Pang and tong relationship quotes

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pang and tong relationship quotes

This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Pang Tong. Dynasty Warriors 3 "You' re a pain!", "I guess I have some time to play.", "A brawl? Not my style ", "Man. Pang Qing is a Chinese pair skater. With partner and husband Tong Jian, she is the Olympic silver medalist, the and World Champion. One partnership, not the eventual relationship, was like an arranged marriage whereas But I will tell the story of Pang and Tong's beginning. . Quote Originally Posted by os View Post. I remember seeing one of S&Z's.

Years after Xiao Cha's death, he still frequents her grave and forbids Yuan Shao to ever come there. To Yuan Shao, and it's no secret between them. The Unfettered Too Clever by Half: Big time, and he pays dearly for it. When Sima Yi offered to be his mole and assist the Yuan clan from inside Cao Cao's ranks, he immediately knew Sima Yi is playing the Fake Defector card again, and employed appropriate countermeasures.

What he failed to take into account is, Guo Jia had sent Sima Yi precisely because he actually counted on Yuan Fang to make that deduction and focus on handling Sima Yi, while the true MoleYang Qing, was able to operate without inhibitions.

Thanks to everyone's attentions completely being diverted to Sima Yi, Yang Qing successfully burned the Yuan army's rations and assassinated Yuan Fang, ensuring a decisive victory for Cao Cao. One that Yuan Shao had prepared for the takeover of Yuan clan and China.

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Later became a Laser-Guided Tyke-Bomb when Fang chose Shao to be among his first victims in the wake of his master plan. Not that Yuan Shao himself minded; in fact, when he first awoke, Yuan Shao wondered if he had instead been left alive to witness the culmination of Fang's success. Villain with Good Publicity: He practically tears the Yuan clan apart with the devious schemes to supplant his brothers and the pacifist faction led by Tian Feng, yet remains very popular to other clansmen and military commanders thanks to his record-breaking military successes.

Has a remarkable talent for it; as shown in Luoyang arc, where he outwitted Huo Xiong and got this close to assassinating Dong Zhuo simply by continuously improvising new gambits on the spot even if they all proved futile to counter Lu Bu and in Guandu arc, where he saved the morale of Yuan army after they lost Yan Liang and Wen Chou by reorganizing the formation in a single night and kicking Guo Jia's ass with the Feng-hou Eight Triagram formation.

In the third case, this opinion also compelled him to name Sima Yi even higher on his hit list than Xun Yu or Guo Jia who was more instrumental to Cao Cao's war effort.

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It almost ended fatally for Sima Yi, who was not expecting an attack coming from this direction, if not for Lu Xun's timely rescue. Xun Yu's true strength is diplomacy, but he's as well-versed in warfare as any of the other Geniuses.

From the beginning days of Cao Cao's faction, his benevolent ministry, as opposed to Guo Jia's 'Darkness Ideology' in military affairs, has helped fortify Cao Cao's rule. Thus stems his nickname, 'Zhang Liang', a homage to a famous advisor who aided Liu Bang in the construction of the Han dynasty.

Believing Cao Cao to be the only one able to achieve this, Xun Yu pledges his loyalty to him, even after Cao Cao's ambitions manifest in Guo Jia's favor. Xun Yu's greatest feats to date are the recruitment of thousands of Yellow Turban's troops and the Emperor's capture, both of which have contributed monumentally to Cao Cao's faction, elevating him to the status of most influential warlord of the land.

With his nephew Xun You. He's the Nice Guy of the Eight Geniuses who prefers to settle things without bloodshed. Not killing and decimating everything in his way like Jia Xu or Guo Jia can make it harder for him to get things done, but it doesn't mean his strategies are any less incredibly effective.

The dual moles under his eyes have made him the butt of fandom jokes, specifically the Fan Nickname of "Pikachu". Beware the Nice Ones: People don't cross Xun Yu for a reason. By Cao Cao's massacre of innocents in the first Xuzhou campaign at Guo Jia's behest, and by Yuan Fang who shot him on sight in the very first battle of Guandu arc, but he got over both fairly quickly.

