Relationship between sridevi and maheshwari

‘My aunt has been my backbone’ - Maheswari, Sridevi's niece

relationship between sridevi and maheshwari

She is a niece to the late actress, Sridevi Kapoor Career Maheswari won a Nandi Swaragini is based on the bittersweet relationship between two half-sisters. While Sridevi was a classic example of how cosmetic procedures can transform a person's looks, her cousin Maheswari's story is quite opposite. South Indian actress Maheswari, cousin of noted actress Sridevi, was married to Jayakrishna. Actress Malaika Arora & Arjun Kapoor's relationship Confirmed by Family Manjula and Vijay Kumar were among the celebrities who attended the wedding. Maheshwari had a great opening in Tamil films.

A 7-year audit from a tertiary care center reported that The progression-free survival PFS and OS in patients undergoing primary surgery were 23 and 40 months, respectively, while it was 22 and 40 months, respectively, in patients who received NACT. The median disease-free interval was NACT has also been used in advanced germ cell tumors of ovary, and in a study of 23 such patients, 21 responded as CR in 16 patients and PR in 5 patients. At a median follow-up of 74 months, 21 of the 23 patients were alive and disease-free.

The D8 chemotherapy IP paclitaxel could not be given in There was no treatment-related mortality. Two patients had severe abdominal pain due to dense adhesions, and further cycles were completed by IV route. With a median follow-up of 1. The grade of tumor and gross uterine involvement were the only factors that showed statistically significant correlation with microscopic uterine involvement. Hence, the absence of gross uterine involvement reliably predicted the absence of microscopic disease.

Majority of the ovarian cancers present at advanced stage, and unfortunately, most of them are known to relapse after primary treatment which includes cytoreduction and chemotherapy. Secondary cytoreduction has a limited role in recurrent ovarian cancer and is reserved for patients with a long disease-free interval and isolated site s of recurrence.

All three recurred in peritoneum and one progressed to intestinal obstruction and fatal septicemia. Cervical Cancer Screening and prevention Cervical cancer is a preventable disease, and regular Pap smears have long been used in developed countries to screen for cervical cancers, accounting for their low-incidence rates.

Unfortunately, in developing nations such as India, due to lack of awareness programs and no formal screening programs, most women have presented in the advanced stages of cervical cancer. However, with the advent of visual inspection screening which can be done by primary health workers and better screening programs, the incidence of cervical cancer has been declining in the country. A cluster randomized controlled trial of visual, cytology, and human papillomavirus HPV screening for cancer of the cervix conducted in rural India randomizedwomen aged 30—59 years into four arms with visual inspection with acetic acid VIAcytology, or HPV testing as well as a control group.

The detection rate of high-grade lesions was similar in all intervention arms 0. There were 34 deaths from cancer in the HPV-testing group, as compared with 64 in the control group hazard ratio, 0.

relationship between sridevi and maheshwari

No significant reductions in the number of advanced cancers or deaths were observed in the cytologic-testing group or in the VIA group, as compared with the control group.

The incidence of invasive cervical cancer was Compliance to treatment for invasive cancer was In a study comparing HPV DNA testing of self-collected vaginal samples with physician-collected cervical samples and cytology, Bhatla et al. Although the HPV has been shown to be the etiological agent in the pathogenesis of cervical cancer, there has been much debate over the need and efficacy of HPV vaccine in the recent past.

One month postdose 3, all initially seronegative patients in the vaccine group had seroconverted for HPV and HPV antibodies. Local injection-site pain and general fatigue, headache, and fever side effects were similar in both groups. While Pap smears, visual inspection, and colposcopies have long been used to assess cervical lesions, in vivo Raman spectroscopy is an upcoming technique.

A study from a central cancer institute explored this technique utilizing the vagina as an internal control. The spectral features in normal conditions suggest the presence of collagen, while DNA and noncollagenous proteins were abundant in tumors.

Imprint cytology IC has also been studied in early presumptive diagnosis in clinically suspicious cervical cancer. The overall accuracy of IC in detecting cervical cancers in a study by Halder et al. The sensitivity and specificity of imprint smear cytology to detect malignancy was Agreement between IC and Pap smear diagnosis of malignancy was On multivariate analysis, SUVmax of up to 4.

A study by Chopra et al.

Sridevi and sister Srilatha make up after years

All factors continued to be significant on multivariate analysis. Of those, reported for follow-up and Cure rates were Other factors such as age, disease volume, parametrial extension, and vaginal extension did not impact the survivals.

A study from the same institute explored the role of re-irradiation using high-dose rate brachytherapy in thirty previously irradiated patients of carcinoma cervix diagnosed with central recurrence. Grade 3 radiation proctitis and cystitis was seen in three patients each, and Grade 2 small bowel toxicity was seen in three patients.

While squamous carcinomas are the most common histology in cervical cancers followed by adenocarcinoma and adenosquamous carcinomas, we may come across rare tumors such as neuroendocrine carcinomas in our practice.

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In a series of fifty cases of neuroendocrine carcinomas of the cervix, Rekhi et al. On IHC, synaptophysin was positive in 22 On follow-up, from the available 27 patients, Thirteen patients had metastasis, most commonly to liver.

