Relationship between sensation and perception

Sensation and Perception

relationship between sensation and perception

I agree that awareness is what is meant by perception and the senses. Sensation is the way in which a given sense is analogous to 'touch' or 'sensitivity'. Difference between Sensation and Perception | Psychology. Article Shared by. This article will help you to differentiate between Sensation and Perception. This is the basic difference between sensation and perception; the two constructs are far from being interchangeable. We define sensation as the process when.

The receptors are located at the back of our eyes, on the retina. There are two distinct kinds of receptor cells: Cones are responsible for experiencing colour and need more light to become active than rods. They are concentrated in the fovea, the spot on the retina responsible for sharp central vision. Rods on the other hand are more scattered and mostly located on the peripheral areas of the retina. They need less light to operate but do not process colour. Most people have 3 different kinds of cones, sensitive to 3 different wavelengths of light and this is called trichromacy.

The three different cones are most sensitive selectively to the following colour: This is why colour is defined on the so-called RGB scale. However, there are certain people, who have a fourth type of cone called tetrachromats.

relationship between sensation and perception

The sensitivity of this fourth cone is somewhere between green and red. People with tetrachromacy describe two kinds of green like colour, one is the natural green of plants and the other is a more artificial green of most human made objects Jameson et al. Of course most of the time, the medium is air and the sounds we hear are the products of changes in air pressure.

However we can also hear sounds underwater in which case water is the medium and the sound is the product of changes in water pressure.

The receptors by which we are capable of identifying these changes are much more hidden than in the case of vision. The sound wave first has to enter the auditory canal.

relationship between sensation and perception

Here the impulses transfer the vibration to a membrane called the eardrum. The small bones transfer this vibration towards the inner ear, where the actual receptor cells are.

The cochlea, a fluid filled cavernous organ, is where the actual transduction of the stimulus happens by the hair cells.

Difference between Sensation and Perception | Psychology

Humans are sensitive to sound frequencies between 20 Hz and Hz; however the upper threshold lowers with age. Auditory hallucinations hearing sounds without an actual sound source are often thought of as signs of some kind of a psychotic disorder. However this is not always the case. Even complex hallucinations like hearing music or voices can manifest without any other mental problems.

These symptoms are often caused by organic problems, like tumour or stroke. It is followed by anxiety and heightened hearth rate.

Difference between Sensation and Perception | Psychology

This is easily proven when one eats food with a bad case of cold. Much of the taste associated will be gone; only a basic sensation of flavour will remain. The olfactory receptors are located in the nasal cavity and are activated by certain molecules.

The signal then travels to the olfactory bulb from where it projects to the olfactory cortex. The phenomenon of certain smells bringing back very vivid memories is explained by the connectivity of the olfactory bulb. It is part of the limbic system that mainly processes emotion and memories.

Sensation Vs. Perception: What Are The Main Differences?

This gives olfaction a very strong associative net and enables certain smells to trigger emotions and memories. There is an ongoing debate over human sensitivity to pheromones chemicals that alter the behaviour of others in the same species.

However, it is debatable whether it has any function at all. Physically it exists in a very underdeveloped state but it is controversial whether it has any active receptors or neural connectivity to higher processing area. The receptor cells are located on the tongue and are activated by specific molecules. There are 3 distinct types of receptors: Through them we are able to differentiate between five basic tastes: Although, as mentioned earlier, much that we regard as taste is mostly olfaction, there is a certain group of people who have a heightened sense of taste probably because of the higher number of foliate receptors.

This group is called supertasters and report much more intense sense of taste. The mechanoreceptors are situated at different layers of the skin and are sensitive to very specific stimuli.

The representation of body parts in the primary somatosensory cortex follows somatotopic arrangement. This means that points close to each other on the surface of the body are close to each other in the cortex as well.

However, different areas are represented not by their sheer size, but the level of innervation. For example, our palms or our lips have much greater representation than our backs or our feet, because they have more receptors. Primary sensory areas in the brain http: Even before the rise of scientific psychology, physicians were interested in how our senses worked.

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It is what a person thinks about his or her environment, and it is how the person looks at the world around him. It is more of a psychological concept than anything physical like sensations.

relationship between sensation and perception

Two different people can have different perceptions about the same thing. For example, in body image, a healthy person has a different perception about his or her body. Healthy people, even if they are a little overweight, react and see themselves differently and accept who they are or work towards achieving what they want.

Once they achieve it, they stop. While an anorexic person, no matter how slim, no matter how underweight, has a perception that they are still overweight and stops eating food altogether to achieve, what they perceive, to be the right body for them. Perception is what a person wants to believe, their personal opinion.

People of different generations or people of different religions or people from different backgrounds have a difference of opinion only because they perceive everything differently. Wise people try to understand the perceptions of other people whereas unwise people believe that what they perceive about a situation or about a person is the only correct perception. Perception and sensation are different mostly because sensation is more physical.