During a rare occasion he acted as a field commander, he tried to rein in Cao Cao's Blood Knight attitude in his advances on enemy troops. Gets hit with this more often than the others. He gets kidnapped at the beginning of the second Xuzhou campaign the one against Lu Bu then gets shot at the beginning of Guandu campaign by orders of Yuan Fang. Dragon with an Agenda: A rare good example: His trust pays off not just in the immediate aftermath of the Emperor-escorting arc, but years later when Guandu is going so badly for the Cao army that even Cao Cao's clansmen in the imperial court as opposed to his relatives in his army such as Cao Ren abandon him, the Emperor still stands for his cause since Xun Yu successfully convinces him to continue supporting Cao Cao.

Good Angel, Bad Angel: He's the good one and Guo Jia's the bad. The way Cao Cao handles this situation also serves as a reconstruction of the trope: Good Is Not Soft: Only arrows, Man Chong, work against corrupt vassals! His people skills and merciful policies are the reason Cao Cao is so popular with the soldiers and people he conquered. Has more moments of this than all of the other Geniuses combined.

Hell, it's his official role in Cao faction. The Emperor escorting arc in volume Sympathy for the Devil: He forgives Guo Jia's heinous deeds and concedes to his ideals just before Guo Jia dies. With Guo Jia at first, since his generous nature simply does not go hand in hand with Guo Jia's habit to massacre millions in his plan. It was quite one-sided as Xun Yu did most of the teeth-clenching while Guo Jia was totally cool with it.

Their partnership significantly improves over time, though. And they reconcile just before Guo Jia dies. Cao Cao's adoption of Guo Jia's vicious military strategies shocked him into shutting himself away and being absent for the most part of Xuzhou campaignbut several volumes later he still turned up to help Cao Cao out of a pinch against Lu Bu and Chen Gong. What the Hell, Hero? Nine volumes after the incident, he still chided Cao Cao for his approval of Guo Jia's massacre of Xuzhou.

Jia Xu " Darkness precedes the light of dawn. A friend of the Fourth Genius Guo Jia, Jia Xu is a fervent believer in the 'Darkness ideology', the belief hailing actions of utmost cruelty, rather than of benevolence, as the ultimate mean to pave way for peace and prosperity.

This causes his rupture with the way of justice Shuijing taught, which he deems obsolete, and his premature graduation from the school of Shuijing. He has a positive opinion of ruthless and cunning warlords who have the will to wage wars to bring peace to the people. During the course of the story, Jia Xu has served various lords. He was particularly loyal to Dong Zhuo, the Imperial Prime Minister whose inhuman reformist method was the closest to his ideal.

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Since then he's expressed the intention to join Cao Cao and secretly kept in touch with Guo Jia, but still stayed with the remnants of Dong Zhuo's faction and then Zhang Xiu. This guy has a reputation for claiming to accomplish impossible feats with minimal forces and backing them up in ways you cannot believe. In fact it's gone to the point that even saying it alone is sufficient to scare off his opponents.

Because Destiny Says So: Believes Cao Cao is favored by Heaven, and it's his fate to serve such a man. Just like his other incarnations. Because he's Surrounded by Idiots until he joins Cao Cao, who simply wouldn't take his good advice; he nevertheless gets the last laugh. He falls into this position a lot in Chibi, which is perhaps inevitable as Jia Xu has to take up Guo Jia's mantle to be the chief strategist and tactician just in time for the battle that Cao Cao is Doomed by Canon to fail.

Crossed it when his lord Dong Zhuo and his sworn brother Li Ru died in Lu Bu's usurpation, having not heeded his advice. Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! To Guo Jia, who was too depressed about his declining health to put his tremendous talents to good use; it helped Guo Jia get over it and join Cao Cao's side. Probably not coincidentally, this makes for one of the more popular pairings in the Chinese Ravages of Time fandom.

pang and tong relationship quotes

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! About ten volumes later, the once prosperous Chang'an could barely hold together, civilians were starved to death and took turns robbing the palace.

The Emperor had to escape from the city with court officials, and Li Jue and Guo Si has turned on each other, having dismissed Jia Xu long before. In Guandu arc, when the joint attack from Liu Bei and Yuan Fang's loyal Taiping troops backed him into a position where his troops could not assist his lord, he vowed to destroy Liu Bei in ten days, invoking the old Badass Boast which preceded his legendary defeat of Lu Bu at Chang'an.

pang and tong relationship quotes

It was enough to hold Liu Bei in his place for days, enough time for him to mobilize his troops and get back to the battlefield. After his departure, Jia Xu remained on good terms with Zhang Ji, the only decent leadership figure left in the Dong faction, and accepted Zhang Ji's last request to take care of his hotheaded nephew Zhang Xiu, though it might have had at least something to do with his intention to stabilize the southern front Zhang Xiu's base for Cao Cao.

