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It's a challenge, but they manage: How four somethings making prompts Gen-Xers like Jacob to be creative in finding ways to make ends meet. A UCSD graduate who studied communications and theater, Jacob .. To Do · Features · Getaways · Fitness & Health · Podcasts · Photos & Video. If you have more month than you do money it is possible to turn your situation around. Here's how to make ends meet even if you feel like giving. Watch · Audio Podcast Watch · Making Governments Work with Elizabeth Linos -- In the Living Room with Henry E. Brady. Behavioral . Hello Food Industry, Meet Food Activists. Growing food .. Grad student on ending political corruption.

We also talked about the legacy and lessons of the confirmation processes from Nixon to George W Bush, including Judge Robert Bork, who was rejected by the Senate in We also talked about what he thinks potentially could happen if there is another vacancy to the high court during the Trump Presidency.

We discussed his time as CIA Director during the first term of the Obama Administration and the process of transitioning the agency from one presidency to another. We also spoke about his advice for new Secretary of Defense, retired General James Mattis, the changes he's seen during the nearly 40 years he's spent in politics, and the importance of the President getting honest - often unvarnished - advice from his cabinet members and his White House staff.

We discuss the history and tradition of presidential inaugurations, as well as notable inaugural addresses from the past. We also talked about how former presidents approached writing their addresses, and the importance these remarks have on Inauguration Day. He is a longtime democratic party operative. We talked with Ron Klain about the confirmation process - not only for Supreme Court Justices, but also for cabinet members and the differences between the two.

We also discussed the biggest misconception about the confirmation process, and what we can expect at the start of the Trump Administration. We talked with him about the upcoming inauguration, and his advice to the incoming White House staff and Congressional leaders. Gingrich also explains why Donald Trump won the election and what the American people can expect from the Trump Administration.

We talk about how he became the White House Chief Usher, the kind the changes that the First Family can make to the White House, and what happens inside the residence at Pennsylvania Avenue when a new President is sworn in.

We talk about how he went from a Rice University graduate, to a campaign aid for a Houston mayoral campaign, to working on the Obama campaign. We also discuss the changes to the media landscape during his time in the White House, and President Obama's post-presidency plans. Early 20th Century Nativism and Immigration 1 hr. Experience of Being Arrested in U.

Pilgrims and History Textbooks 1 hr. Louis teaches a class about how the Pilgrims became part of the United States' founding story in 19th-century history textbooks. Salem Witch Trials and the Great Awakening 1 hr. John Rawls and Modern American Liberalism 1 hr. He highlights the work of the U. Sanitary Commission and the U.

Immigration Policy Since 1 hr. Post-Vietnam War Refugees 1 hr. President Johnson and the Vietnam War in 1 hr. African Americans During Reconstruction 48 min. Conspiracy Culture in Modern American Society 1 hr. Conspiracy Culture in American History 1 hr.

Environmental Movement and Litigation 1 hr. Honor, Dueling, and Slavery in the Antebellum South 1 hr. Greenberg teaches a class on role of honor and dueling in the lives of slave masters in the antebellum South. The Vietnam War, 1 hr. Historical Interpretations of Reconstruction 1 hr. Hear portions of key events and interviews with journalists who provide background and perspective.

Programs posted after 6pm ET, Monday - Friday. Washington Today - 57 min. Washington Today - 1 hr. The Hill's Alexander Bolton joins us to talk about the meeting and what's next. Washington Today - 45 min. Washington Today - 29 min. Ambassador to the United Nations. Washington Today - 59 min.

Bush in Houston, Texas. Plus more on the CR to keep the government open for two more weeks. Washington Today - 34 min. An Interview with Andrew F. A Very Short Introduction What are its relations with the two great powers in the region — China and the United States?

Mark is a Professor of International Politics at UWA and his expertise covers international relations, international political economy, Australian foreign policy, the regional politics of Asia, security interests and the economics of this vital region. President Trump decided to avoid the Summit, the first American President to do so since this triennial meeting of leaders was inaugurated by President Bill Clinton.

In fact, less than half the leaders showed. What does this poor attendance suggest about the state of regional relations? Equally, what does the crisis in Venezuela tell us about the state of relations and hemispheric concerns about democracy? The spotlight is on Latin America. The G20 is being hosted by the Argentinian Government. And there are important elections in the region, most notably in Brazil. The crisis in Venezuela is unlikely to end any time soon.

Oliver has written extensively on the politics of the rising powers, including his most recent for Polity, Post-Western World: Reconciling America with the World. Or, will President Trump exhibit more collaborative behavior? What impact is President Trump likely to have on global governance and the liberal international order that the United States has led through the decades since World War II.

Summit Dialogue, Episode 1: Where has the G20 been a success; where has it failed to meet the expectations of Mr.

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What recommendations does Mr. Global Summitry Podcast Series This Series publishes interviews with academics, policymakers and former officials around analytic and even theoretic questions in global summitry and global governance. Primacy see NYTimes Review. It seemed like the appropriate moment to interview Stephen. This new book by Stephen ranges broadly across American foreign policy. Stephen provides a strong critique of U. Stephen heavily criticizes the foreign policy elite for maintaining this policy in the face of very serious failures including in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

Stephen was previously the Academic Dean at the Kennedy School. Stephen has written a number of notable books on U. The turbulence in the liberal international order continues.

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And we are pleased to bring a new episode, Ep. We were pleased to sit down with James Goldgeier to examine in this latest podcast American foreign policy and the impact of President Trump. James served as Dean there from to James has written a number of studies including: America Between the Wars: Come join us in this next podcast in the series. The antagonism between President Trump and allied leaders were on full display at the recent G7 Charlevoix meeting.

Though the leaders had reached consensus on the Communique, Trump subsequently withdrew the U. Meanwhile, President Trump continues his summit dialogues with rivals.

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And he has advised officials in Washington including senior foreign policy advisor to Vice President Al Gore. Global Summitry, Episode So, much has been happening recently: These and other actions formed the core of the podcast discussion with Bruce Jones. Jones has had extensive experience and expertise on intervention and crisis management. He served in the United Nations' operation in Kosovo and was special assistant to the U.

Jones also has significant experience on multilateral institutions. He was a senior advisor to Kofi Annan on U.

Peter is a professor of political science and public policy at Duke University. Peter has written extensively on civil-military relations, nuclear weapons and nuclear strategy. It is a close examination of Trump foreign policy. Matthew has served in both the private sector at Goldman Sachs and Albright Stonebridge Group and has also held a number of significant roles in the public sector including early in his career as an international economist at the U. Treasury Department and at the Tokyo Embassy.

In this podcast Kori Schake tackles the main elements of the Trump Administration foreign and security policy. Kori has operated close-in to U. She was as well a senior policy advisor to the McCain-Palin campaign in the Presidential election. So where do we go — in the aftermath of the Paris Agreement - with respect to reducing global carbon emissions?

In this interview with Steven Bernstein and Matthew Hoffmann we explore the next steps to climate change governance. We start with a discussion of the Paris Agreement and why it was successful, consider the consequences of the U.