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Randy Shilts; Gary Shilts; Eric Marcus; Colorado State University and the Department of .. Chronicle) trailed only the return of Johnson to NBA basketball and the four to meet, and even the lack of knowledge of the DNC of a gay caucus – one . ). By then The Advocate was loosely holding on to its claim as the first. Basketball Scores . USA Gymnastics: Indianapolis, IN - September 20, – The recently held the draw for both the World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships, scheduled for Nov. Sonia Shah, Indianapolis, Ind./Scamps Gymnastics . is the national governing body for gymnastics in the United States. External links Maile Chapman at Evergreen State College website more. American gymnast Maile Shimabukuro (born ), member of the Hawaii House .. and another Hawaiian soldier met the Hawaiʻi-born Colonel Samuel Chapman . of Kentucky NBA 1 8 Nik Stauskas University of Michigan NBA 1 7.

Denni s Fit zge rald Purdu e FarmingtonMichigan Th e membe rship offers yo u more in the new year by le ngth enin g it s service Iii August 31, Too often I go to a mee t and see men fr ow ned upo n. Or read in Gymnast that th ey h ave grips. Well men now a chance to unit e an d wo rk it o ut. Wi th o ut yo u gy mn asti cs wou ld be awfu ll y du llw ith ou t th e do ubl e fu ll s, back flips and all the gut moves yo u dream up.

We ll don 't sitstand up for you r ri gh ts.

FIG holds draw for World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships, World Age Group Competition

For Coaches o nl y!!! Th e m en would teac h the wo men spotting techni ques and expla i n about trick s. And in exchange th e women ca n show how to put together rout in es. Whe re to put th e flas h y tri cks in rout ines. A nd I'd li ke to see the n at io n fo rm a unifi ed force, working together to achieve a num ber 1 team.

The elit e of the wo rld. Lets fa ce facts if yo ur ch ild make th e Ol ympic Team shewi ll be ju st as mu ch a part as any o th er. So we sho uld wo rk so everyone has an equal chance.

But I alone ca nnot ac hi eve thi s. So I ask your help, idea s. Pl ease help - becau se we have noth in g to lose and a go ld medal to ga in. I am interested in jo inin g. I am wi lli ng to help w ith cl ini cs I am wi lling to he lp w ith news letteI am wi ll ing to help publiciz e thi s o rgani zation Thank you! And from thi s loft y va nt age pointit becom es easier to v iew th e Champion ship s in a different persp ecti ve. It was Gen e W ett stone 's usual H ercul ean organizational e ffort.

His th eme, " Th e O ld Mee ts th e N ew " led m e to see thi s champion ships as a singl e frame in a mov ing pi cture of gymna sti cs evo lvin g through hi sto ry. A glance at th e pro gram reintrodu ce d us to som e of th e champion s from yes teryea r - and a glan ce at th e p erform ers aptl y d em o nstrated how far w e 've corn e.

Our gymn as ts showed strong foundati o n s built on corr ect fundamental s, for th e mos t part. Th e co mpul sory ex ercises are fin all y d eve lo ping in a superb fas hion. In th e o ptional routin es th e difficult y seems to be approaching at leas t, th e top of a paraboli c curve, and unl ess th e app aratu s chan ges - eg.

FIG holds draw for 2013 World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships, World Age Group Competition

For aw hil e, diffi culty ma y increase. M o re doub le b ac ks and maybe trip le full s in FX. More gymn as ts doin g th ose " impossible" co mbination s on PH. Virtu ally everyo ne d o in g entire ring routin es straight armw ith so m e full tw istin g doubl es and mo re pik ed d o ubl es. But eventually, w e ha ve to taper. Th e human bod y wil l stand onl y so much stress before givin g in to chronic injuries.

We 're b eg innin g to see th e result s of phY Sical stress imposed upon mu scl e, ti ss u e and bon e in our gy mn as ts toda y.