At the climatic battle of Chibi, he thinks he's got Zhou Yu had when he's successfully finished all of Zhou Yu's moles and tricked Zhou Yu into engaging his superior fleet, which far outnumbers the Sun ships and is armed with tactics Zhou Yu are not prepared for. But it turned out that: Underestimating his underclassman's capacity and his own men's treachery ends up costing Jia Xu this battle.

Because for revenge against Lu Bu or not, surely no-one who prioritizes reason will help Li Jue and Guo Si conquer Chang'an and leave the Emperor in their control. His trademark move, which thrice has overthrown Lu Bu. And he didn't even use it the third time, he merely made Lu Bu believe so. Utopia Justifies the Means: Like Guo Jia, a proponent of this trope.

Guo Jia " If you want a revolutionwhy care about what the world thinks? He's praised as the 'King of strategic decisions', a nod to his ability to account for virtually every scenarios possible in his plans. Like his close friend Jia Xu, Guo Jia is also a proponent of the 'Darkness ideology', which hails actions of utmost cruelty, rather than of benevolence, as the ultimate mean to pave way for peace and prosperity. This, while perpetuates his fame as Cao Cao's 'darkness', also strains his relationship with his upperclassman and comrade Xun Yu.

Much to Guo Jia's despair, he is afflicted with a terminal illness possibly tuberculosis which dooms him to a premature death. Guo Jia has long since resigned himself to fate, reluctant to enter anyone's service, until Jia Xu persuades him to join Cao Cao, a warlord they both deem worthy of serving. As Cao Cao's right-hand-man, he plays a vital role in expanding the influence of Cao faction, which grows vigorously and quickly equals that of the Yuan clan.

He finally succumbed to his illness and died inby then having already fulfilled his wish of annihilating the Yuan clan and uniting the North for Cao Cao. All the Geniuses are this to some extent, but Guo Jia is especially favored with this treatment. His deeds were impressive in the origial novel but nowhere near as numerous and magnificent as they are in Ravages, where almost every status-changing victory of Cao Cao can be credited to him.

He sure as hell wasn't a genocidal freak, knight-templarish brainiac, general jerkass and resident evil genius in Cao Cao's camp back there.

It has a deeper meaning than the obvious association with death, though, which isn't elucidated until much later. His appearances in earlier volumes are sometimes followed by a flock of crows, and a volume cover also portrayed him surrounded by crows. When Huo staged the arrival of backup troops and tried to assassinate Guo Jia to force Xiahou Dun to lift the siege on his mountain, the experienced Xiahou Dun fell for it immediately but it took Guo Jia less than a few seconds to call Huo out on this bluff and sic Xu Chu on him.

Again when he came up against Liu Bei soon after, he correctly assessed the force of Liu Bei's troops just by counting the number that Liu Bei brought with him.

pang and tong relationship quotes

He dies in the exact same way Jia Xu told him he should during his first appreance in volume 10 - he serves Cao Cao and by extension, the country, until his last breaths and passes away in peace, even though by then he's become known as an atrocious murderer for a lifetime of honoring Necessarily Evil philosophy.

What his partnership with Sima Yi boils down to. He passed it on to Cao Cao. Pang and Tong won the silver medal at the Chinese national championships, but did not represent China at the World Championships until They are the Chinese national champions.

pang and tong relationship quotes

At their first major senior international, the Four Continents Championships the first Four Continents ever heldthey placed 5th. They then went to their first Worlds, where they placed 14th.

In the — season, Pang and Tong made their Grand Prix debut. They placed 4th at Skate Canada and 5th at Cup of Russia. They slowly moved up the ranks over the years. Following the — season, Pang and Tong began to be contenders. They consistently placed on the podium at their Grand Prix events.

They won their first World medal a bronze at the World Championships.

pang and tong relationship quotes

After their first world medal, they had a rough — season and a shaky start at the beginning of the — season. They went to the Worlds and won it. In the — season, Pang and Tong were unable to defend their World title. They were forced to withdraw from Skate America due to injury.

At Worlds, they placed second. During the — season, Pang and Tong had a rough start, losing two out of their three Grand Prix events. They came back strong midseason by winning the bronze at the Grand Prix Final and their third Four Continents title. They ended their season with a disappointing 5th at the World Championships.