Miraculous ladybug and cat noir meet the parents

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir TV Review

miraculous ladybug and cat noir meet the parents

Sep 25, Pairing(s): Adrien x Marinette/Chat Noir x Ladybug her mother repeated, " what's up is that you and this boy are coming downstairs and we're. Miraculous Ladybug - Meeting the Parents. Like us on Dorothy Elias-Fahn Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Miraculous. Pleasant Paris-set superhero story sweet fun for tweens. Read Common Sense Media's Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir review, age rating, and parents .

She's not a 's stereo type of a boy crazy type because often times there's a bit of role reversal I'd personally compare Cat Noir to being a man version of the damsel in distress similar to the Disney movie Enchanted where the love obsessed girl saves her true love. She isn't perfect but no one is and that makes her relatable. Almost everyone has a crush at some point in their life and it's not a big deal like people make it out to be to have it portrayed in a kids show.

It's not like they are permiscuious and it shows anything worthy of a PG or WORSE rating by today's standards as older PG movies have been known to have sex scenes in them like the 's Romeo and Juliet movie or 's Young Frankenstein. There's not just a crush going on but they are also best friends who look out for each other and let don't find it offensive at all.

It's just a sweet superhero girl show with a crush subplot that is kept at a PG level by today's standards and G rated by older standards. There's also the fact that they are willing to help out the victim turned villain out with talking it out after mostly non-violent acrobatics and dodging obstacles. The only violence is slapstick or very mild peril and there's worse violence than that on preschool shows like The Lion Guard, Elana of Avalor, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic I can think of more but I'm too lazy to list everything.

Parent reviews for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

Think of it as a much better upgrade from PJ Masks which I gave a poor review by the way where the heroes actually show true compassion and only a couple of characters are whining about everything and not on every episode I agree that ALOT of cartoons have too much whining.

And yes there's a few problematic episodes and I personally don't want my daughter to see it so I just skip the ones that are unsavory.

He pat Adrien's back kinda hard. Come inside and meet my wife. Adrien walked to my side and Marinette gave him a nervous smile. Marinette led him to the dining table. Sabine, Marinette's mother, just pulled out a pot roast out of the oven. Come and have a seat.

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You came just on time, so let's eat up quick, before the food gets cold. While eating, Marinette's parents decided to ask Adrien a few questions.

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She is willing to do whatever to keep her friends happy. She is brave, kind, compassionate, and smart. She doesn't let anything get under her skin.

Marinette is a girl anyone would be lucky to have. She is one of a kind and I wouldn't replace her for anything. Tom and Sabine were nodding, pleased at Adrien's response.

miraculous ladybug and cat noir meet the parents

I just so happened to come in second place. Marinette could feel her cheeks getting hotter.

miraculous ladybug and cat noir meet the parents

Suddenly, Sabine asked the most embarrassing question yet. She had a shrine to you, after all. He didn't know how to respond to this question because they were kinda Ladybug and Chat Noir during this time.

miraculous ladybug and cat noir meet the parents

I was clueless during that time. After the project was finished and we had to present, he suddenly pressured me to ask Marinette out.

After two weeks, a friend to my friend accidentally told me about Marinette's unheathly obession about me. Tikki did tell Adrien about Marinette's obession, but that was before the school project.

Therefore, before Nino started pressuring Adrien to ask Marinette out.

miraculous ladybug and cat noir meet the parents

They did find out about each other's secret identities, but neither had the guts to ask either out. It wasn't until Tikki's spill and Nino's pressuring that finally made one of them ask the other out.

Soon, everyone was done eating. While Sabine decided to clean up, Marinette and her father decided to play the very game Marinette was famous for. Adrien, being the good and polite boy he is, decided to help Sabine. At first, Sabine didn't want Adrien to do that and wants him to have fun with her husband and daughter, but Adrien insisted.