Loo k aro und at th e b es t men and wom en g ymna sts - how m any ar e free fro m chroni c injuri es w hi ch com e and go?

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W e ma y answ er, " Su re, th at's part of th e w o rk - injuri es and strain s are ju st part of it. But th e ba sic qu es tion remain s wh eth er in th e lo n g run it 's good fo r us to continue in th e direc ti o n o f more and more diffi cult y at th e ex p ense o f lo n g range fun ctioning of the human bo d y.

In an y case, most o f us will agree th at difficult y is go i ng to taper - w e' re approaching the limits. So w e' ve seen the movie so far - from tho se d ays wh e n a b ent arm hand sprin g on th e fl o or to a squ at was hot stuff to pik e doubl e backs and mo r e on th e ground.

W e've see n film s of mechani ca l, stiff, tea m parall el bar exh ibition s evo lve int o fl owing, floatin g routin es th at loo k like th ey belong on th e moon. Not o nl y has th e stru ctur e, o rga ni za ti o n, cont ent o f gy mn as ti cs changedbut th e phil oso ph y too. Now we p resent gy mn as ti cs as half comp etit ive fo rm and half as an aes th eti c p erform ance art.

I prev iew o f co rnin g. Ittrac ti o ns. Wh en w e in a se n se " run o ut" o f new uiffi cult y - wh en all our be st gy mn as ts have superb bas ics and proper mechanics - where do w e go? One direction is in th e im agin ati ve ar ea - ro utin e co mposition. On e u ay it won 't be enough to b e m ech anical. Facial ex pr ess ionas in the th ea tre, w ill creat e a mo ou and project an ima ge. I uon't simpl y m e. Iggre" ive knittin g of brows, a w id enin g o f th e eye" a fl ow ing of so ft slow move m ent int o qui ck st.

Perh aps we' ll auu mu sica l u. A, w h en Stev e Hug 's mu sica ll y talent eu bro th er, Jo hnpla yed a mov in g guitar pi ece o f hi s own compo sition as backg ro unu fo r Steve's fl oor exercise routine during aU ,S, - Chin ese ex hibition in Los Angel es, On e thin g is forure.

IS our culture and hi stor y chang es as a p eop le Jnu as a country, gy mna sti cs w ill ch'lIl ge. Gymn asti cs still has roo m fo r th e authoritari an a, we ll as th e arti st, th e slaved rivin g coac h as we ll as th e less ego-in vo lved teacher.

Th ere 'still r oo m fo r th e co mpul sive, unhappy, m echanica l gy mn as t, mu sclin g throu gh life, as we ll as th e happ y-go-luck y arti st who ju st lik e, to fl o w and fli p - anu there 's room for eve ryon e in b etwee n, And that 's beautifulsin ce th e re mu st be room for eve ryone in a mutu all y to lerant dtmosphere. But I do see ,o rn e po ss ibl e uirection s, ba sed up o n w here we've been. Wh en gy mn as ti cs was still relati ve ly yo un g, it co ulu have evol ved in three primary directi o ns, I ca ll th em Circu s, A rti sti c and M echani ca l.

If gy mn as ti cs hau evo lve d into Circu s acrobati cs, we mi ght no t see as ti ght formbut we wo uld be includin g eve nt s lik e u o ubl e high bar, fl yin g from o ne to ano th erswinging rings, trampo li n e in steau of va ulting and mini-tramp. The ru les might b e looser, and compet ition less se riou s. Maybe we'd have clown compet iti on too, diffi cult y basE'u upon p erfectl y co ntroll ed ph ys ical ,y, tem.

Women march like mechan ica l toy s, loo kin g dS inhuman dS po ss ibl e, stiff anu p erfe ct. W e stud y bi o m echani cs to be more e ff icient th an th e Ru ss ians if th at 's p oss ible! W e' d see far more dan ce-like elem ent s, afld more emph as is o n qualit y and flow th an o n qu antit y such as " big tri cks". But in steadw e we nt in th e uirec tion of M echani cs.

