Meet greet jkt48 official

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meet greet jkt48 official

As part of the concept of "idols you can meet every day", AKB48 performs daily at its theater in Akihabara. The JKT48 . On 15 April , the JKT48 Academy officially established. As of 8 A JKT48 member greets fans at an autograph event. JKT48 Official Fan Club (OFC) is a place for JKT48 members and fans to get closer to each other and Priority in booking JKT48 meet and greet events. JKT48 Akan konser di Trans Studio Bandung pada tanggal 7 Maret pada malam Hari HTM Rp. ,- CP: About JKT48 Palembang.

That is why we decided to try it in Jakarta. Kids watched AKB on the internet and they want to do the same, but they don't know whether they have talent. Also it's difficult [for them] to go to Japan to audition.

Note the use of costumes in the style of school uniforms, often used by AKB48 in its performances. Finalists were judged based on their dance performance of " Heavy Rotation ", from AKB48's single of the same name, and their performance of a song of their choice.

An unoccupied site in the fX Sudirman shopping mall was selected as the theater's eventual location, and planning for its renovation began in April. The theater has a seating capacity of and standing room for 30, and its design is a close replica of the AKB48 Theater.

Of the 4, applicants, approximately were selected for interviews the following month. The pool was then narrowed down from 67 to 31 in a selection round held by RCTI. Major debut JKT48 was scheduled to release its debut album in Januarybut production was hampered because of flooding in Jakarta. Each single featured an Indonesian version of one of four songs: Maybe just to refresh.

Also for more profitable commercial purposes of course. We also need to consider the increase of fans and sponsors of these expensive signings. Sponsors Sponsorship is also an important element in funding the football club.

This is also true in the field of entertainment. And if we observe, JKT48 had a success in attracting domestic products sponsors. All of those products had successfully lured by Yasushi and managements.

In fact, the age of JKT48 when the advertising contract was signed was not yet 1 year old. Not enough with the product sponsor, JKT48 sponsorship cooperation model is also integrated with the television show. Because they often invited at entertainment show from MNC group. Loyalty to club and player formations change challenge This is the point that I think a big challenge for Yasushi and his JKT We certainly know how Cherrybelle replace two of their personnel.

Princess replace one of its personnel. Interestingly, JKT48 take turns in replacing its personnel! In the logic of football clubs, the supporters loyalty is just for the football club and not the players. Whoever the player is, supporters will still support their favorite club.

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Even if their favorite players move to the other clubs, in fact. Does this logic also applies to fans JKT48? Will He make the idol group turn into public companies and sell its share to the public? Why did I call it an old phenomenon?

Because a singing group has been present for a long time [in the entertainment industry], the one that I remember the most was Westlife, Spicegirl, The Moffatts, Backstreet Boy.

The concept of the music business has long existed actually but now has evolved: Internet is one of the causes. Youtube is one of the channel in promoting the musics video, Ring Back Tone even said to become one of the main source of income of each musical artist, to the extent that KFC at fast-food business realm was extending their reach into the distribution of music CD sales.

Well, now there is another [group] known as JKT I see it not as a music lover but from the perspective of a marketer. It should be admitted, JKT48 is not just a singing group who want to creates [an art] but also a business; that really attracted my attention.

In Japan itself there are also some regional branches that have been established: Keep calm, they certainly do not carelessly take 48 people as members.

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I think this is the secret of their successful business. In each region, for example JKT48, has a theater that held performances almost every day. Perhaps theater is the main source of their income, with almost every day for performances of course they would need a lot of human resources.

So no wonder that JKT48 has 48 members. They sell some members photo-pack with a certain price, when I take chances to ask to question to one of their fans, and they claimed to have spent around 1 million rupiah for JKT48 merchandise. JKT48 really utilize social media to its fullest; imagine each member has a Twitter account with tens of thousands of followers, every JKT48 official activity documented through Youtube.

meet greet jkt48 official

Not just that, it appears they have content-planner in social media, at least the template used every member. JKT48 fans is unique, even to the extent that ordinary people can not understand: D [A picture showing a flower arrangement sent by the Forever Alone Bros, and another picture showing the fans doing wotagei] Not only in the external side, even the internal of JKT48 was also well planned. Every member had a right to compete for the position of captain and center.

These are Japaneses-flagged corporate! Mention all brands that JKT48 had ever starring, you will realize that everything is a Japanese company!

