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No part of Reconnect can be reproduced in any form without permission of the publisher. But do ask if youre genuinely spreading the word, well do what we can to help. How can we live in the awareness of Loves Presence? Let us open our hearts together and recognise that Love is who we really are.

Tel email jackiewatson2 googlemail. Likewise, youre probably also convinced of the importance of trading with local businesses, both to support the local economy and to cut down on shopping miles.

So a South Devon-based nappy supplier, offering every conceivable green baby product through an easy-to-use website, has got to be good news. Lots of good deals too, like free postage on orders over 75 and a free nappy bucket and laundry mesh with every UK order over And look out for their Totnes Natural Baby Fayres.

Imagine how good it feels when you are in control and creatinga new fulfilling life. For more details and a free consultation phone Erica on: They will be sent to the first six readers to email the words I want a copy of Mind Menu to: Please include your full name, address and phone number. By emailing you are agreeing to receive occasional information and offers from Reconnect we NEVER pass on email addresses to anyone else. An attractive propositionSLOWLY but very surely the world is waking up to the Law of Attraction, the possibility that we can manifest the things we want in life simply by putting out the right thoughts and intentions.

There are a number of films and books on the subject, and it was thrust firmly into the mainstream by the film and bookThe Secret, which through a series of interviews and some very impressive marketing techniquesexplored the theory that What you think about, you bring about.

Jonny Chuter, a counsellor and kinesiologist who lives in Ashburton, has just published a new book, The Mind Menu, which explains how we can use this process consciously for our healing, and for creating the life we want.

But, says Jonny, many people want something in their lives because it is lacking but the Universe picks up on that and responds to the feelings of lack by giving you lack. As long as you keep thinking, I havent got enough of x, thats exactly how the Universe will respond by not giving you enough of x, he says. One of the ways in which The Mind Menu helps you break this pattern is by illustrating the attitude of gratitude being grateful for everything youve got, especially the gift of your life.

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The Mind Menu is published by O Books - visit www. Something in the woodshedTHE Woodshed Collective is a group of artists based in a former woodshed among the trees around the Bowden House community near Totnes.

The driving force behind the project is the multi-talented Doug King-Smith, who as well as organising various Woodshed courses is currently working on two foot yurts and two sculptural windows for a meadow-roofed cob structure. And one for the trivia nuts: That was her too. In recent years, though, shes been away with the faeries.

She was the founder of Faeries and Enchantment magazine www. For three faery-filled days you can enjoy performers and musicians, and attend a Fairy School with workshops about faeries, mermaids and unicorns. Tickets are 85 for the full three days and nights, including access to camping areas, children under 12 are admitted free, and unders pay Therere also luxury camping facilities in the Fairy Village, provided by www.

The two big ones coming up in reconnectland over the next couple of months are in Exeter and Plymouth. Musical gems at the Exeter Festival, from Juneinclude: Under comedy and spoken word you can find the multi-talented Jonathan Miller, Kit and the Widow and numerous other comedy shows. For the full and varied programme, supported by Exeter City Council good for themat venues all over Exeter, visit www.

The Plymouth Summer Festival runs right through the season until September, with something for everyone. Refugee Week is Junefeaturing artwork, displays and stalls celebrating the contribution refugees have made to the city. Get the details at www. ALMOST two decades ago, a group of sweet crazy folk, equipped with little more than some large pieces of canvas, hazel poles, a spade and a lot of energy, created the first Qigong Camp on Dartmoor. Over the years, the gathering has grown from a few scraps of tarpaulin to a meadow full of yurts, domes and a marquee.

And there are now three camps a year, so as well as Qigong, you can spend a week singing at Rise Up Singing or meditating at BuddhaDharmaSangha camps. The spirit of simplicity has remained and the vision has ripened, says Daverick Leggett, who organises the camps with Brad Richecoeur.

This the lowest carbon footprint holiday you could imagine and yet the time is rich in community, in human resourcefulness, in closeness to nature and in fun. We hope more and more people will turn towards summer camps like ours as an alternative to the mass exodus through the nations airports. Call Daverick on or visit www.

The greenest holiday of all? But then that would be the Phoenix Programme. There should be a story elsewhere in this issue about the Exeter Festival, which is staging a lot of events, and we wanted to mention the childrens show, Butterflies, in which TPO, one of Italys top visual theatre companies, tells the story from larvae to grown-up, for an audience of children from years. The kids get to join in too - paint with your arms, compose lullabies with your feet,chase caterpillars on all fours and get ready to dip into a theatrical experience for the eyes, ears, knees and toes.

If you just cant resist, its at the Phoenix on Sunday and Monday, June 14 and Drama games are childs playIN a time when all the emphasis seems to be on the responsibility of adults to improve the world for our children and help them to learn new ways to live and learn within it, how about a safe place, where adults can learn to play like children again?

