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The leading proponents of cultural group selection (Soltis et al. This is because many of the terms anthropologists use for groups refer to a cat- egory of Indeed , George Peter Murdock's Huxley Memorial Lecture entitled "Anthro- . clcarcul entities, human populations do not appear to meet the criteria necessary to. Past & Archived. THIS MEET IS CLOSED!! Al Soltis Memorial Invitational Jan 18, - Jan 20 CAT Last Chance Summer meet Jun 30, Al Soltis Invitational Jan 18, - Jan Summer SCY/LCM Last Chance Meet 20 Jul 6, - Jul 6, CAT Fall Harvest Invitational Nov 9,

Eventually, however, Garfield discovers the doctor is a fraud using his course to launder money for himself; the doctor is then ruined when Garfield sneaks a microphone backstage as the Doctor says the public is stupid. Jon and Doc Boy want to inherit their cousin's haunted estate, but in order to do so, one must stay there longer than the other. Doing this is harder than expected since the house is haunted with many creatures, in which they are all chased by.

Jon is watching Eddie Gourmand's cooking show to make Odie's birthday cake, but when Jon accidentally switchs the channel, he mistakes the directions from the horror movie as being from the cooking show. It becomes a Frankenstein-like monster cake and attempts to eat him.

After hearing children go door to door singing carols on TV, Garfield tries to go around singing carols for food, but all of his attempts are futile. Odie runs away from home, sick of Garfield's cruelty towards him, but the new house he runs off to is the residence of a boy with the personality of a mad scientist named Nathan, who plans to use his new invention to transform Odie into a [[cockroach]].

Now, it is up to Garfield to save Odie. This is Nathan and his mom's first appearance. Garfield explains the history of dogs, but puts them in a negative light. When Odie and his dog friends save Vito's restaurant from a kitchen fire, Garfield is forced to admit that even dogs are not that stupid.

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Odie becomes friends with a squirrel after he helps one recover from an accident. There is an episode of Garfield and Friends with the same name. Eventually, Eddie Gourmand's Cheeseland breaks down and becomes less popular because of a [[heat wave]], but with the help of Garfield, Squeak, Harry and the other mice, Eddie Gourmand is able to get Cheeseland cleared for a new mall. Nermal steals Pooky after Garfield is mean to him, and Garfield must be nice to Nermal.

To get Pooky back, Garfield sends an e-mail asking Druscilla and Minerva to come over and play with Nermal. Garfield, Odie, Nermal and Jon all get stuck in a tree, so they try to get help. Garfield imitates a superhero so that Nermal will reward him with food, but gets caught up with the real superhero and a [[bank robbery]].

Garfield gets a device that reads people's minds and saves Vito's pizzeria from rioting aliens. Odie dreams that he is a super-dog who can fly, and he rescues Garfield from a new set of [[asphalt]] to win the heart of a [[poodle]]. Nermal bets Garfield he cannot last an hour without eating. Garfield helps Olga, the ice cream lady, from a criminal who stole her purse.

After the dog catchers get fired for failing to stop Garfield and Odie from robbing a [[delicatessen]], Garfield helps the dog catchers defeat the robotic dog catcher.

Garfield is looking forward to the holidays and all of its joys.

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Arlene gives Garfield a reason to stop and remember the true meaning of the season, so Garfield decides to help some homeless cats and dogs by finding them homes.

Part 2 is the second appearance of Jon's parents. Jon wins the lottery, but is unable to find his ticket. At the end, he does find it, but it is revealed that it is not the winning ticket. An alien named Nimbus from a planet with no gravity lands on earth to recharge his spaceship. While in Jon's house, he cancels out gravity, causing household objects to float around the house. This is Nimbus's second appearance, though he's been redesigned and has a higher pitched voice.

Eddie Gourmand is the judge for the Cutest Cat of the Year award and decides for the new cute to be the opposite of cute, and the prize is six months in [[Greenland]], so Garfield decides to make Nermal a mess in order to get some peace and quiet. Garfield wins the contest after getting messy from eating food left out for the audience.