But all in allth e sys tem 's beautiful. No m att e r how cy ni ca l o r satiri cal m y view seems, th e M echani ca l style we 'r e u ev eloping is o nly a step in th e ev o lutiona ry process. W e have som e choi ce w here it goes from here. W e can co ntinu e pur ely w ith m echani cs fo r awhi le, since th ey ce rtainl y are important, but eve ntuall y w e'll ha ve worked it thro ugh, and th en p erh aps to change s in apparatu s, lik e th e double hi gh bar - or to team coop eration in a sin gle ro utin e, such as two p eopl e wo rkin g floor exe rcise in a patternor.

Or how about a floor exerci se routin e wh ere one person does the tumbling, anoth er teamm ate does th e press or ba lance and so o n. Th e poss ib iliti es are onl y as limited as o ur imaginati o n, Th e p as t has been eXc iting, and on th e sho uld ers o f th ose pion ee rs w e've d evelop ed a truly aw eso me prese nt, pointin g th e way to an even bri ght er future, So w e' re ce rt ainl y hea ded som ewh ere with grea t en ergy.

But th e path m ay well fo rk and windso let' s no t b e committed to th e straight and narrow. A s fo r m e, I rememb er som ethin g by Rob ert Fros t - " Two paths uiverg ed in a wood. I took th e less travel led, and th at has mad e all th e d if ference. Unfortunate ly, Ol ympian Ste ve Hu g was out w ith a bad I! The USGF form at required competition in comp ul so ry and optiona l exe rci ses w ith ent ri es r estrict ed to all-around gym nasts.

To lend a littl e spirit, there we re teams composed of th e top six gy mna sts from four USGF regions plus indi vidual s who had equalled or bett ered th e lowest sixth place sco r e. At the conc lu sion of the opt ional The compu lsories we re the same o n es used fo r th e past Olympic Games and al l th e compet iti ons, the Ea st had four of the top six gymnasts should have had no difficult y w ith the gymnasts: The MidEast's Jim by the time competition co nclud ed at Ivicek was sixth with No Midwest midnightit was ev id ent that compu lso ries had gymnasts fini shed in the top six although th e re not been gi ven as strong an effort as might ha ve were thr ee in the top Jim Stephenson 7been expected from the 35 gymnasts.

Brent Simmon s 9and Doug Fitzjarrell The ot her idid viduals w ho qualified for PH -O on ly 2 above 8. Twent y-thr ee gym nas ts scored points or better w ith the total w ith Stil l, there we re 22 gy mna sts wit h Tom Weeden It was evident from th e Gen e Wellstone and Ab ie Grossfeld-Tearn: Ed Gag ni e r-Tea rn: Masayuki Watanabe a nd Di ck Wolfe-Team: Roge r Couns il-Tearn: Nonetheless, the East prevailed because of their high comp ulsory total. There were ded uctions made for routines that were short and also for grip faults in vault in g.

Jim Cul hane who threw a double twister and overt urn ed it for t he first time in competition. John Crosby 's RO, ff, wh ipback, ff, double back ; 1'1, twisting dive roll; and double twister dismount which brought him scores of 9. Doug Fitzjarrell 's high double back mount into back roll wit h ff off knees; full and 1'1, twisting d ive rolls, and double twister dismount.

Dave Butzman - front handspring to full twisting dive rol l. Jim Stephenson - RO, ff wh ipback If, fu ll ; a tour jete to sp lit leap to lunge; a layout with 'I, twist to step out; and double twister dismount. Bob Anderson - double twist mount; a high V support and press to handstand, and an inlocate with extension to handstand.

Tom Beach with handspring step out to front step out to side aerial. Me l Hill 's st radd led pivot on his back and ro ll over one shoulder to a chest rollout a lso used byTom Weeden. The best balance of tumbling, st rength, and transition lay with the West and MidWest. Most routines cons isted of four passes using one side and repeating one diagonal.

