Isha sharvani and salman relationship quotes

Love Story Of Indian Dancer Salman Yusuff Khan And Faiza Harmain

isha sharvani and salman relationship quotes

The choreographer talks to BollywoodLife about Isha Sharwani and Salman Yusuf Khan, the first winner of Dance India Dance (Season 1). GET Stock Quotes News18 APP Isha Sharvani and her choreographer Salman impressed everyone with their This time the theme of 'Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5' was 'Dance Attack', Isha and Salman lived up to the theme. X .. all contestants have been trying to keep a cordial relationship with each other. Salman Yusuff Khan is an Indian dancer who is known for his killer dance in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa (season 4), with Isha Sharvani in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa (season 5). that the pair kept their love on through a long-distance relationship. . Stunned By This New RuleWe Quote USA - Auto Insurance Quotes.

I think it was me as an individual that worked. I have always given my per cent to whatever I have done. I have always aimed to do better each time and I think that is what has worked for me. I consider Remo sir my mentor. I consult him before anything and everything I do. So who did you learn dance from? I have been a dancer ever since I can remember.

Of course, it became more serious once I came to India. I was a part of a dance studio, learned a lot of things watching YouTube videos and sometimes took part in workshops held by foreign instructors.

Honestly, I never dreamed of anything this big. I am a very practical guy and I never really thought I could make it this big. Coming from a conservative middle class Muslim family, I was very rooted in my aspirations as well. My dreams were just about settling down - finishing my engineering, doing my MBA, getting a nine-to-five job, and getting my sister married. I had my priorities and life sorted until it took a turn with DID. Now, I have more options and I let my creativity and hard work flow through my acting and dancing.

So would you say you have achieved all your dreams? So far I am fulfilling my dreams one at a time.

isha sharvani and salman relationship quotes

I am still on my way. Would you describe yourself as a taskmaster? I am a very tough person to work with. When I imagine something in my head, I want it to turn out exactly how it was in my mind.

What did Vivek Agnihotri say when he offered the film Freedom to you? My conversation with Vivek Agnihotri was my first job interview. He asked me if I could choreograph a song. Then he asked me if I was willing to do the entire album? There was no reason to say no. He asked me how was I different from my mentor Remo? I just told him that I have never compared myself to anyone.

I always think out of the box. Being conventional is just not my thing. I gave him a few ideas and he was impressed. What is Freedom — the film all about? It is about three friends. The film revolves around how creative people make a breakthrough in life, and the role played by our education system. I was very upset and disappointed. Whenever I take up something, I am in it to win it. I am a very competitive person. Talking just about me — I am a fighter. I have never backed out of anything I have taken up — no matter what the situation was.

I give it my all. I had put in a lot of time, effort and patience into the show. I knew that Isha is a brilliant dancer and I could use her to her full potential to achieve the title. So yes, I was disappointed.

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I always give my best. Not every film is a hit. Or else, everyone would be a Rajnikant. There can be only one Rajni sir!

isha sharvani and salman relationship quotes

I sit with Isha Sharvani and discuss. Our strategy is not to go the easy way.

isha sharvani and salman relationship quotes

You and Isha are strong contenders to win this season of Jhalak. Till you do well, people appreciate your work. Your work speaks for you and gives you that positive push. People on Twitter are tweeting about my performances. I guess that keeps me going.

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Who do you consider competition on the show? I never got into Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa to compete. My sole intention was to excel and improve and groom my self.

Nobody is competition for me. I only consider myself as competition. I want to learn from him. You have to keep learning.

In the past, you were linked up with Yana Gupta and now people talk about your chemistry with Isha.

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5: Who will be eliminated next?

Is there any truth to that? Link-ups keep happening because people will always talk. I am not bothered about such stories. How is Isha as a dance partner? With Isha, I know I can push her. I keep the person in mind and then think of the concept and choreography. So what are the positives and negatives about Isha Sharvani as a dancer? Isha is extremely disciplined and dedicated and these qualities she gets form her mother, who is also her strength.