Holly and vince first meet quotes

"What I Like About You" When Holly Met Tina (TV Episode ) - IMDb

holly and vince first meet quotes

In order to help Val get her first client, Dr. Judith Haven, since starting her own public relations firm, Holly When Holly Met Tina Poster Vince (credit only). After Vince is hit by a car, Holly visits him in the hospital, and they share their first kiss. However, they both realize that they can't date without hurting Henry's. Holly and Vince from "What I Like About You" Vince and Holly (What I Like About You). More information. More information. What I like about you. Find this Pin.

Vince, why did you focus on a guy in a mermaid suit? That was a guy, too? Trick or treat-- Val pushes them away Val: You dropped out of college!? All out of candy little girl! Holly got a much bigger crowd for Danielle then she did for you. Ben looks at him I'm just saying. Yeah, well size doesn't matter. You keep telling yourself that. I'm going back to college on Monday. That was the deal. Maybe we could wait.

You mean like Tuesday? Gift of the Mutton[ edit ] Rick: Hey, was your father a thief? Cause I swore he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.

Ben pulls a girl from the crowd onto the stage and dances with her Holly: Work it, work it. Girl kisses Ben Holly: Security, get the slut off the stage! You know the vet that I work for? I get jealous when he talks to another woman.

That other woman is his wife, Tina. You need to quit that job.

holly and vince first meet quotes

Thats the day I stopped being Val and became "the loose one. Your mom likes old sheep? Why would she look on the internet? She needs mutton, not porn. Uhm Lauren there are other things on the internet besides porn.

holly and vince first meet quotes

Besides, Ben's not the jealous type. He's all evolved and European. I got to kiss her like eight times! I know I cant believe it. I've never been jealous in my entire life. What the hell are you doing to me, Holly? I'm just going to have to rise above it, and not ask who the better kisser was, me or Vince. Wow, when you get jealous, you get jealous. We'll Miss Gittle a Little[ edit ] Val: The woman lives 'til 95 and she can't hold on another week!? Hey, listen I talked to the old guy. Yeah, well, that narrows it down.

We have to get that address! They all nod and look at Vince Gary: How about it, Popeye? Takes off his jacket Damn this face and body! She's pictured the dress, she's pictured the roses-- Gary: I dont believe him! First, she shows up an hour late for work! And then she burnt a whole tray of cookie, and then she chose to take a break without letting me know. And she went out shopping with Gary. Then she forgot to close the cash register and she…" Val rambled.

Vick raised his eyebrows and gestured to the dinner he slaved over.

When Holly Met Tina

She ran to the calendar. Yup, it was June 2nd, their anniversary. I am sooo sorry! I've just been so stressed with Lauren, and, and, and work, and I never thought about it. I'm so sorry, can you forgive me? Here, sit down" He sat Val down, put the dinner in front of her and poured her a glass of champagne. Holly turned her MacBook off and clocked out of work.

"What I Like About You" Val and Holly's Not Boyfriends (TV Episode ) - IMDb

She slung her purse over her shoulder and headed for the elevator while looking down at her feet. As she continued to think about her feet, Vince turned the corner and smiled.

He stood there until Holly realized he was there. My Girl Is Not a Slut: As mentioned above, the show was co-created by Dan Schneider. After breaking up with Holly, Henry eventually goes out with another girl also named Holly in college. Unfortunately, when Vince sees Henry making in the dark, he automatically assumes it was the main Holly. Out with a Bang: DownplayedRick has a heart attack while in bed with Lauren, but he doesn't die.

The Hospital

Tina and Gary Parental Abandonment: Tyler is dead, and Mr. Tyler moves to Japan in the pilot. Gary's and Tina's respective parents are divorced. Vince hates his father. Holly finds out about Jeff planning to get Val jewelry on Valentine's day, so she tells Val that he's planning to propose.

He isn't, and in fact didn't ever want to get married, so they break up. Gary to Val Product Placement: An episode was devoted to Holly and Tina competing to be in an Herbal Essences ad, both getting beat by the girl who was actually in the ad, which aired in the last scene of the episode. Val, since Holly doesn't want to do when their father moves to Japan and Val's roommate has just moved out.