The piked som ie with turn from a roundoff is stil l a wide ly used sho rt transition tumbling move, but increasingly we find the full and 1'12 twist ing dives. Many double twisting mounts were thrown ; most dismounts were at least full s with a few double twists. Pommel Horse Here, Marsha ll Avener and Steve Hug were expected to battle it out, but with Hug injured, there were few others of stature to chall enge Marshall.

Avener swung high and smooth and was a littl e fast but took the tit le anyhow. M ik e Carter was a little rushed also but comp leted as did Weeden who had a ba lance problem but muscled through.

Everyone else had a break or two and the fina l placings after Avener bore littl e resemblance to who had the most cons istent pommel horse ski ll. Some notes on individuals: Dave Eby routine flowed easily. Kanati A ll en - those hooked toes aga in! Dusty Ritter - has come a long ways. Jon Hallberg - another swinger. Ted Mart i - good 8. Jim Ivicek ' s strange dismount. Cu lhan e - a veteran who knows how to m ake ex peri ence payo ff with a co mpl eted routin e.

Ja y Wh elan - works w ith rhythm. Dou g Fit zjarrell - high and clean. Unfortunately fo r pomm el horse fans, th e eve nt' s difficulties are al so difficu lt to ca tch and this report er noted on ly a preval ence of loop, loop with Vl off as dismounts with mo stl y co mmon combinations preceding. Undoubted ly th ere were a few more diffi cult co mbinati o ns, but th e competition format did not lend it se lf to recogni zing th em. There still does no t see m to be th e f lair amon g AA m en th at speciali sts have been di splaying o n PH.

A ll th e finali sts mounted with disloca te, shoot, halldstamJgi ant or some c lose va ri ation; three use d full twistin g dismount s Whelan, Simm ons, Ivice k with Anderson usin g a double, Weed en a pik ed double, and Av en er a doubl e twist. W eedenin edging o ut Iv icek, used as strength moves a handstand lower to cro ss, whi le Ivicek u sed a front leve r and cross.

Both used straight bod y presses. Indi vidu al notes: Wayne Chand ler - ni ce hi gh front so mi e w ith V2 twi st dismount. Mik e Carter 's 9. Jay Whel an strong er than broth er Gen e, but I liked Gene's hi gh back upri se to straddle L - style! Fro m th e MidWest - inlocat e an d uprise to handstand by Fit zjarrel l and Simmons. Jeff Ro ckDouble twi st. Jon Hallberg - a nice back rol l to fro nt lever. A typi ca l exercise went so m ething like: H oweve r, Rice was unabl e to vau lt and Mark G raham went in as high es t ranked of th e three ti ed at th e nex t sco re.

M el Hill was co mpeting o n a bad sp rain also. As usu al, both va ults had to co unt and th ese were suppose d to co me fro m the higher ri sk catego ri es. Wh elan an d Graham use d full tw istin g hand sprin g and Yamashita. St ep hen so n Yamashita 8. Me l Hill --favor in g hi s foot, was sho rt o n hi s hand sprin g wi th 1 Vl sa ito from th e nea r endand a Yamash ita.

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W eed en used Yamash ita and Yamashita w ith vl twi st. Crosby won it with hand sprin g 1 Vl saito wit h a co uple of steps 9.

Indi vidu al no tes: Bob Ri ce - hand sprin g 1 Vl plu s steps for 9. Ca rl Walin - ran into horse, skiddedand di sm o unted with apl o mb to th e sid e. Jim Ivice k - rudo lph from th e far e nd for 9.

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M ike Cart er - hi gh and far hand sp ring 1 Vl sa it o. Aven er - pik ed Tsukahara w ith height but o ff ax is and a littl e short fo r 9. Fit zjarr ell - also a piked Tsukahara but low on po st flight. Many gymnasts seem ed to h ave troubl e with thei r run approach.

Parallel Bars Here again Steve was missed but qui te a lew gym na sts had th e kind of score need ed to gain the fi nals.