Most of these cancers present at an early stage and are associated with a good prognosis. There were 60 Adjuvant radiation was given in patients LR: With a median follow-up of 36 months mean, 40 monthsten patients had vault recurrences, LR: The high-grade tumors Grade 3 revealed In a prospective randomized study comparing robotic-assisted hysterectomy and regional lymphadenectomy with traditional laparotomy for the staging of endometrial carcinoma, estimated blood loss Mean number of lymph nodes removed were A study from a regional cancer center in North India in patients of uterine sarcomas found that the median OS was 7.

Eight patients had disease recurrence. That is the first and the best compliment I received. Then maheshji and paresh rawal also said the same thing when they watched the hindi version. Did u watch kabza? It was by Mahesh Bhatt. But it was a flopp.

relationship between sridevi and maheshwari

Paresh and Maheshji said that is because the heroine falls in love with the bad guy and that is the reason film was a flopp. People hated the bad guy and that is the success of the character. If you hate me in siva as an actor I am success. How did you think you would get a break? I used to think Bharatiraja comes to me and asks me for a roleas he encourages a lot of new talent. You are the person I am looking for.

In front of you every one else is nothing. Did you get trained in acting before you came into movies? I saw lot of movies and read lot of comics and observed how they act and learned. What is your relationship with varma ramu garu? Ramugaru is has lot of confidence in me. I assisted him in movies like satya and I helped him in editing also. He is really a great person. I could not say what a good rapport we share. I can talk about that for the whole interview. How you feel about working with other directors other than ramu garu?

I love working with all directors. They are all good. As an actor I mould myself to the directors requirement. I asked about the specific directors you worked with. I love working with him very much. What a beautiful picturisation. You should watch him while he shoots a film.

If you are 40 year old he tells you in a year-old behavior and if you are 20 year old he tells you in 20 year old manner ayana patraloki parakaya pravesham chestaru. And vamsi taking, SVK Reddy's narration, it will be straight, no confusing, you don't feel like you are on the sets while working with them.

It is really great. I didn't like recent SVK's movies as I feel some of them are recycled. You should watch Premaku Velayara. It is good and I would like you to watch that and then tell me your frank opinion. I heard that you all went to Vijayayatralu for that movie? No, I stopped them as I feel they are visuguyatralu Sri: Who gave you the first break as a hero?

Actress Maheshwari Ayyapan: Sridevi Encouraged the Designer in me

Tammareddygaru with the movie One by Two Sri: I thought you are supposed to do the role of jagapathibabu in anthahpuram? I want to do all the movies in telugu. But it is not possible.

But jagapahibabu also did a good job. When is your marriage?

relationship between sridevi and maheshwari

Did you find your dream girl? Or you failed in love and is that the reason for your beard? Seriously I give lot of respect to woman.

I feel they are equal to us men. I almost work for 18 hours a day. I don't like her to wait for me at home all the time and when I come home she has to be ready for serving meI don't like that.

relationship between sridevi and maheshwari

Now I am busy with production, direction,writing and acting not in that order but. I cannot spare much time to my life partner and I don't want to neglect her and that is the reason I am not married yet. I thought that love failure made you grow the beard.

I said for showing half of my face I am charging this much. If u want me to show full you have to pay me double, I am just kidding laughsthere is nothing that sorts. I love sridevinow she is married to boney kapoor there is no chance for me laughs Sri: But I thought you are in love with Maheshwari? There are lot of rumors about this in the past. We are all friends. I love all my heroines. As a matter of fact I love all girls. But they don't believe me.

I say this to every girl I meet, but they don't believe me laugh continuos Sri: It's name is Inscrutable Americans. It is in collabaration with one of the studio's. I will give details about it soon. Actually I came for the work permits for the entire unit. Now I got them, so we will soon start the shooting.

Why are you doing an English movie Chakri: I was hesitant Chakri: There are many people who are willing to do a small role in tollywood for nothing. They are making a film with me as a hero, which is no joke. You are already an actor. A or BE, why do you want to study M. This is also like that I want to learn more and that is the reason I joined here and it helped me a lot.

What are your experiences in drama school? They first asked me to do gardening and then asked me to drink water. After I did that I asked them to show acting, they said you already did it. They explained if you need water and imagine you are in a place where you don't know their language how will you ask. I said I will show my thumb near to my mouth. Which is a universal language. Like that you need to do gardening, just behave like that no need to say it in a loud clear way.

This is only initial lesson. The good books on acting are technique of acting by Stella alder and manwatching by another author he mentioned it, but I forgot as I am just listening and doesn't have time to write it down helped me a lot. What made you to become producer Chakri: To earn more money. Before producing the movie I used to say, director is the captain of the ship, now I say producer is the owner of the ship laughs Sri: I thought something else Chakri: No movies in the hand and that is the reason I am making movies myself laughs.

It is not true. I earned some money on movies and I want to earn more money so with my money earned on acting I invested on making the movies, which was backfired. But I will try again. Are you saying about pape na pranam? That is the stupidest title and I didn't like the title.

Then how come you gave a lakh for that title. The co-producer wants to release in B and C centers and he felt that audience won't accept the movie without a title and opted for this title. Movie name should have some meaning. I feel it is a copy of nick of time Chakri: Yes it is inspired by that movie but not a copy. You worked with five new directors. Don't you feel you are risking your career with the new directors and sometimes producing for them?

Are you going in Ramu's and Nagarjuna's way. No I am not going like that. I feel comfortable working with them. I don't feel risky. Once they tell me the story, if I feel it is worth, then I readily do it. You started with much fanfare mahatma gandhi autobiography and naandi? What happened to them? Will they be completed in near future? That question you should ask the producer.