Tom and jerry meet jonny quest hadji

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tom and jerry meet jonny quest hadji

this heart-stopping adventure as tussling twosome Tom and Jerry join Jonny Quest and his pal Hadji and embark on a Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes. Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest directed by Spike Brandt for $ is until they bump into world-class junior spies, Jonny Quest, Hadji and Bandit. Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes. The latest cartoon crossover: Tom and Jerry meet. bump into world-class junior spies Jonny Quest, Hadji and their canine companion Bandit.

However, any feelings of skepticism to the new movie Tom and Jerry: Beachside shenanigans between Tom and Jerry bring them into contact with boy adventurers Jonny Quest and Hadji when Tom and Jerry thwart a kidnapping scheme accidentally. Unfortunately for our heroes, the evil Dr.

tom and jerry meet jonny quest hadji

Tom and Jerry were always at their best with minimal story and tremendous violence in small, concentrated bursts. What Tom and Jerry need for their stories to work was firmly at odds with the needs of Holmes and Watson. Zin has inexplicably hired three idiotic cats in power armor as his primary henchmenthe rest of the movie works just fine as a slightly unusual Jonny Quest story. It helps that the extended Quest clan never questions the odd anthropomorphism of Tom and Jerry, nor do any of the supporting characters.

I suspect one cynical remark would make the entire exercise come crashing down.

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Admittedly, the movie does go through a number of deep machinations to get its pieces in play, but the convoluted twists and plot machinations end up being part of the charm rather than a detriment.

The inimitable James Hong chews the scenery with relish as the voice of Dr. The animation is also up to higher standards than Jonny Quest ever got in the past, roughly on par with the Sherlock Holmes animated feature and a cut above current TV shows. I would even believe the animation was deliberately cut back a notch to better match up with the original Jonny Quest, since Tom and Jerry feel more fluid than Jonny or Hadji. Spy Quest was released on DVD only back in June, but still looks and sounds fine with an anamorphic video presentation and a Dolby Digital 5.

Bonus features are limited to four TV episodes: Tom soon threw down the crab who failed to pinch him as he then chased after Jerry on the beach.

tom and jerry meet jonny quest hadji

They soon passed women who were sun tanning on their blankets together and Tom had to be careful not to step on them to ruin their luxury while Jerry passed with no problem due to being small.

The women glared at Tom and one even grabbed him by his trunks only for him to get away and her keeping his trunks. He then suddenly remembered Tom's strength. He decided to be the sneaky and clever mouse he was. Tom pulled the tree out of the ground and didn't see Jerry behind it until Jerry then moved behind him.

There was soon a familiar dog barking at a crab. The dog looked at Tom and soon growled and barked.

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Cat, you're all right by me if you're friends with Robyn, you too, Mouse. Robyn soon lay on her stomach while having her arms crossed underneath her head while she lay on the blanket with her sunglasses on. Robyn then stood up and took his hands. Jonny seemed to be reacting the same way. The two soon pulled away from each other and looked away while blushing.

Bandit soon settled down around Tom despite him being a cat as he walked with Jerry to find Jonny and Hadji.

tom and jerry meet jonny quest hadji

Jerry smirked as he tried to see if he could train Bandit to be mean to Tom, but Patch shook his head with a firm and warning look. Bandit soon barked loudly and protectively as something was coming behind them all.

Let's get out of here!

tom and jerry meet jonny quest hadji

Suddenly lasers were fired. Patch dragged Tom to come along as they ran from the laser shooting robots in the sky. Atticus soon heard the laser shootings.

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He came up from under the water and gasped. Patrick looked out the window and narrowed his eyes. The robots soon flew back as Robyn changed back into her usual clothes and after the boys and dog.

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Robyn then ran with him and Hadji over to safety as quickly and painless as possible. Peep soon came out of the water and Jerry rushed to her and carried her bridal style as they ran from the chaos. Atticus and Patch soon came behind them. They were soon surrounded by the robots at first until Jonny narrowed his eyes and took out a gun, aiming for the robots.

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Jonny soon shot at the robots or at least tried to. The shot went against the robot and seemed to fire a flare in the sky. The robots came closer and closer until something ran over them. Robyn soon joined the boys.