From las t yea r' s finalists: Sixtee n gymnasts had optional exercise sco re of 9. The MidWest team 's optiona l tot al of Wh e n the du st had se ttledJim Ivicek diamido v, stutz han d had ca ptured the titl e with Brent Simmo ns secondand Gene Whelan third. In dividua l notes: Lots of cast to support, sw ing to reve rse stutz or pirou ett e mounts, so m e w ith gl ide ki p to reverse straddl e cut to support Rich Anysko use d this in th e middle of th e bars.

Di smo unts usuall y were front or back off, so me wit h Vi twi st. Quite noti cea ble was th e " holl ow ches t " technique on th e giant glid e kip.

Gene Mackie and Ivicek - d iamidov. Fitzjarrel and Simmon s - high cas t with V, turn to supportand Fit zjarrell 's fro nt so mi e ca tch in su pport. Sid e mount s by Bob Anderson, Tom Weede n. Jeff LaFl eur - one arm handstan d. Ted Ma rti - nice start w ith peach to hand, but unfortunate br ea ks in a smooth ro utin e later. Horizontal Bar Had he been co mpeting, Ste ve Hu g wo uld have b ee n th e leading co nt ender, but there appea red man y rea d y to fill the vo id.

Eleven gymnasts had opt iona l scores in th e 9' s with bot h Jim Ivicek and Brent Simmons at 9. Kanati Allen had a 9. Th e high compulsory sco re of 9. Brent Simmons won the title w ith a routine which included stald ers, Voro ninexce llent German ginats, and a full twisting hecht.

Beach who used a pik e o pen to full tw isting flyaway dismount was seco nd. Marti third used the sa me dismount and wo rk ed w ith good ex tensionshowin g also dislocate giant s. Gene Wh elan used stald ers and dismount ed w ith a barani. Ivicek had a br ea k on a stra ight body kip but co ntinued o n to dismount w ith a hecht.

Kru es t almost suffered se riou s injury in his d ismo unt as hi s foot ca ught th e b ar on a full twi sting hecht and h e fe ll on hi s shoulder. Jim showed inlocat e and di slocate giants as we ll as stald ers. Bob Rice - pike double. Jeff Rock - fu ll twisting hecht. Mike Carter - stalder; Voronin; flank over to regrasp behind back; h echt di smount. M ark Graham - bara ni in ba ck out? Bad brea ks for Doug Fitzjar rell and Da ve Eby both of whom had nice routines going for them.

Th e USGF mee t does not emphas ize the sch ools of origin for th e gy mn as ts takin g part, but th ere we re six from Iowa State Ed Gagnier wou ld rather enter as an Iowa State team than as a reg ion! Of th e 35 gym nas ts taking part, 10 have co mpl eted co ll ege and four we r e fr eshmr n thi s year. A special three -sid ed electr o nic sco rin g unit was built by a U. Da vis engin eer and used fo r the fi ndls - thu s, th e results were in stant ly visibl e.

Frey notes th at pl ans for thi s will be ava il abl e soo n.

Kenosha, WI 2016

A fin al th ank s fr o m th e Gymnast staff for th e m an y co urtesies show n us. The gi rl s did a wonderfu l job and performed we ll w ith fe w major breaks or fa lls. I also have to say the ju dges did an excellent job putting the gi rl s through the rout ines in a near minimum time and scoring them in most cases as clo se to the quality of th eir wo rk as possible. We th o ught we h ad p roblems before the meet began, and to a degree we d id. The information on th e m ee t and the change from Chicago to Denver was sent out five weeks before th e meet.

The in fo rm ation was sen t to th e Technical D irecto rs of th e Reg io ns. For some reason some of them never received the informat ion and othe rs did not hi ng with it when th ey got it.

