Rugrats and blues clues meet polka dots

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rugrats and blues clues meet polka dots

Rugrats to RETURN to screens: Nickelodeon is rebooting the iconic cartoon Twenty new episodes of pre-school favourite Blue's Clues were. Blue's Room is an American children's live-action/animated puppet Polka Dots (puppeteered by Peter Linz) – Polka Dots is Blue's best friend, . Meet Blue's Baby Brother; The Baby's Here; What's New, Blue? . (); Rugrats (); Los Casagrandes (TBA); Man of the House (TBA); Meet the Voxels (TBA); Pony ( TBA). 'Rugrats' is the latest show to receive the reboot treatment from White House frames fiery Oval Office meeting as 'constructive dialogue' Tuesday With reboots of Hey Arnold!, Rocko's Modern Life, Blue's Clues, Are You.

The schedule features The Thundermans and Henry Danger, premieres of the networks original made-for-cable movies also occasionally air during the primetime block, usually in the form of premiere showings.

Eastern, geared toward pre-teens and teenagers, it debuted on August 15, The block featured mainly live-action series, although it featured animated series. Bill-like popsicle stick character. Dora the Explorer became a series in The show is carried on the Nickelodeon cable television network, including the associated Nick Jr.

During the sixth season, the became the Nick Jr.

rugrats and blues clues meet polka dots

It won a Peabody Award in for outstanding efforts in making learning a pleasurable experience for pre-schoolers, to stop Swiper, Dora must say Swiper no swiping three times. However, on occasions where Swiper steals the belongings of other people, the episode always ends with Dora successfully reaching the locale, singing the We Did It. On numerous occasions, television specials have aired for the series in which the usual events of regular episodes are altered, threatened.

According to a Nickelodeon spokesman, She was developed to be pan-Latina to represent the diversity of Latino cultures, on March 8, Mattel and Nickelodeon announced that Dora will receive a tweenage makeover, switching from a young age to a teenage attending middle school.

Initially, it was announced that the new look would not be revealed until latebut after a short controversy, the change was criticized by one writer that did not support the feminization of Doras image. Ina CGI opening was created for new episodes of the series, inMattel and Nickelodeon introduced a preteen version of Dora, with four friends named Naiya, Kate, Emma, and Alana, who call themselves the Explorer Girls. The Explorer Girls were included in the Dora and Friends spin-off inDora the Explorer has been produced in various other languages worldwide.

It facilitates the learning of important foreign language words or phrases through its simplicity, Arabic — The Arabic language version is broadcast on the Nickelodeon on MBC3 block of MBC3, and is presented in Arabic-English. Cantonese — The Cantonese language version is sold in Hong Kong, Danish — The Danish language version is called Dora — udforskeren and there are commands and expressions in English.

French — The French language version, Dora lexploratrice, broadcasts on TF1 in France and it is presented in French-English, with Dora and Boots speaking French and other protagonists speaking and answering in English 9.

Have You Seen This Snail? Its animation was directed by supervising director, Alan Smart and Tom Yasumi, written by Aaron Springer, Springer also functioned as storyboard director. The episode originally aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on November 11, actress and comedian Amy Poehler guest starred in the episode as the voice of Grandma. Musician Stew performed the song Gary, Come Home, the series follows the adventures and endeavors of the title character and his various friends in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom.

In this episode, Gary, SpongeBobs meowing sea snail, runs away from home after feeling neglected by an angry SpongeBob and is adopted by a new owner. After realizing the error of his ways, SpongeBob sets out with his best friend Patrick to search for his adored pet, the episode garnered a viewership of eight million, achieving the highest number of cable television viewers aged six to eleven years old for Have You Seen This Snail.

SpongeBob receives a ball sent to him in the mail. He is totally consumed by the challenge and forgets Gary for ten days, Gary feels neglected and runs away from home. SpongeBob is shaken from his infatuation with the arrival of Patrick, SpongeBob finds a note saying that Gary has left in search of a new owner. Meanwhile, Gary has wandered into a new city, encountering a gang of snails, a kind old lady discovers Gary and mistakes him for one of her pets, Miss Tuftsy.

Gary is showered with love and food while SpongeBob goes to work, mr. Krabs encourages SpongeBob to work, but SpongeBob misinterprets him, and he takes the day off to look for Gary. He and Patrick put up posters and signs everywhere in the hope of finding Gary, at the old ladys house, Gary has been fed a lot. The old lady puts out fresh sheets of flyers given to her by Patrick, upon reading them, Gary realizes that SpongeBob truly loves him and wants him back.

He tries to leave, but instead of doing that, he ends up going to the closet, when the old lady tries to feed him again, Gary finds that the old lady most likely has sinister motives—she is possibly trying to fatten and then eat him. He makes his escape, but the old lady chases him out onto the streets, Gary quickly finds one of the gangster snails he saw before, which the old lady now mistakes for Miss Tuftsy, and takes him home instead.