Aunt Ivy stays at Jon's house after her power line is destroyed by a fallen tree branch. She eventually develops a fear of Jon's bunny slippers after watching a horror movie. The fear continues to mount when the blue moon outside causes the bunny slippers to come to life. This is Aunt Ivy's first appearance.

The aliens previously seen in "Pasta Wars" send an asteroid to destroy Earth. Garfield and Odie reluctantly travel in a small rocket to stop the asteroid, but they are surprised to find out that the asteroid is a giant meatball. Jon sneezes every time he is near Garfield, and a doctor explains that he must get rid of Garfield. Later, when Garfield does something nice for Jon, he uncovers a shocking secret: Garfield has to lose ten pounds, but Jon discovers he has been snacking between meals.

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Liz gives him a robot that will follow Garfield everywhere he goes to endure he sticks to his diet, but Garfield tricks Jon and pretends to board a ship bound for Tokyo, Japan.

Squeak's cat-hating cousin, Max, moves into Garfield's home and rallies the other mice to rebel against him. Meanwhile, Jon calls an exterminator named Mr. Pulver to come rid his house of them. Jon spends the day in Mr. Barker's new mansion to come up with a comic book idea. Unfortunately for him, the house is haunted by a ghost cat. The twins, Druscilla and Minerva, come to visit.

Garfield lures them over to the house of an elderly neighbor, who may or may not be a witch. Cauldron Professor Bonkers creates a holographic mailman to prevent Herman from constantly being tormented by Garfield, but when Garfield eats a taco, its sauce drips into the machine, causing the cyber mailman to deliver an early edition of the newspaper. This allowed Jon to buy the winning lottery ticket every day until the taco sauce causes the machine to blow up, destroying the post office lab.

The explosion was foretold by Jon because of his early edition of the newspaper. Jon is in debt, and decides he must sell some of his possessions to pay the bill.

When Garfield puts Odie on the stall for two cents, he is bought by the person Jon is being sued by, and it is up to Garfield to get him back by tricking the servant. Whipple puts Garfield under a spell that makes him do chores, but he finds a way to get rid of it. After Odie helps their friend, Nimbus, he gives him a forever dog cookie. Odie licks Jon after eating it, and Jon starts acting like a dog.

Then Jon licks Liz, and the condition spreads all over the city, but it is stopped by Garfield. This is a parody of The Shining. Aliens from another planet plan to turn all the earth creatures into chickens. Jon goes out on a date with Liz to Vito's Pizzeria and Garfield wants to go along, but Vito banned animals from entering the restaurant.

In order to get around this rule, Garfield and Odie disguise themselves as children to get into Vito's, and Nermal and the other cat do the same. Before long, however, Jon and Liz's date turns into disaster.

One of the baby bluebirds from "Mother Garfield" returns and Garfield saves him from Harry. Later, though, Nermal accidentally lets Harry have it and Garfield, Nermal, and Odie must save it before Harry eats it.

Jon accidentally feeds Garfield Odie's dog food, and after overhearing Liz say, "you are what you eat," Garfield thinks he is a dog. Aunt Ivy's house is being rid of mice and she has to stay at Jon's home for a week. Then, Druscilla and Minerva show up, and Jon is so annoyed with them that he tries to get them to stay at Doc Boy's farm.

The problem only worsens because Doc Boy refuses to put up with them, too. Nathan returns and shrinks Garfield with his shrink ray, and Garfield must find a way to return to normal size. After Garfield plays a mean trick on Nermal, a bowling ball falls on his head and he loses his memory. Then, Nermal tricks Garfield into thinking he's an alley cat named Ichabod. Garfield then meets a couple of stray cats named Tino and Gino.

Garfield tells a small yet untrue history about cats, and the mice are upset because Garfield is making it seem as though cats actually did everything in history. A miserable, black cat named Jonah passes by Garfield outside, and Garfield is given a bad luck curse until he can remove the curse and bring good luck to himself.