Jo Larsen runs what she calls an adult playground at Sandwell Manor, Totnes. Its about scrambling the critical analytical left brain, so the infinitely more resourceful, highly imaginative and flexible right brain can come out and play, without worrying about perfection or competitive stress - which is what we learnt in school. Theres a beginners group, for people with no experience of drama or who feel they need to get a bit of confidence first, and an advanced group for those who want more challenging games.

We sometimes touch on more serious subjects, but mostly we just crack up laughing, says Jo, who has also recently introduced film acting courses, giving participants a rare chance to see themselves in action. Very challenging, admits Jo, but enormously beneficial for personal development. Call or visit www. They are concerned with all aspects of climate change and actually doing something about it and they encourage people to get involved in the local environment by running practical workshops and courses and especially for kids.

Whats not to like? They have an incredibly packed schedule of events lined up for the coming weeks, some of which weve included in our diary and all of which you can find on their website, www. Around 5, people will see DWT activities including nestbox building, crafts and displays, plus quizzes and a variety of guest exhibitors.

Its good to meet youCAN a therapy really deal with a fear of meeting people? Erica Lewis of Dartington admits she was sceptical and thought it would be too painful and too long-winded. But in what she describes as just one supercharged Breakthrough Coaching session, she claims all her negative feelings of fear, guilt and worthlessness just melted away.

I can now chat to anyone without curling up inside, she says. I am clear about where I am going, Im happy and joyful every day and, most importantly of all, I am achieving my dreams.

They include offering the same Breakthrough Coaching that made such a difference to her life. In just one day we identify the root cause of your difficulties, she says, and then release unwanted feelings and beliefs comfortably and permanently.

Quote MLD reconnect for a 10 discount 1st session www. Central to Sharpham is local food and drink, with a vineyard, Jersey cows producing milk to make cheese at the dairy, vegetables from their walled garden supplying the house and Vineyard Caf, and meat, milk and eggs from Lower Sharpham Barton farms. A willow bed, planted by local school children, provides an ideal setting for school groups to learn about willow and its uses, and campfires and canoes add to the Sharpham outdoors programme of environmental education and conservation.

The Barn is a rural retreat, centred around meditation, organic gardening and community living. For the open weekend, on June 27 and 28, the Paladian-style mansion and gardens will be open; there will be taster sessions in everything from creative writing and meditation to canoeing on the river; children will be able to swim in the pool, help make a scarecrow and dig potatoes; and guided walks will explore the history and wildlife of the wetlands and wooded riverbanks.

The weekend will also include a production by the Hearts Tongue Theatre, painting and willow weaving classes, tours of the vineyard and cream teas. You can even arrive by water taxi at high tide around We were delighted to be in the last four, said Becky Marshall of Green Shoes. Its tremendous for us, our customers whove made positive ethical choices and supported us over the years, and other small rural companies in the South West.

After 25 years in Totnes, Green Shoes are now based near the River Dart, where they make traditional leather and vegan footwear using naturally greener methods.

Callvisit www. But many others believe it to be one of the most profound things to happen in the human world. There are many groups now in Devon where one may receive the Oneness Blessing. For more information go to www. What if nothing needed changing? What if just living was it? And what if it was actually interesting, desirable and simple?

She argues that often there isnt a problem that needs fixing; that its not about what could be, would be, or should be, but what is actually happening in real time. You are simply experiencing pain in your heart, she says. In the end, it is not so much about doing anything - paradoxically, it is more akin to not doing. It is about becoming the space through which life and wisdom and clarity can arise.

I call this Passionate Presence. Katheryn, an artist, therapist and consultant, offers creative-expression based sessions for individuals, groups and businesses.

I recommend you bring along a good sense of humour and an openness to be surprised and amused in the most profound ways, she says. Passionate Presence events for this year include: JuneOctober and Decembernear Totnes; and a week-long residential retreat in Somerset, Nov Dec 4. Callemail post ktrenshaw. Society too has changed. Fast food, stressful jobs and sedentary computer pursuits have led to diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, rare at the beginning of 20th century, becoming common.

As a result, many people now want to help themselves through the food they eat and the way they eat it; to live their lives consciously and constructively. If they understand more about why they are becoming unwell, they can choose better food and a healthier lifestyle. And surely a healthier nation would naturally encourage a healthier world.

So, inthe school introduced its three-year Macrobiotic and Life Counselling course, offering training as professional Macrobiotic Cook, Health Advisor and Dietary and Life Counsellor. These new complementary health professions offer students immense opportunities to change their own lives and those of the people they are being trained to help.