This brou ght abou t mass co nfusi on. We received dozens fo phone cal ls from all over the United States wo nd erin g where the informat ion was and co ul d they get th eir girl entered. Up to th e mo rnin g of the meet we were still getti ng entri es. Some wo rk has to be done for future yea rs bn thi s probl em. A m eet d irector in Den ve r Co lo rado or anyp lace else cannot poss ibly know if Susie Benson in Skunk Holl ow Kentucky has qua li fied.

That is taking it pretty far, but the point is the Reg iona l Director s have the responsibility to get this information to their Reg ions. We had a b it of a breakdown this year and last as I remember it. Because o f the Sen ior Nationals being the las t ch ance for a girl to qualify for Elites and Junior G irl s who reach the age of 15 before the end of th e year, th e Nat ion als grew and grew w ith each passing day.

We started w ith 52 gi rl s we thought wo uld be here and ended up with B5. We started at 2: On Friday for Optionals we fini shed act uall y a half hour late. Fin als were run smoothl y and w itho ut inci d ent after we got past the opening ceremo ni es wh ich were a litt le hectic at firs t. The all around and the team t itle we re up for grabs from th e moment the meet began until it fini shed.

We wo uld have one girl lea ding, then t he next sess ion ano th er would take over and so o n until Debbi e Wilcox of th e Littl eton Flyers in LittletonCo lorado emerged the w inn er. D ebbie was steady all three days as she pi led up She sco red a Lind a An to nio of th e Denve r Schoo l of Gymnastics made ano th er fantastic run in Optionals an d moved fro m 8th to third w ith a She had the highes t optio nal sco re of th e meet to make her mo ve.

Severa l gi rl s had a shot at the all around, but had problem s in one even t. For Muncey it was Optional Beam. For Antonio it was Compul sori e Beam. For Shell y Bier it was Optional Bars. The tragedy at Columbine High School in Colorado was a wake up call for families, school districts and law enforcement agencies across the country and Clarkston was no exception. Schools reevaluated their crisis plans and security was increased all of the the buildings in Clarkston Community Schools the day after the shootings.

The Lady Wolves beat Goodrich, Angela Humphreys scored the third goal, which sealed the deal against the Martians. The Clarkston Community Schools Board of Education unanimously voted to lay off 30 teachers and two administrators for the during a special meeting. The cuts were due to the overall financial situation for the district as they anticipated reductions in state aid, loss of revenue from the Headlee rollback, expected return from leaver of high seniority teachers and declined of enrollment at the Oakland Technical Center — Northwest Campus.

Business owners were cautious as a string of bad checks used in Independence Township were being reported to police. Most of the checks had been returned because the account was closed. The girls team also won with performances from field and distance runners for a score. Janet Miller received Honorable Mention for her book jacket design in a contest for advertising students at Wayne State University. Three were from the area.

Headstones were knocked off their pedestals and were left laying on the ground. In October the board voted to create a parking violations bureau to oversee infractions and collect revenue from parking tickets issued within township boundaries. The tickets would now be handled through the court system. She is there if they want to drop by and say hi, borrow money for the vending machine or need someone to talk to. Through her work she helps students as they try to cope with the pain and uncertainty of growing up.

Mauti left coaching for the position of assistant principal at the high school. Coach Mel Vaara also receive recognition during the banquet.

He was given a plaque for years devoted to coaching. It was answered with a compromise — six sports were added at Clarkston High School and the board promised to give careful review too all extracurricular programs beginning with band. He roller bladed each day, and also had a couple of fundraising projects and businesses going on.

The former Independence Township supervisor shared the story of his flight with his son, Mike. They had to crash landing his plane when they ran out of gas. His companions told police they went for a swim in the Mill Pond after a bowling banquet. After five minutes they heard their friend screaming for help, but it was too dark to find him. The fire department assisted in recovering the body which was in 23 feet of water and 50 yards from the shore.

Three Clarkston High School students wanted the day off from school — and they got it as they spent time in Oakland County Jail. Clarkston High School athletes April, Christina and Jennifer Rooding were a triple threat for the girls track and field team. The triplets competed in the same events and found a key element in their relationship to be competing.