Garfield must figure out how to lift the curse and does with a Banana Peel. Nermal comes over for a visit and the space lasagnas from "Pasta Wars" and "Blasteroid" return once again and send a spy disguised as a cute kitten over to Garfield's home. Everyone thinks he is much cuter than Nermal, and Nermal gets jealous. Jon goes out on a big date with Liz and orders Garfield a pizza for dinner from Vito's Pizzeria.

According to Gustave L. Poth, acting manager of the social security office here; there is better than an even chance that your answer if you have one will be wrong. Poth explains it this way: Since thousands of older workers have already qualified for benefits with as little as a year and one-half of covered earnings, many people have assumed that any person can do the same.

Actually that Is true only where the Individual Is already 65 or will attain that age before July 1, Anyone reaching 65 after June 30 of this year will need two more quarters of covered employment or self-employment for every additional year up to the time he reaches Thus, a person who will be 65 three years from now will need six more quarters in addition to the six already required, or a total of The maximum coverage requirement Is 40 quarters and the minimum is six.

The Asbury Park social security acting manager stated that a pamphlet explaining fully the eligibility requirements and other social security questions Is available upon request at any social security office. Request for pamphlet 35 should be addressed to the Social Security Administration, Bangs ave. Persons approaching 65 who have any doubt about their ability to meet the employment requirements are urged to obtain a copy. In addition to purchasing tickets for themselves, several patrons are purchasing additional tickets for enlisted men In all branches of the armed forces stationed at Fort Monmouth, Highlands Air Force Station and Earle.

At last year's M. Tickets for the benefit are being reserved at M. Kaye, Rumson; Allison L. Stern, Scobeyville, and Edwin Bry, Elberon, are co-chairmen of the benefit Your eye fluid which makes tears has a germ-killing function. Monahan, pastor of Sr. James Catholic church, Friday night addressed 84 graduates of St.

James grammar school at commencement exercises In the church. The pastor also presided at the presentation of diplomas and awards.

Honors went to Maryanne Spaeth, religion, gift of Msgr. Monahan; Maud Cross, religion, gift of St. County Judge John C. Giordano granted a postponement when attorneys for the two men appeared before him and said tho state had not answered a request for particulars about tha case. Keuper and William J. O'Hagan, both of Asbury Park, contended It would not give them sufficient time to prepare for the start of the case Monday, Slclliano is charged with performing an illegal abortion, which allegedly led to the death of Miss Jane Harrison, Bath ave.

The court term here for criminal trials ends tomorrow, so the case will probably be adjourned until the fall. No problem finding tenant!

Her mother's heroic act last week of promptly applying artificial respiration saved the child's life after she fell from her carriage and her neck became fouled in the safety strap. Both received gifts in appreciation. Williamson will be leader next year, With Edward Shkoda as assistant. Also attending were Anthony Citarella, Hans A. Pack 32 of the Cub Scouts attended the air show at Monmouth county airport Saturday with their families.

Henry's parents and family, Mr. The local sewing club held Its last meeting of the season last Thursday at the home of Theodore Marko of Alexander dr. Rosemarle Braun, daughter of Mr. Miss Braun, who was ohosen by principals and teaohers in the schools for the highest scholastic rating and outstanding characteristics In citizenship and personality, was sponsored by the River Plaza Woman's club, which organization sponsors a student each year to attend the Institute for a week. Transportation was afforded Miss Braun by VV.

Gilbert Manson and Edwin H. Brasoh of the civics committee. William "Micky" Olsen, son of Mr. Rohrey, Democratic candidate for mayor, presiding. Campaign plans were announced and committee chairmen appointed.

It wu reported that plans for the committee's' participation in the Neu Shrewsbury Country Fair In September will be submitted to the fair committee.

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Come in and see. And every quart of Lucerne Homogenized Milk contain! We're glad you finished moving before warm weather In plenty of time to enjoy this breeze-cooled community. Truax, Deceased South Lincoln Ave. Kendall Lee, Aabury Park, chairman of the activities committee of sented in recital Sunday afternoon high school athletic field. Roberts com- are Red Bank Cathollr high school Mr. Lee stated in a note to scout officials that a series of activities Barbara Krifiner.