The unique course combines oriental philosophy and medicine, humanistic counselling skills and western physiology, pathology and nutrition, and attracts students from Britain and Europe and even Saudi Arabia. The training is led by Oliver Cowmeadow and Marijke De Coninck, who have trained in macrobiotics, shiatsu, Oki yoga, Do-in, reiki, rebirthing, psychotherapy, herbalism, counselling and western nutrition, and they are assisted by a strong and dedicated teaching faculty who are all engaged in clinical practice.

The next intake is in December - visit www. All kinds of folk THE Sidmouth folk festival is back at the end of July with an impressive line-up of modern and traditional folk artists, dancing, workshops, ceilidhs and more.

It all starts with a special pre-festival Evening with Pam Ayres on Thursday, July 30, and runs through until August 7. Full-week season tickets costwith discounts for young people, and weekend and day tickets are also available. Both were precocious children, devoted to other people and aware of being a vehicle for divine grace.

And then they met each other and got married.

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In they started a school devoted to educating and loving students in a holistic manner; one of the results of which was that the children became aware of the divine energy underlying their life and were able to interact with it.

Sri Amma and Bhagavan became clear this energy should be available to all humanity and not just to local children and they created a body of teachings for the new millennium. And this is where the Oneness Blessing comes from. It is a beautiful, divine energy, which makes it possible to pierce the veils of unconsciousness which would have us believe we are not wholly loved, lovable and loving. And it is available to anyone.

It is not a religion.

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There is no requirement that you believe anything at all. Its a deeply moving, profound experience, not a concept. In Devon, Jackie Watson is one of the graduates trained to give the Oneness Blessing and she uses it to enhance her work, helping people to untie the knots and traumas that separate us from our experience of divine love. Jackie offers talks to groups and the opportunity to experience the Oneness Blessing.

She also offers telephone consultations, one-to-one sessions at her home in Chudleigh Knighton and runs the workshop Teach only Love. Explore your potentialNext Foundation Year: For fur ther details please visit our web site: You give us one weekend a month; we give you an unrivalled, dynamic and professional training. Homeopathy is more than a system of medicine. It is challenging, rewarding and life-changing.

Exploring landscapesWHEN Ashburton artist Greg Ramsden says the environment features in his paintings, he doesnt just mean in terms of subject matter. Greg uses materials from the landscape around him to swirl, drip, crack or scratch out an image and sometimes thats just the beginning. I also use the elements to help create my paintings, he explains.

Sometimes this means leaving the work outside to face heavy rains, strong winds and bitter frosts, or subjecting them to the heat and smoke of a bonfire. The natural weathering produces patterns created by nature and the elements. In effect, the background is painted by the elements degrading the paints and then I work over its delicate patterns with man-made paints and varnishes its a comment on the duality of our modern relationship with the environment, both in our homes and in nature, and the chemicals we use to damage it.

The results are thick, gritty, strong and bold landscapes - the touch of nature, sealed onto a canvas, says Greg. Greg has just opened the Oakwood Gallery at 15 North Street, Ashburton, which as well as his own work has examples of photography, jewellery and ceramics from local artists and makers.

And he works in the shop, so you can see him in action presumably without the bonfire. You can also see Gregs work at a number of other galleries over the coming weeks: The strength of two strandsAFTER some 30 years of parallel careers in the theatre and personal growth, Christina Artemis is combining the two strands of her experience in one-day workshops called Transformational Theatre.

Its a form of drama, dance and voice therapy, says Christina. Sometimes, no matter how much work we do, one area of our life appears to be stuck. These inner-soul journeys, uniquely designed for each individual, can access and heal old fears, emotions and negative belief patterns held in the subconscious, even from past lives. Christina is also teaching others how to deliver this work. I want to pass on my experience as an elder and wise woman.

Im offering Module One on a 10 day spring holiday on Aphrodites beautiful island of Cyprus. Call and visit www.

But we thought wed concentrate on speakers who might particularly interest reconnect readers - some local, others on a green theme.

Lighting the fuse to the festival, in the Great Hall on the first night, Friday July 10, is the Wondermentalist Cabaret, which is a bit like traditional variety, except the comedy is funny, the music is enjoyable and there are no dancing dogs.

Reconnect 1 June-July 09 - [PDF Document]

Or there havent been so far. The host is Totnes-based Radio 4 regular, stand-up poet Matt Harvey - living proof that intelligent, witty humour can give you a warm glow inside too just before it splits your sides.

Led by the Totnes-based director of the Transition Network, Rob Hopkins, it begins with a talk on the inspirational work being done all over the world by the Transition Network, followed by an examination of transition to a society less dependent on oil, and thoughts on how to create resilient local food supplies.

It ends with a questions and answers session. The green theme continues in the afternoon with Rubbish Ideas, a look at ways of reducing rubbish courtesy of Tracey Smith, creator of the Downshifting Week. Tuesday, July 14, in the Barn Theatre has a leisure theme and argues for reclaiming traditional pursuits and leisure itself with talks including: If thats whetted your appetite, though, you might be torn when you hear that over in the Great Hall, on the same day, Satish Kumar takes the stage.

