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meet george washington quiz

President's Day Activities and Teacher Notes through grade 3 in conjunction with the virtual museums of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln linked to this site. may need to adapt the activities to meet the needs and levels of the students. Take this quiz of facts and fallacies about Washington with your class and. At the meeting, it was decided that George Washington would be the general of the Continental Army. This was a tough job because the army wasn't even. Want to meet the father of our country? In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby introduce you to the extraordinary life of George Washington! You'll learn a little.

meet george washington quiz

George Washington was the only president who never lived in the White House. Washington selected the site for the White House inbut he never lived there.

meet george washington quiz

New York and Philadelphia were the capitals while he was president, and the White House was completed after he died. John Adams and his wife, Abigail, moved into the unfinished house in Washington is the only president who did not live at the White House, so the answer is True.

George Washington surveyed Natural Bridge in There is no evidence that Washington surveyed Natural Bridge.

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Other Washington legends associated with the bridge include that he carved his initials on a spot twenty-three feet up the arch and that he tossed a stone to the top. Virginia Historical Society, Accession number: George Washington made moonshine at Mount Vernon. Washington was the only Founding Father to operate his own whiskey distillery.

meet george washington quiz

Five copper stills produced almost 11, gallons of whiskey in one year, making it the largest distillery in the country in the eighteenth century. Because Washington paid excise taxes on the whiskey, it was legal and therefore not moonshine.

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An avid sportsman, Washington imported French foxhounds for hunting purposes at Mount Vernon. He bred the hounds with his own black and tan hounds to create a new breed, the American Foxhound. In the General Assembly adopted the American Foxhound as the state dog. Which one of these is an image of George Washington?

meet george washington quiz

Read more posts by Frances. As an adult, George married the widow Martha Custis who had two children from her previous marriage. A widow is a person who's husband has died, which was why she was able to marry George later.

meet george washington quiz

George became a plantation owner and was also apart of the Virginian legislature, which meant he was helping write and make laws for Virginia. He was a busy man!

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At this time the United States had not yet been formed, and the British still ruled and owned the colonies. George and his fellow plantation owners became angry because they were getting unfair treatment from their British rulers.

A group of people from each town or colony got together and decided that all of the colonies would fight the British together. This was a tough job because the army wasn't even formed yet. He had to gather and lead untrained farmers and townsmen to fight against the well trained British soldiers. Portrait Collage of American Revolution Battles Washington and his troops were often low on supplies and food, and frequently had to march into battle without shoes on.

He led this untrained army for six years through many battles. Some were won and some were lost, but in the end Washington led the colonies to victory over the British.