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Our best kids' tablet ever. .. When the local policeman warns Heathcliff that any more of his pranks will land him in jail Riff Raff and the Catillac Cats go camping in the woods and meet Big Foot who Bamboo Island / Super Hero Mungo. A page for describing Headscratchers: Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats. Why, oh why couldn't there have been an episode with Heathcliff and Riff Raff meeting . Riff Raff offers to help catch the crooks, which he does with the help of his friends. Heathcliff and the Nutmegs land their boat on a small island for a picnic and .. Harem Cat: When a wealthy Sheikh visits the country, Cleo is excited to meet the . the woods, so he becomes the first cat ever to be named "Scout of the Year!.

Mungo becomes master of his very own genie. January 1, Not available 6. It's the cats vs. January 1, Not available 7. Riff Raff promises to get Cleo an elegant boudoir. January 1, Not available 8. Riff Raff, Cleo, and the Cats visit the world famous "Dizzyland" amusement park.

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January 1, Not available 9. Riff Raff enlists the Catillac Cats to aid his attempt to break into a bird sanctuary. January 1, Not available Wordsworth is convinced he has a rare cat disease. Riff Raff and the cats watch a horror movie. An old dirt bike arrives in the junkyard and the cats fix it up. Bush is about to lose his night job. Riff Raff and Cleo head to the Queen Mildred for a love boat cruise. Riff Raff's sleep is disturbed by the sound of a squawking whacko bird.

Cleo is fed up with the boring dulldroms around Westfinster. Hector is being forced by a big dog to perform as a stand-up comic.

Cleo wants to take a trip. The show is actually called simply Heathcliff. The expanded title is used probably to distinguish it from the previous and lesser known Ruby-Spears version from Almost all the furry characters.

Done in character using both Heathcliff and Riff-Raff: I'm just getting warmed up!


Iggy, Heathcliff's young human owner, was significantly redesigned from his appearances in the comic strip and the 80s Saturday Morning cartoon; the most noticeable change was from curly blond hair under a hat, to straight brown hair. Quite a lot more characters were added in comparison to the strip's small cast. All Just a Dream: The endings of "Monstro vs.

The show was mostly animated in Japan the first season primarily by TMS Entertainmentso that's a given. The second season seemed even more animesque than the first. And this was before anime was even a blip on U.

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And Knowing Is Half the Battle: Each episode ended with Heathcliff giving a pet care tip, sometimes assisted by Spike.

The prince in "Harem Cat". Parodied by "In Search of Catlantis". All the cats had their moments, but Heathcliff especially. Mungo was mostly an aversion, though. Heathcliff an orange male cat and Sonya an all-white female cat.

Heathcliff had his own Christmas Episode: Most of the cats and dogs shown in the series were at this level. Most of the plots with heavy human involvement were used in Heathcliff's side of the series, often through the device of Iggy and the Nutmegs, his owners.

Heathcliff, Sonja, Riff Raff and Cleo all had a tendency to get horribly jealous whenever their significant other showed interest in someone else. One of the fastest ways to earn Heathcliff's ire was to flirt with Sonja, and she in turn was never pleased if Heathy even alluded to another female feline.

The Catillacs are named after their main ride, a red and white Cadillac convertible that can somehow transform into several other vehicles, like a boat or a RV camper. Heathcliff's father had done this once to hide from the police after escaping from jail.