Region 5 gymnastics regional meet 2012

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region 5 gymnastics regional meet 2012

meet information and results for Virginia women's gymnastics. Forwarded From : Steve Garman, VA SACC PM 11/7/18 Hello Region 7! to thank all of the programs who submitted bids to host the Regional Championship meets. Absent. John Geddert, Regional Junior Olympic Committee Chairman (RJOCC) The Region 5 Level 8 meet was well run and made a profit. Norbert is the first year that the Level state meets were held together. Junior E - Level 8 Regional Meet -- Team Indiana -- Level 8 Regional Gymnastics Meet - Region 5. iisports Published on Apr 30,

The Region 5 Insider is a media outlet created to showcase and promote our current Region 5 athletes Elite and JOas well as alumni athletes competing in college. The Region 5 Insider site will bring you an inside look to one of the most decorated and competitive regions in the country.

region 5 gymnastics regional meet 2012

Region 5 continues to produce Eastern, JO and Elite national champions and team members each and every year. This site will be the outlet in which to showcase these talented athletes.

region 5 gymnastics regional meet 2012

The Insider will bring you meet videos and interviews as well as behind the scenes stories and footage to give you a complete picture of what our region has to offer.

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Subscribe What's The Difference: The Tkatchev Family Dec 13, Brette Warshaw You know those skills where the gymnast swings around the high bar, lets go of it, flies impossibly high in the air with her legs perfectly positioned and her toes perfectly pointed and then catches it on the other side? Those are the Tkatchev skills, a family of skills done on the uneven bars with a seemingly exponential number of names and nuances.

region 5 gymnastics regional meet 2012

Now that the NCAA Championships will only include eight teams instead of 12, some teams that are used to contending and advancing to NCAAs will end up sending only individual gymnasts to the national postseason. Therefore individual competition may be more competitive than ever before, especially in the ultra-competitive SEC. The Judging Panels for the Regional Championships will remain the same. AprilLevel 8 Regionals: AprilLevel 9 Easterns: May; Battle Creek, Michigan — Host: Branch Gymnastics JO Nationals: May; Minneapolis, Minnesota — Host: May 12, ; Minneapolis, Minnesota — Host: June; Reno, Nevada National Congress: AugustRegion 5 Congress: May; Bradenton, Florida — Host: May; Jackson, Mississippi — Host: May 11, ; Jackson, Mississippi — Host: There will be designated shirts for the Administrative Committee to wear each day.

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The Regional Committee is asked not to wear blue jeans, warm-up pants, or short shorts. Congress Responsibilities — Regional Administrative Committee and Volunteers The Regional Administrative Committee is asked to be visible and answer any questions the Congress attendees may have.

Please help to maintain a clean and organized environment. Hilary Carlson and Kathy Feldmann will be the public relations persons on site. The hospitality room will be under the direction of Shirley Ashley.

region 5 gymnastics regional meet 2012

Jim Comiskey will be the audio trouble shooter. Kathy Feldmann will be the director of the vendors. Congress Responsibilities — Volunteers Linda Barclay is asked to involve volunteers from each state at the Regional Congress.

Jana - Level 8 Region 5 Regional Meet - Bars