Miss McClrath is a violin would be available with the major memorial prizes were awarded to emphasis on the summer camping Edward Baumgardt and Dorecn tudent of Miss Angelica OMendorff program, -which -will involve 1, Sutherland.

The largest camping Miss Kriftnor, Miss Sutherland group, some scouts, will spend and Albert Terranova were presented the Middlctown township liatio studies to attend college this his week and will interrupt her a week or more at summer camps rented by Monmouth council, Mr. Camp season officially opens Saturday. Participating were Lynn Shore.

Barbara Phipps, Katiiie Jones. The Sea Scout division ot the Dcanna Stine. Innet council, with 12 units in the county, erst, Heather Ptokes, Hcatncr will operate a summer cruising and Williams. Christina training program with special 3antanp;elo. Larry OalBiUnr, Karen cruises and training trips. Boats ihore and Patricia Smith. Softball For Cubs In sports activities, the Cub Scout division has 1, boys competing in three softball leagues in the northern part of the county.

Elmer Ether, Rumson, 13 chairman of the softball league, in which there are 16 teams from Wanamassa to Rumson. In addition to the packs' first teams, there Is a league for new ball players, eight and nine years old, operating on a weekly schedule, with the grand finale for all softball programs scheduled at the main ball diamond at Fort Monmouth Thursday evening, Aug.

The league now in its fifth season, is one ot the most popular Cub summertime activities. The Explorer division for those 14 years of age and over will make separate expeditions across the country under their own leadership. Ferris' piano students arc by Cesar Franck, Keansburg, will travel to Clmarron, presenting their recital Monday New Mexico, where they will spend evening in the educational wing of 33 days on the ,acre Boy the church at 8 o'clock.

Participat Scout ranch as part of the junlo: An Explorer camp will be held at Camp Wood Aug. Junior Leader Training Scouts from several other troop: In the county will attend junior leader training courses at Schlff Scout lodge In Mendham. Boy Scout Camp Housman a Farmingdale will be used onl week-ends for troop camping sinci the council has provided for camp ing during the week for the Shori Council of Girl Scouts Day camr Scouts from many units In th county will attend the Dodger basi hall games as guests or Walter 3 ', president of tha Dodger: Early fall activities will include co lege football games and round-u programs In September.

The headquarters of Monmoutl Council of Boy Scouts will operat on a summer schedule with ofnci hours from 9 a. Two chorale preludes by Brahms and a chorale prelude on a "Mighty Fortress" by Pachelbcl will be played by Majorie Frantis. Miss Sutherland won the Reader's Digest award for having the highest scholastic average. The Bausch and Lomb science award was presented to Richard Forman. Miss Sutherland also was cited as the representative of the Daughters of the American Revolution at the school.

Awarded by the Orange and Black association, certificates -were presented to the top five girl memiers of the class and to the lop five boy members. Miss Sutherland, class treasurer, ivho spoke on "The Home" during the exercises, and Salvatorc De- Salvo, clans president, who spoke on "The Need and Advantage of 'urthcr Education," received awards made by Middletown township post, Veterans of Foreign Wars. The awards were presented by Alfred P. Artcr the presentation of colors and scout awards by recitals are open to the public.

The cubs participated in bag 61, of East 37th st, New York races, relay water races, crab obtained a marriage license at the races and a peanut hunt.

The Arthur Locilcnto won the ballthrowing contest for mothers with couple did not reveal their wedding plans other than to say that they a heave estimated at 70 feet. Langan is the daughter played the fathers, the fathers bat oc Samuel and Zelda F. Her ting and throwing "off hand" anc first husband, Arthur Langan, died running hackward.

Baker was born in East Ban Vaughan Avcrc umpires.

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Anthony's Patent-Teacher association Thursday at the church hall n Bridge ave. Some elevators travel as fast as, feet per minute. Dorn'i Photo Shop, 15 Wallace St. Camerai, Supplies 4 Finishing for the Amateur i'profeisional. On be shortened with a. And the patented "Biistrait" construction means perfect fit Sizes 12 to Newark 2, New Jerney.