The north Devon-based publisher of Resurgence magazine will tell his life story, from nine-year-old member of the Jain brotherhood to BBC TV presenter. Also on the programme are: Stephan Harding, Ecologist in Residence at Schumacher College, where he teaches Gaia theory, and Horatio Clare, who travelled miles following the flights of migrating swallows. Prices for tickets vary and sell quickly call the box office onor visit www.

Choosing your wordsSummer of loving raw foodTHE endlessly enthusiastic Violetta Cope, aka The Green Chef, began her journey into the world of raw, living food when she met prominent American raw food chef Chad Sarno six years ago.

After studying in California, Puerto Rico, London and Florida, and with the world-renowned Tree of Life in Arizona, she now runs practical workshops on nutritious, raw-based food. With summer approaching, when raw food is always more popular, now is a great time for fresh ideas and new skills, says Violetta. In four hours, my small-group workshops can introduce you to the secrets of using nuts and seeds, the science behind sprouting, green smoothies, non-dairy chocolate shakes, nut milks, juicing, salads and more.

Violetta is also a specialist in Manual Lymphatic Drainage MLDa highly specialised massage technique that has a calming effect on the nervous system and reduces sleep disorders. Held over four days, Julyat Newton Abbott racecourse, it is open to day-visitors, but many choose to camp over and enjoy the full alternative lifestyle experience.

And you can drop by and say hi at the reconnect stand. Music is courtesy of Tim Wheater, Seizetheday, Dragonsfly and others. Quest is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in every aspect of a way of life which, for many, represents the shape and colour of things to come.

As the organisers say: Whatever the choices, the exposure to new thinking, the conversations with new friendships that so many come for, will leave you clear that only you determine where your life goes - and you cannot find any security greater than that. Changes for the betterWE all encounter situations where a more positive way of thinking would allow us to handle things differently.

Kay Cook, from Exeter, uses a combination of solution-based therapy and hypnosis, with some NLP and CBT techniques, to work on the subconscious, where behaviour patterns, beliefs about self and instinctive reactions are held.

Sometimes, even small changes in our response patterns can produce a huge change in the fulfilment we experience in our lives, whether I am helping someone overcome a phobia, gain confidence, lose weight, concentrate in an exam or stop smoking.

She says clients sometimes fear being controlled while under-going hypnotherapy. I always reassure them. If we are engrossed in a piece of music, and fail to hear someone speaking to us, we are in a trance of concentration trance is natural and pleasant. Kay offers a free, no-obligation initial session and most people require five sessions or less. Callor email kt.

For those who havent yet discovered Eco Fayres, think craft fayre meets eco-friendly. Local, green and simple Co-founder Carl Munson also of www. The whole aim behind Eco Fayres is to bring eco products into the easy reach of the consumer.

Callor visit www. There are always interesting things to see there, so you can safely just drop in on the off-chance theres a great shop stuffed with ideal gifts and a decent caf too and its open 10am The main exhibition currently is Cup, a celebration of that perfectly formed everyday object we take so for granted, and a wide range of makers and designers have filled the gallery with 2-D and 3-D work, in different media and dimensions.

It runs until June Theres a chance to see some of the members best new work at the Devon Guild Contemporary Craft Showcase, which opens July 4. Expect high-quality and unique art and craft works in a range of media from print to jewellery, textiles to metalwork and all for sale. It runs until September This show puts items from the museums world cultures collection together with a selection of crafts from guild members all cleverly linked by textures, colours, materials or manufacturing processes.

Again its all free. Find out more at the guilds website, www. Exeter Festival, at venues across the city, www. The only thing most people think about is what my friends will say if I buy a phone of not very wellknown brand.

Apple listened to its customers and gave them what they wanted. For model upgrades simply return the product you are currently renting and open a new agreement for another model. MP frontfacing camera wideangle lens. The Galaxy X previously known as Project Valley is thought to be a smartphone with a dualscreen one on each side that folds out to reveal a in tablet.

We loved and continue to love its excellent camera and the combo of inch Pixel and. It will save you a ton of heartburn. Network performance including results of our own G network testing factored into our choice. Microsoft also redesigned the Bluetooth area and gave every Settings page its own contextual sidebar with additional links to other system settings including older Control Panel settings.

The latest and greatest is not always all its cracked up to be anyway. Sole proprietors and single member LLCs can also use tax software for selfemployed people. One of the hottest phones to watch out for at Mobile World Congress this year is the keyboarded BlackBerrybranded Android phone that many people have been waiting for.

Storage Storage capacity is the other key hardware consideration for the average business user. Its pretty pointless but fun to use when you use your frontcamera for a pocket mirror dont deny that you do it.