If Indonesia can afford that, it is not unlikely we will become glorious.

meet greet jkt48 official

Bro widiasmoro, can I ask your opinion about JKT48? I think if that concept success, maybe other musicians could adopt it. From what I see, this JKT48 is product with a long-term concept and carefully-planned idea. Supported by a team that do the whole work from behind the scene until the presentation on stage. That depends on the definition of successful for JKT48 team. Is their fame right now are enough for them to feel satisfied and enjoy the success?

The definition of success here had to be defined with their own kind of success that they want. Next, the question about creating business model of JKT48 as a formula to be implemented to every musician. Every commercialized music are a result of careful and well-done planning. How the sound would be, who are the targets, and when to sold it.

Every things had been considered. Just like when a musician found an inspiration to write a song. They patiently and diligently analyze every sound and the corrects lyric to create a musical works.

When that works finished, they showed it to the musician labels who then would create the marketing plan for it. Perform, perform, and perform. Since music needs to be performed then the musician would need a stage to perform it. JKT48 had a luxury with their own exclusive stage.

Other musician could also had that kind of place in every stage in the whole world.

JKT48 Circus : Meet & Greet Lippo Plaza Yogyakarta

Provided they could to cast aside their ego for awhile. Performing in neighborhood banquet is also a performance, you know. As long as you consistent in giving an entertainment, more people will be sure to know about your music. Music needs a tangible format.

A gimmicks that can be remembered and tekan home. After the Gramaphone, the industries grows into creating vinyl, cassette, CD, and now those tangible format could be in the form of merchandise like shirts, stickers, and other trinkets that associated with the music. Did I miss something here? So whether this things should be adopted again or not are a good question that had to be asked to the musicians. But the idea is still the same. Musics listened and enjoyed for an entertainment.

Does the music that we give had entertained enough people? Posted March 13th, by Widi Asmoro in his blog Marketing a la JKT48 A products be it a food, accessories, or music groups definitely has its own marketing techniques.

Marketing techniques is a sales technique or the way someone is selling [those products]. After a lot of fans gathered, they both JKT48 team official or member try to form a loyalty from this fans, loyalty can be established through getting the members to get closer to the fans, that made the fans felt that they had a bond with their idol. So the conclusion from JKT48 style marketing techniques is at first they would gather the people who are their marketing objectives, in this case the fans.

Not only that, official JKT48 sell knick-knacks from the show that felt mandatory [to be bought], so the fans JKT48 are urged to purchase it. And the absence of the rival are actually made JKT48 more advanced until now. Previous CDs titled Heavy Rotation had been marketed since February and reportedly sold more than 70, copies.

This CD is full-album CDs that contains 10 songs and released in two versions. Sales record that could be estimated was 3, copies per day for just two-day sales. Both CDs were released by record label Hits Records. I try to not get stuck in endless debate about JKT48 which said trying to sold the sensuality and sexuality of teenage girl in this writing.

After all, when it comes selling sexuality in music business, it could be found in many musician and I have discussed it in this blog.

Back to JKT48 matters. A casual chat with Pitra made me come to some conclusions as: JKT48 formed as a brand strength and not to highlight the individual personnel inside it.

meet greet jkt48 official

It will certainly be perceived as safe for investors to invest their capital because they could reduce the risk of the forming of a cult for one or few individual in that group personnel. JKT48 creates value and reason to buy for things they produced. My previous writing about JKT48 briefly mentions about those fans who think JKT48 members is like their sisters who need to be defended.

I think that this is a story that makes the reason for fans to buy JKTbranded products and diligently come to their concerts. The fans who were mostly teenagers under 18 to 24 years old are experiencing peer-presure. This condition forced them to follow what is being favored by teenagers at his age to be accepted and accidentally teenagers at his age currently are in love with JKT JKT48 is a whole entertainment package to heard, seen, touch, and also felt.

CDs and merchandises become tangible gimmick to take home as a memento for watching JKT The intangible one like touching also put into this entertainment package.

Wait, get your mind out of the gutter first. The other gimmick from JKT48 brands are the selling of opportunities to do handshake. Why then the handshake could become a commodity even though you could get it free? The fans were given an imagination to be able to play with JKT48 brand. And what if those handshake chances are commercialized? JKT48, or in this case Dentsu, are not reinventing the wheel.

Then would everything that JKT48 did could be replicated and applied to the other groups or musician?