Clonethough this is only milked during the big battle. When it gets struck, the Empire Strikes Back. For Star Wars, there's also: Do you know Getabamenix?

When Artifis spies on the building site, you can see a man wearing the Egyptian equivalent of the Wally's Iconic Outfit from Where's Wally? James Brown 's "I Feel Good". As in the comic, Cleopatra complains being tired of profile art and prefers a three-quarters angle, proceeding to give us a famous example: As the pirates starts charging towards Edifis's ships, Redbeard stands on the prow of his own ship: Edifis and Artifis's battle is a shameless Wuxia parody, complete with both randomly speaking Mandarin at one point.

Anime-esque Speed Lines are also present.

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A comedy trademark of Jamel Debbouze, playing Edifis. If you finish [building the palace] on schedule, there will be gold for everyone. That's nice of you. That's less nice of you. A plot point of the book was that none of the workers spoke Gaulic or Latin, meaning Edifis had to translate everything they said. The movie drops that particular problem. Parodied with Cleopatra, Caesar, Edifis, and Otis in it, complete with music.

Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra

Redbeard, who, along with the other captured pirates, serve as the mechanism for the machine, snips at the "no-effort" comment made by Edifis and Otis. Walk Like an Egyptian: A common gag is to have random Egyptians in the background walking like on murals.

Reference is also made to the famous character of Don Quixote. The warrior sees first American-style emblematic eagles; the second time he sees stars in the formation of the Stars and Stripes ; the third time, he sees stars shaped like the United States Air Force roundel.

Asterix's idea for getting the attention of a nearby Viking ship which could take them back to Gaul by holding up a torch refers to the Statue of Liberty which was a gift from France. Corsicans are proud, patriotic, and easily aroused, but lazy and make decisions by using pre-filled ballot boxes. They harbour vendettas against each other and always take their siesta. Greeks are chauvinists and consider Romans to be barbarians. They eat stuffed grape leavesdrink retsina and always have a cousin for the appropriate job.

Normans Vikings drink endlessly, they don't know what fear is which they're trying to discover and in their country Scandinavia night lasts for 6 months. Cimbres Danes are very similar to the Normans. But while Asterix and Obelix were unable to communicate with them, they are perfectly able to understand the Cimbres.

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Their names end in -ten, perhaps similar to those of the Normans, whose names end in -sen. Belgians speak with a funny accent, snub the Gauls and always eat sliced roots deep-fried in bear fat.

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They also tell Belgian jokes. Lusitanians Portuguese are short in stature and polite Uderzo said all the Portuguese who he had met were like that. Sumerians, Assyrians, Hittites, Akkadians, and Babylonians are at war with each other and attack strangers because they confuse them for their enemies, but they apologize when they realize that the strangers are not their enemies.

This is likely a criticism of the constant conflicts between the Middle Eastern peoples. The Jews are all depicted as Yemenite Jewswith dark skin and black eyes and beards, a tribute to Marc Chagallthe famous painter whose painting of King David hangs at the Knesset Israeli Parliament. Asterix's and Obelix's visit to Jerusalem is full of references to the Bible.

Numidians, contrary to the Berber inhabitants of ancient Numidia, located in North Africa, are obviously Africans from sub-Saharan Africa.

The names end in -tha after the historical king Jugurtha of Numidia. The Picts Scots wear a typical dress with kilt skirthave the habit of drinking "malt water" whisky and throwing logs caber tossing as a popular sport and, of course, the names of the characters all start with Mac. Inhabitants of the North Black Sea, who represent present-day Russia.

Their names end in -ov, like many Russian surnames When the Gauls see foreigners speaking their foreign languages, these have different representation in the speech bubbles: Pictograms and sign language generally incomprehensible to the Gauls Egyptians and Kushites: Hieroglyphics with footnotes incomprehensible to the Gauls Greek: Straight letters, carved Sarmatian: In their speech balloons, some letters E, F, N, R Translations[ edit ] The various volumes have been translated into more than languages and dialects.

Also, in Portugal, a special edition of the first volume, Asterix the Gaulwas translated into local language Mirandese. Thanks to Getafix and his magic potion, the work goes forward on schedule, despite multiple attempts by Edifis' arch rival, Artifisto sabotage the construction. Just before the palace is due to be completed, Caesar intervenes by sending legions to try and destroy the palace.

asterix and obelix meet cleopatra cartoon picture

The Gauls fight off the Roman soldiers, but Caesar proceeds to shell the building with his catapults. In desperation, Asterix and Dogmatix deliver the news to Cleopatra. A furious Cleopatra then hurries to the construction site to give Caesar a thorough tongue lashing.

asterix and obelix meet cleopatra cartoon picture

Caesar's legions are required to fix the damage they caused without any magic potion to help them and the palace is successfully completed on time. Cleopatra wins her bet and covers Edifis with gold.

However, the book itself is largely an extended parody of the then-recent film Cleopatrastarring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The book's cover parodies the film's poster. A running gag throughout the album and also later albums is Cleopatra's beautiful nose, which is admired by everyone.

asterix and obelix meet cleopatra cartoon picture

This is an allusion to the French philosopher Blaise Pascalwho had articulated the historical significance of Cleopatra's beauty by saying in his painting that "Cleopatra's nose, had it been shorter, the whole face of the world would have been changed". Pharaon-Soir from the original French version of the book.

On page 10, Edifis' scribe says "anyone who can draw can write. On page 23, while looking at the pyramids, Getafix says to Obelix: