Quotes about alumni meet


quotes about alumni meet

I call them the Church Alumni Association, citizens of the secular city. They are a bit nostalgic about this faith of their childhood, but they aren't really interested in. Explore Reunion Specialists's board "Reunion Quotes" on Pinterest. Meet and Greet Happy Hour Friday, September 6 PM - 9 PM Apropoe's Baltimore. Alumni Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous that I try to reach are members of what I call the church alumni association.

Concord not only helped me adapt to the English culture, but also to the international culture very fast, and that is a thing to last, and it did last.

Sant'Anna Institute

I have always benefited from that. I love my Concordian friends. Mohammed Abdul Shafi Concord Alumni: Reza Stephan Amiri Concord Alumni: The best thing about Concord College is the international environment, meeting with other students from so many different countries.

This has given me a much better understanding of the different cultures we have in this world. Today I work for a big international company travelling to many places in the world.

quotes about alumni meet

This would not be possible if I had visited a local school. Also it is wonderful to have been at a college that has such a high educational standard, in which nearly all of the graduates achieve A grades and better. As a successful student at Concord, it gives you so many great opportunities to start to study at excellent universities around the world. Concord will always remain a part of my life that I will never want to miss.

Ane Valverde Concord Alumni: An example of how people from different countries and cultures and religions can live together in peace and harmony.

Alumni Quotes - Concord College

Memories Recall it as often as you wish, a happy memory never wears out. But every memory of friendship shared, even for a short time, is a treasure, like sunshine and warmth in our lives, like a cool breeze on a humid day, like a shower of rain refreshing the earth.

Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely. We do not remember days; we remember moments.

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A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime. A place in thy memory, dearest, Is all that I claim; To pause and look back when thou hearest The sound of my name. Powers Don't count the years Recall it as often as you wish, a happy memory never wears out.


When you remember me, it means that you have carried something of who I am with you, that I have left some mark of who I am on who you are. It means that you can summon me back to your mind even though countless years and miles may stand between us.

quotes about alumni meet

It means that if we meet again, you will know me. Nothing is as comfortable as an old friend. A new friend is valuable, and old friend is priceless. New friends are silver, but old are gold!