J by Gordon this amazing book helps you beat high cost of living! Washable coot and trousers weigh less than a pound, malts this tha world's lightest suit. Already in over 1, homes.

Its Household Hints include tips by experts on how to cut costs In tho kitchen, how to be well-dressed on a tmaller clothing budget, how to be your own Interior decorator, how to MVS gas, electricity and telephone costs and many, many more money and time saving Ideas.

It's a treasury of ideal that can save you hundreds of dollars in a year's time. It mikes life easier. Beck will appear at the shore for special servires at the Bangs Avenue school, Asbury Park, following his 8: Meyner Friday answered a wide range of questions on state Issues. For more than an hour, the governor read and answered orally questions that had been submitted In writing in advance of the meeting, and then opened himself to oral questions from the assembled editors'.

In view of bank embezzlements, which sometimes remain undetected over a period of years, the governor was asked if he did not think flaws in the banking laws were responsible.

He replied that the mind of man Is very Ingenious and many ways can be devised to conceal tolen bank funds. We are re-examining he banking laws and we are also e-examlnlng the administration of hem. Asked if he knew about the bankr. An editor wanted to know what the governor thought of persons holding dual jobs at different levels of government. In general, it la bad in principle for a man to serve the executive as well as the Legislature, or vice versa, since his Is a violation In principle of the doctrine of separate powers.

However, I should like to see the 'acu In a particular case before passing judgment. However, this fall I expect to spend my evening! As to the governor's own political aspirations In the future, he said he had no plans and that he had always proceeded on thp theory that he would rather be surprised than disappointed. More than ever, children and youth need a stable friend and mentor to help them navigate toward adulthood.

The need is intense. Sure, Mentoring takes time and commitment - and there isn t a match without some level of challenge. Nor is there a match without enjoyment and reward. I hope you will stop by or give a call soon. It will be a pleasure to help you, and perhaps your family, navigate toward a mentor match that will warm your hearts and put hope in a child s heart! Jennifer Therkilsen, Executive Director Family Mentoring continued from page 1 counter and gathers supplies for the girls to use.

She offers to break the eggs when Kylie asks if she can do it. I m just used to doing it because Paige doesn t like to. Kylie breaks the first egg and while she is throwing the shell away, Paige breaks the next one into the bowl. Oh, Paige is even breaking an egg! Kylie, you are a positive Influence on Paige. Paige likes her pancakes plain, so they each pour their own batter onto the griddle and flip them when they have sufficient bubbles. Kylie drops lots of Lake George blueberries on hers and she and Dawn are already planning to go picking next August.

Conversation and ideas flow freely and quickly throughout the evening. Sometimes before or after dinner there is time for a craft project or a game. Today, Paige and Kylie do spin art. Last week they made Halloween cards. Sometimes Paige shares a few tips about playing piano with Kylie. They have also played mini-golf, played in the park and invited Scott, Dawn s husband and Paige s father, to join them for a picnic. This is the first family match for Kinship of the Park Rapids Area.

Previously, all matches were between an individual adult mentor or a couple and a child or youth. Several other Kinship programs in Minnesota have been matching families with good results. Allowing families with children to mentor together can be a win-win for everyone.

The adults don t have to leave their own family out of their mentoring and they report better planning for weekly family time together. The mentee makes new friends and enjoys the opportunity to be included in fun family activities.

When asked for advice to give parents considering family mentoring, one director said, Do it! Our families consistently tell us it brings them together more. We do more purposeful things together, agrees Dawn, because of being mentors.

Mentoring makes us think more about how we want to spend our time together. We think about things we d like to do with Kylie and it ends up giving us Dawn and Paige more quality time together.

It is definitely a win-win for all of us. Dawn, Kylie and Paige with finished spin art. Below, they are making pancakes for dinner. Call Prefer to receive this newsletter via?

Congratulations and Good Luck, Eddie! According to one of Nate s teachers: