Prioritise workloads to meet deadlines resume

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prioritise workloads to meet deadlines resume

You prioritise your tasks every day based on your own needs and pretty drastic consequences on how well you do at meeting key deadlines. Employees who manage their time well are more productive, more efficient, and more likely to meet deadlines. Effective time management requires staff to analyze their workload, assign priorities, and maintain focus on productive endeavors. . Conceptual Skills List and Keywords for Resumes. Meeting deadlines is often a matter of solid time management skills, which you can elaborate on in the job description section of your resume. This role required juggling multiple competing priorities, which I successfully did.

I also encouraged patients to let us know when entering the medical facility if they anticipated a longer consultation in order to better prioritise our services to patients.

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I have also been responsible for triaging patients according to their injuries during my tenure as an Intern Medical Officer, which included the emergency and chronic management of patients presenting to the ward. This experience, coupled with the ability to manage further tertiary study while completing an Observership, demonstrate my ability to organise and manage my time to meet job responsibilities.

Get your package here. Ability to prioritise work and meet expected deadlines Administration Assistant Application I am a highly organised individual with the ability to maintain accuracy and work to strict deadlines. An example of this occurred recently at Betta Letters when one of the supervisors needed a number of letters to be inserted into envelopes and ready to be mailed out on the same day.

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This was an urgent job and the short notice made it difficult for the task to be completed on time. To resolve this issue, I negotiated with my supervisor for me to stay back and work late in order to ensure that the machine had inserted the correspondence into the envelopes in time for this deadline. I also renegotiated some other work with a less than urgent deadline in order to leave room for this task to be completed. The supervisor was very impressed with my ability to resolve his problem of getting these letters completed on time and I received positive feedback for my organisational ability as a result.

When faced with a time sensitive task, I convert the goal into an achievable task and set a work schedule.

prioritise workloads to meet deadlines resume

This forward planning approach ensures I meet all the deadlines and job responsibilities of my role as per Key Performance Indicators. Maybe you keep a daily to-do list on your desk, one that you add to with a pen or pencil. Maybe you use an online tool that helps you manage all of your tasks.

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Whatever your system is for keeping work on track, be prepared to talk about it to the interviewer. Mistakes You Should Avoid The interviewer is not expecting you to be a superhero.

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It says nothing about your ability to think on your feet, and nothing about your ability to analyze a time-sensitive situation, and then strategize towards a solution. Sample Answers Here are a few examples of how to answer this question.

prioritise workloads to meet deadlines resume

I would start by organizing the tasks from most important to least, and then I would begin working on the most important task. If there were any tasks I could delegate to other capable individuals, I would not be afraid to ask for assistance.

prioritise workloads to meet deadlines resume

I understand the importance of adhering to deadlines, so if I saw that I absolutely could not accomplish a particular task on time, I would ask for an extension. I also like to break down larger, heftier parts of a project into bite-sized chunks—doing so allows me to keep cool and not get overwhelmed while working up against the deadline. Once I complete all work, I update my boss on the status of the project.

prioritise workloads to meet deadlines resume

So again, you should aim to provide a specific, tangible example from your career to demonstrate how you prioritize under the pressure of multiple tasks with the same end-of-day deadline.