Meet a real life mermaid

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meet a real life mermaid

For here, a shoal of real life merpeople have gathered for the first ever Merfolk UK convention. Stepping through the automatic doors, we enter. Why one Florida activist turned herself into a mermaid to advocate for the oceans. Here's Your Chance to Meet a Real Mermaid. shipwreck debris—has floated across the oceans of the world, but now, a new kind of mermaid is swimming the .

For over 10 years I worked as a dive manager, marine mammal trainer and show host in marine life parks, theme parks and aquariums. Working as a mermaid was a childhood fantasy and a self-made journey born out of the love for the sea.

Meet Melanie, the real-life mermaid -

It took years of hard work to be a professional mermaid and to finally set up my own company. What does your job involve and what does your company do? Doing mermaid shows and live aquarium performances at various types of venues including private parties, hotels, fairs, festivals and fundraisers. Besides the shows my company also provides customised mermaid tails, mermaid tanks, equipment and a full aquatic performance team.

How do you transform into a mermaid? What does it take to keep the fantasy alive at shows. The mermaid tail is like a corset with a pair of leather trousers stitched together. I own 16 such tails, each weighing around 25 kgs in various colours, all handmade from silicone.

I am always living the mermaid life, in and out of water, so the transformation is life-long. When I don my mermaid tail it becomes more real for others. You can see the wonder in their eyes as I perform. What do you like the most about your job?

Here's Your Chance to Meet a Real Mermaid Really - Coastal Living

The fact that I get to entertain people doing what brings me joy too. I feel extremely clumsy. Being a merperson isn't just a hobby for Ed, it has become a lifestyle.

  • Meet Melanie, the real-life mermaid

Ed also identifies as being a non-binary, asexual person. The year-old prefers to use the pronouns 'they' instead of 'he. Caitlin, Ed, Tessie and Morgan. Ed says the lure of the sea is being able to take on a new personality and forget reality Image: Barcroft Media Most mermaids find they have particular memory from a film or television show which inspires them Image: Barcroft Media Read More Transgender seven-year-old laughed at by classmates after telling them: You know you can put on a costume and become a magical creature and be something other than who you are for a little while.

Like Caitlin, Ed was inspired by the idea of becoming a merperson as a child, particularly after watching the Disney film The Thirteenth Year. Morgan, Tessie, Ed and Caitlin. Tessie wanted to become a mermaid after going to mermaid school in the Philippines three years ago Image: They even run workshops to help people make their own tails Image: Barcroft Media They added: She was inspired to become a mermaid ever since she attended a magical mermaid school in the exotic Philippines three years ago.

meet a real life mermaid

And once she slides her tail on and becomes Mermaid Essie, she claims her worries disappear and the magical feeling of invincibility and power arises. When I am in my tail I don't feel insecure anymore. Because it suddenly doesn't matter what size I am because I am a mermaid and that is what people really focus on.

meet a real life mermaid

It's very vulnerable feeling. Growing up, I loved Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphins. I used to swim with a pod of them when I was a kid since my hometown was right by the ocean. It made me want to better understand their world and become like them, or at least understand what it is that they are thinking.

Here's Your Chance to Meet a Real Mermaid ... Really

It's clear to me that marine mammals such as whales and dolphins are highly intelligent, more that many people realise. Much like elephants, they can learn and remember highly complex skills. How many do you have? Right now I have Over my years performing I have tried 25 different types. I collect mermaid tails much like a woman would collect shoes, jewellery or clothes.

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Do people respond well to the way you raise awareness? Yes, I do not preach or throw 'doom and gloom' in their faces. I talk about the power we all have to turn things around and how it can be empowering to know you are actively helping to make changes for the better in helping our oceans and saving our planet. How can we help the oceans?