Back home, SpongeBob gives up on his search for Gary, and tries to forget about him by taking a walk and he is constantly reminded as the streets are filled with posters and signs for Gary. At first he thinks he is imagining Gary is there, but then he turns around to find Gary is actually at his side, the episode originally aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on November 11, It was also broadcast on Noggin and CBS in reruns, the series is set in Big City, a colorful world populated by a cast of anthropomorphic animals, mythological creatures, and humanoid beings.

Oswald — Oswald is a large, round, blue year-old octopus who lives in an apartment complex with Henry the Penguin, a very gentle, smart, friendly, polite and big-hearted octopus, Oswald is always willing to go out of his way to help his friends. His favorite hobby is playing the piano and singing and he has a habit of saying Oh, my gosh.

When something goes wrong and something astonishing happens, Oswald always wears a life preserver when he is around water and loves Swizzleberry Swirl Ice Cream. Weenie — Weenie is Oswalds pet 7-year-old dog, a wiener-dog, Weenie bears a strong resemblance to a hot dog and only communicates in bark-speak.

Weenie accompanies Oswald everywhere he goes, and her food is vanilla dog biscuits. A talking year-old penguin who is a creature of habit in every way and usually shuns the idea of trying different things, most of Henrys favorite foods are fish-flavored and he is a proven expert on snow.

He has a cousin from the North named Louie, and on occasion speaks of his aunt. His motto is slow and steady and he always takes two marshmallows in his favorite beverage, hot cocoa, saying No more, no less.

He also doesnt like it whenever his feathers get wet, Daisy — A tall year-old flower with green leaves and stem.

Free-spirited and energetic, Daisy participates in sports and other activities and she is a close friend of both Oswald and Henry, the three of them often go on sojourns together. Daisy loves sunflower sundaes, riding her unicycle, has a large leaf collection, Daisy is very excitable, often needing to be hushed by Oswald whenever she speaks too loudly.

She also has an aunt whose name and flower is Marigold and she is the only character in Big City who wakes up with the sun. Johnny the Snowman — A laid-back snowman who operates an ice cream shop, johnny wears a black hat, sports a carrot nose, and has a deep baritone voice. Leo always responds in conversations with an enthusiastic Yes, yes, while Egbert refers to everyone as old boy The series was commissioned by Nickelodeon infollowing the production of two plays and a test pilot.

Originally performed in American English, the show has been dubbed more than thirty languages. Multiple spin-off projects were created, including stage productions and a television program for younger children titled LazyTown Extra. The series focuses on eight-year-old Stephanie, the newest resident of the LazyTown community and she has moved to LazyTown to live with her uncle, Mayor Meanswell, and is surprised to learn that all of her neighbors lead inactive lifestyles.

With the help of a superhero named Sportacus, she helps teach the other residents how to partake in more athletic pastimes. Her attempts are often thwarted by Robbie Rotten, who prefers to lead a sluggish life and is agitated by the sudden boom of physical activity.

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On a regular basis, Robbie devises ill-judged schemes to make LazyTown lazy once again, however, his plans are never foolproof and always end with him losing. Each of the children that Stephanie befriends embodies negative characteristics, ziggy, who is kindhearted and wants to be a superhero when he grows up, has an unbalanced diet void of fruits and vegetables. Purple poodlewho was originally a Parisian stray which Spike fell in love with in the second Rugrats movie and became his girlfriend.

Purple and brown respectively puppies adopted by the Stu Pickles and Chas Finster households. The offspring of a union between Spike and Fifi. Angelica's cat whom Angelica loves dearly, but who always causes trouble for the others, particularly Spike.

Some people don't notice it, but she looks just like Angelica. Chuckie's first pet, who was a Pillbug that died in the first episode he aired in.

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At the time of death, Chuckie was in the midst of training Melville to perform circus tricks. A big green dinosaur reminiscent of Godzilla. Tommy and the other Rugrats love him; Reptar products such as cars, clothes and candy are frequently seen on the show. Reptar was a main character in Rugrats in Paris and had his own theme park called Euro Reptarland.

There was a giant Reptar robot there too, which the babies piloted and fought against Jean Claude. He has also had his own ice show, which Lou believes is "sheer brilliance". The babies interrupted it looking for a lizard which they believed was "Baby Reptar". Robosnail is a mechanical snail with snapping pincers. He made a special guest appearance in Rugrats in Pariscontrolled by Jean Claude. Robosnail and Reptar fought throughout Paris and he wound up falling into the Seine.

In the episode "Toy Palace," Tommy and Chuckie activate a large robotic Thorg, who chases them through the store, repeating his catchphrase, "Thorg hungry! He'd been sent back in time. Captain Blasto voiced by Adam West: From the early seasons of the show. A spaceman who hosts his namesake show, a low budget locally made kids program that is reminiscent to the Captain Video series of the s.

