Meet and exceed customer expectations

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meet and exceed customer expectations

Your customer-facing business goals should always be to exceed your customer's expectations. This is especially relevant for service-oriented. The ability to consistently meet customer expectations requires alignment of systems, processes, people and practices. This involves a fundamental rethink of . Customer Expectations: How to Meet (and Exceed) Expectations are you meeting and exceeding customer service expectations in ?.

Send a birthday card, a Christmas gift, or roses to celebrate a promotion.

Customer Expectations: How to Meet (and Exceed) Expectations

Coupons for the next buying experience also help. Doing the unexpected makes customers feel important and appreciated, helping to retain them. Call or Submit Form Please leave this field empty. Personalize Each Interaction Leverage your customer database.

Exceeding Expectations: Should You Focus On It With Your Customers?

Pair up customers with the same agent whenever they call with technology. Help Customers Understand Your Technology Talking technology puts customers off—especially if your tech is complicated. Instead, help customers understand your tech in as simple a way as possible. Customers like to solve problems quickly.

Exceeding Expectations: Should You Focus On It With Your Customers?

So find ways to speed up problem-solving. That leaves them with a positive feeling about your company. This is where intelligent workflow really pays off. Take a look at this stat given by Business2Community: Omni-channel customer experience is not just the need of the hour but also a concept that most businesses are finding hard to execute, especially given that the modern-day customer is channel hopping at a ridiculous rate.

meet and exceed customer expectations

If you truly want to delight customers, omni-channel technology and infrastructure is key. It ensures that the experience you provide across multiple channels — both online and offline — is seamless and consistent and in-sync with your brand reputation. Your customer service needs to be world class. Customers are looking for instant solutions for their problems.

meet and exceed customer expectations

Institute an impactful employee training program While employee training and empowerment might not have a direct impact on customer retention or loyalty, if done right, employees will take it upon themselves to ensure that every single customer is kept happy, loyal and delighted.

After all, employees are your internal customers. Empower them enough and they will gladly represent your brand, fight for it, empathize with end-consumers whenever needed, and more than anything, go above and beyond the status-quo to create a truly amazing experience.

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Start Listening To Your Employees 5. Focus on the small things Often the smallest things make the biggest difference. A smile, a hand shake, a thank you.

meet and exceed customer expectations

How are your customers greeted as they step into your store? What is the first thing that your Customer Service rep tells a frustrated customer? In fact, things that you consider as trivial, a waste of time and resources can turn out to be the only differentiator between a delightful experience and an average one.

Add a personal touch At the end of the day, customers make that one purchase from you as there is some aspect of your brand they can relate to, and this could be something as simple as the colour of your logo. Each customer is unique, which is why brands need to personalize the customer experience by carefully studying customer needs and aspirations.

So the next time a customer enters your shop, go have a chat with them. It might sound like a crazy idea but building an emotional connect with your customer is a sure shot way to exceed their expectations consistently. Taryn Hillin at Splinter News explains this perfectly: But imagine walking into a surprise birthday party after crashing your car.

This is true in customer service as well. Leaving your customers delighted and happy sounds like a great goal.

How to Exceed Customer Expectations (with 3 Examples)

Any time you put into wow-ing one customer, means taking time away from helping others. And that extra effort might not even be appreciated. Scientists found that the effort put into exceeding a promise might not be worth it. In a study where participants were promised concert tickets, then given worse, equal or better seats than they were promised, participants were no happier or more likely to recommend the company when given better seats. They were much more upset when they were given worse seats.

The Kano Model states that there are five qualities of customer satisfaction.

meet and exceed customer expectations

Must-Have Quality Thresholds — these attributes are the basic threshold for a product or service to even be considered in the market. In customer support it might be something as simple as having a place for customers to contact you, and then responding to those concerns.

Other must-haves are polite responsesa reliable product uptime or delivering a purchased product in good condition.