They also found running as a great way to spend time with each other. Sashabaw Junior High School was named an exemplary school for the entire nation. When a national team of evaluators came to visit the school in spring Principal David Reschke said they were highly complimentary. SJHS was one of schools in various categories to be chosen around the country — about four schools per state.

In Michigan, only two other schools in the middle school category received the honor. A cartoon-like poster of the Clarkston area was in the planning stages. Sponsored by the Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce, the poster would include a few major streets, historic homes, schools, government offices, post office and library. Veterans shared wartime stores in honor of Memorial Day. They dug themselves out of a deficit with five runs in the bottom of the fourth winning.

It gave the Lady Wolves their 20th consecutive win as the improved to Sparks from a passing train ignited a grass fire requiring the efforts of firefighters from five townships. Officials believed the fire started at 11 a. During the next hours it spread to spots across three townships. They also issued loitering citations and broke up fights.

Four Clarkston High School students received a first-hand look at the world of health care since February in a new school-business partnership. Serving as volunteers, the students moved to different areas of Pontiac General Hospital and were exposed to various functions and skills employees perform.

The spotlight was on Dennis Ulrick during the all band concert. He wrote the piece and arranged it. Members of the Clarkston High School community sent good wishes to Columbine High School in the form of cards, letters, a banner and 1, paper cranes made by students in alegebra and Japanese Language classes.

It was finally the end of the paving problems on Walters Road. Earlier in the spring, Pine Knob Elementary fifth grade teacher Nancy Battishill asked her students to design their own science experiment and they asked her to use yo-yos.

The yo-yo experiment helped the students understand the principles of science and math. The Clarkston Village Council approved new weight limits for North Holcomb Road between East Washington and Miller roads after receiving information how much weight the road could handle from a core sample.

It was determined the weight should be limited to six tons for one axle vehicles and 8. The fire department received a phone call at 3 a. She developed the art program for S. Harry Yoh receives Golden Anniversary diploma? The 23 surviving members of the Wayne State University School of Medicine Class ofwhich originally numbered 54, where honored. Independence Township officials driven to solve a car perk option wound up spinning their wheels at their June 1 meeting.

The matter was eventually tabled after lengthy discussions and several failed motions. The board also discussed a possibility of a new hall. Only those hogs were Goldwings and Harleys. The MDOE threatened to close the academy as well as 30 other Michigan private schools for not submitting certain information such as reports on particular areas such as teachers, curriculum and day of operation as required by state law. Residents joined with leaders with three area subdivisions off M to petition for a stoplight and a reduced speed limit on M north of I in Independence Township.

In May, a teenage driver turned onto M because it looked like it was clear. She ended up broadsided by a vehicle traveling north on M Nichole Chinavare won the 1,meter run by a tenth of a second and helped her 3,meter relay team of Carrie Roeser, Jenny Mahler and Sonya Shaffer win as well. The girls finished in sixth place in the state.

Clarkston High School bid farewell to seniors. They had seven receive Scholastic and Leadership awards.

Former patients of North Oakland Radiology of Clarkston had a new way of obtaining their x-ray films and mammograms. Following a hearing at the U. Bankruptcy Court in Detroit, U. Bankruptcy Trustee Michael Stevenson would be responsible for all records being retrieved by former patients. If you wanted a quiet, a really quiet, stay for the night Millpond Inn was the best place for it. Chris Turner was turning over a new leaf in the fall. He would become the new principal at Independence Elementary as of July 1 after serving as principal at Bailey Lake Elementary for five years.

The Pine Knob Golf Course reported not just one but two holes-in-one made at the course. The first one was made by Murt Katt of West Bloomfield as he hit the ball yards into the cup on the 15th hole.

The second one was Dan Hull of Mount Clemens. He shot a hole-in-one on the third hole. Independence Township resident Kristen Whisner started in chorus in junior high by accident. She saw a movie about industrial accidents during the first day of metals class and that was enough.