Relationship between cuba and russia

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relationship between cuba and russia

The Russians have returned to Cuba again but this time with a different face just like that character Melquiades in Garcia Marquez's “One. After the Russian Revolution in , Cuba put the relationship on hold . Nonetheless, under Putin, trade links between Cuba and Russia. Since Raúl Castro has become the President of Cuba relations between Moscow and Havana have displayed a number of reminiscence of the halcyon days of.

It also started providing export financing to Russian companies looking to sell to the cash-strapped island.

The help has been cheered in Cuba, where Raul Castro is due to step down next year, marking the departure of the generation that led the Cuban Revolution.

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Older generations learned Russian and studied in the Soviet Union. Moskvich and Lada cars, Ural motor-bikes and Kamaz trucks chug along the streets. Most Cuban farm equipment is from the former Soviet Union. That legacy alone has sustained some Russian trade. He set up his import company, Ces Co. Ltd, in Cuba nearly thirty years ago and says there is plenty of demand.

relationship between cuba and russia

The island upgraded its Soviet-era fleet in the s with Russian-built Tupolev, Antonov and Ilyushin planes. But the optimistic talk could be overblown. Venezuela and China have announced investments in Cuba that came to naught, largely due to the complications of doing business in Cuba. And it is unclear how long Russia will continue to finance exports, with its own economy struggling amid low oil prices and Western sanctions. Power cuts, a lack of medicine, and the prevalence of a booming black market were symptoms of the economic crisis which peaked in Although Russia had reduced its cooperation with Cuba to a bare minimum, it never entirely ended the relationship and soon the deacceleration was followed by first tentative efforts of a weak rapprochement.

In Novemberboth countries signed agreements on trade and economic cooperation. In Decemberan agreement on cultural and scientific cooperation was also initiated. In Maythe Declaration on the Principles of Relationships between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Cuba outlined the desire to look for ways to resolve present economic frictions.

Cuba boosts trade ties with Cold War ally Russia as U.S. disengages

On October 14,members of the DUMA criticized the Russian de facto embargo against Cuba and appealed to the Russian leadership to revive the economic relationship with Havana. Simultaneously, it also called upon the United States to end the economic embargo against Cuba which had led to a social and economic catastrophe on the island.

However, Washington did not even consider resolving its boycott against Cuba. Helms-Burton also contained a section referring to Russia, which after the collapse had retained its intelligence facilities on Cuban territory. This section refused any assistance to Russia in case it acted to pressure these facilities.

Moscow backed Cuba in the UN vote against this act not wanting to close its intelligence facilities or end its economic relationship with Cuba.

relationship between cuba and russia

Instead of biding by the spirit of this act, Russia further sought to gradually foster the revival of its old relationship with its former ally. Rapprochement of Former Allies During the rule of Boris Yeltsin —the first bilateral agreements with Cuba were signed.

However, Cuba was not seen as being particularly important for Russian foreign policy goals and trade continued to decrease between the two.

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Under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, Russia gradually changed course in its policies toward Cuba. Inhe visited and granted Castro a 50 million U. During his visit to Cuba, Putin emphasized that Russia had no ideological agenda in the region and instead wanted practical deals that would benefit Russian businesses, pointing to a pragmatic component of the relationship.

One year later, following the introduction of this new stance, Putin closed the controversial Russian radar station in Cuba, complying with the U. Nonetheless, under Putin, trade links between Cuba and Russia increased, from million U.

relationship between cuba and russia

These figures made Cuba the seventh largest Russian trading partner in Latin America but represented only 0. More significant than the trade relationship between the former allies was the revival of their strategic partnership. Nonetheless, for the United States, Russian involvement in Cuba is nothing to worry about.

Even the Pentagon acknowledges that Cuba does not constitute a danger to U. This raises the question why the United States is still clinging to the boycott against Cuba which has had no impact on Cuban policy thus far. Interests Section in Havana, criticizes the American stance toward Cuba: But the United States is not prepared as of yet to deal rationally with Cuba.

relationship between cuba and russia