In Super Hero Chuckie, Chuckie, Angelica, Stu and Drew go to see the show made at the television studio, where they learn the secret about how Captain Blasto flies a cable that attaches to his costume. A cartoon watched by the babies, although it seldom interests them and Grandpa Lou in particular despises the program. Susie's father Randy Carmichael was a writer for the show, and in one episode, the babies are taken to a movie theater to see the Dummi Bears movie they escape from their parents to go see the Reptar movie, and cause havoc in the movie theater.

Blocky and Oxwinkle Blocky voiced by June Foray: Stu and Drew's favorite cartoon as babies. They are an obvious parody of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Yuri and Svetana Svetana voiced by June Foray: A pair of villains who try to trick and get rid of Blocky and Oxwinkle, and calling them "Elk and Weasle". They are a parody of Boris and Natashaand their nicknames for Blocky and Oxwinkle is a parody of "Moose and Squirrel".

In an example of stunt castingForay, the original voice of Rocky as well as of Natasha, provided the voice of their Rugrats universe counterparts. The super heroes that the babies watch on TV.

The babies imitated the characters by calling themselves the "Mega Diaper Babies". They only appeared in the episode "Mega Diaper Babies". They appear to be based on the Fantastic Four.

rugrats and blues clues meet polka dots

Angelica Pickles favorite doll. Based on the American doll, Barbie. Cynthia's name possibly comes from the British doll " Sindy ". A friendly, hug-loving character created by Lipschitz Industries as a friendly children's icon resembling Barney The Dinosaur. In one episode, the grownups got rid of the Reptar decor in the babies' room figuring it scared Dil and replaced it with Goober the Gopher.

This led the babies to get Reptar and Goober to fight for who should be the better mascot. Real people Chick Hearn: Appeared in the episode "Touchdown Tommy" as the sports anchor of a football game; voiced by himself. The character is voiced by himself. A band of various species of monkeys from a local Russian circus that escaped from a train accident.

In the end, they are reunited with their owners.

Blue's Clues - Notebook Drawings (Meet Polka Dots!)

The ringmasters of the Banana Brothers Monkey Circus and owners of the monkeys. They went to get some coffee, when the monkeys took control of the train and crashed it though all of them survived, surprisingly uninjured. Scar Snout the Wolf voiced by Frank Welker uncredited: A bad-tempered gray wolf. He is feared by both the babies and the monkeys; in the climax of the film, he tries to attack the babies after scaring the monkeys away, but is defeated by Spike, the Pickles' dog.

The two fall down the bridge whereon the babies are standing, but only the Wolf is killed by the fall, making him the only character in a Rugrats movie to be killed.

They are the first people other than the normal gang to see the Reptar Wagon.

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Ranger Frank is cowardly and excitable, whereas Ranger Margaret is more calm and rational. Rex Pester voiced by Tim Curry: He mispronounced the babies' names as well as mistaking the Reptar Wagon for a horse. She runs the amusement park EuroReptar, a Japanese theme park in Paris. Her boss is offering her the job for president of the company, but only if she learns to love children, to which she lies about and says that she is engaged.

This sets the climax for the film. She also plans to kidnap the babies because she hates kids; when her plans got discovered, her wedding gets called off and her boss fires her, much to her humiliation. Angelica steps on her wedding dress, causing it to rip to have her underwear shown in front of everyone, including some people with cameras.

Jean-Claude voiced by John Lithgow: He is loyal to his boss and helps her with the kidnapping of the babies. He usually has the job of telling Kira what to do. He was wearing a light blue button-up t-shirt that had a yellow and red Saturn patch of the left shoulder, and black and white plaid swim trunks.

He was sitting on one of the lounge chairs in front of the pool.

Blue's Clues

Kimi was in a black triangle-top bikini with side-tie bottoms, and a Pikachu allover print on both pieces. Her hair was in two ponytails with black ribbon bow bands, her ears had yellow flower earrings, and her black wedge flip-flops were on the deck next to Chuckie.

In Yucaipa, Shenzi quickly looked to her purse when her phone started ringing. She turned to Maxie. It's great; I wish you were here. We're not official yet! I'm at Maxie's house, in his new pool; Everyone thinks we're already official. What about the pool you guys are at?

Are you sitting on one? Before hanging up, they made kissing noises in their speakers to each other. After a minute, her phone's text tone went off; She looked and smiled at the picture he sent her. Her legs jerked up, and a laughing Bobby resurfaced in front of her. Frankie didn't know why, but ever since the Living Skills class in middle school, Bobby had been messing with her in various ways. He would tease her, call her friendly nicknames, and even poke at her.

It made her a bit uncomfortable; The last part. So she tried to avoid him, but no matter where she went, he was there.