Joe pesci show rudy giuliani meet

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joe pesci show rudy giuliani meet

Watch SNL sketches featuring the character Joe Pesci (Jim Breuer) online at The Joe Pesci Show: Rudy Giuliani and Marion Barry. 11/22/ Sketches include ""Rudy Giuliani and Colin Quinn,"" ""Nightline with Saddam Hussein,"" ""Rita Delvechio,"" ""Mary Katherine Gallagher,"" ""The Joe Pesci Show. Subscribe to SaturdayNightLive: SEASON 1bF2KKP Talk Shows: This week, Joe Pesci.

They could ignore me.

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This is very true, right? What gives you the bigger thrill: Crushing with your own material, with your own energy, controlling an audience: Do you have a particular Lorne Michaels story that stands out to you? People are gonna be looking at this for a long time.

joe pesci show rudy giuliani meet

You know, when I first met him, he had me in his office, and he was eating popcorn for, like, it seemed eternity — just not even acknowledging me in the room. And then I finally said, "You like popcorn, huh? What sketches did you pitch at SNL that never saw the light of day?

joe pesci show rudy giuliani meet

How much of what you did in Half Baked was improvised? I went word-for-word the entire movie. Everything out of my mouth, everything, is completely on script. Dave got to improv a whole lot — and rightfully so, it was his film. It was … What that tour did for me really, that tour was more about breaking my fear and boundary of going into my wheelhouse, which was talking about family.

joe pesci show rudy giuliani meet

And I found out from the 23rd standing-O in a row, I was pretty hopped-up. They gave me all the encouragement in the world. If you did your impression of James Hetfield to him, what did he think about it? I think he likes it, because one time he said, he goes, "Hey dude, I wanna let you know I stole your bit. I just wanna let you know that.

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You joined SNL at 28 and became at least fairly famous right away. There were a few guests who were notable exceptions to this fate.

Pesci hit him on the head with a paint can as he was angered by the fact people laughed at Macaulay Culkin doing it to Pesci. On one episode hosted by Jim Carrey, Carrey played legendary actor James Stewart, while regular cast member Mark McKinney once again played Carrey for the last and second time.

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Pesci and Stewart teamed up to beat up Carrey, with Stewart going on to beat up Pesci himself. Phil Hartman once again host the show in and once again reprised his role as Frank Sinatra.

While Sinatra was still in his evil ways, he and Pesci were talking about his shine box and at the end Joe got out of control and his bodyguards came to the rescue and punched Pesci so he could stop being crazy from Sinatra's evil personality. One episode featuring then Mayor Rudy Giuliani was about to get beaten when his security detail grabs Pesci, then Giuliani grabs a Stickball stick and proceeded to hit Pesci while the Mayor said these hits were for Good Fellas and Casino and stomped on him for Going Fishing.

Pesci also spares actors who, like him, are of Italian ancestry and who came to prominence in films about the Sicilian Mafia. However, while Italian-Americans were often spared physical assault, Pesci may make disparaging remarks, such as when he had his My Cousin Vinny costar Marisa Tomei, Pesci mentions her Academy Award and comments that it must have been quid pro quo "Whose Joe did you DiMaggio to win that?

Kevin Spacey appeared as Al Pacino on one episode, in which the two of them team up against Rodney Dangerfield portrayed by Darrell Hammond. The real Pesci and De Niro surprisingly appeared on one episode, criticizing Breuer for playing caricatures of their film characters.