Relationship between love and hate quotes hatred

Love And Hate Quotes (43 quotes)

relationship between love and hate quotes hatred

Explore J. C.'s board "Love Hate Quotes" on Pinterest. | See more See more. Relationships, truth! its take two to communicate and really care, I hate wasting. 43 quotes have been tagged as love-and-hate: Ella Wheeler Wilcox: 'Love “His hatred for all was so intense that it should extinguish the very love from which it was conceived. .. “But there really isn't much difference between love and hate. Being in a love-hate relationship is like riding an emotional roller coaster. by talking to others, even though you know it might hurt or anger your partner.

Does any of this feel familiar to you? If so, awareness is the first step toward making positive change. Here are 10 signs that you are in a love-hate relationship: You're in a break-up and make-up relationship cycle. When you argue with your partner, you argue hard.

Love–hate relationship

In these moments, you truly can't stand your partner. However, hours later you are back to hugging and loving each other, promising that you are committed.

relationship between love and hate quotes hatred

You are able to make up quickly and forget about the intense argument that you had. The cycle of arguing and making up repeats over and over.

relationship between love and hate quotes hatred

Your partner is your prize. While you do value your relationship, there are definitely certain parts of your partner that you just can't stand.

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You may consider leaving at times, but you also know that you have put way too much of your time, energy, and effort into this relationship to walk away from it. You view maintaining the relationship as more of an accomplishment or ego boost.

relationship between love and hate quotes hatred

The relationship serves some other purpose for you. There is no long-term purpose to your relationship. You are sticking with this relationship just to be in it.

Perhaps you are desperate to have a partner because you have been single for such a long time. You are willing to put up with things you hate in your partner just to be in a relationship. Sure, you know in your heart of hearts that the relationship is not likely to have a future, but you keep telling yourself it's okay because it's filling a void in your life.

You don't have a deep connection. You love some parts of your partner and you hate others. While these are two very strong emotions, there is not a true bond of intimacy between the two of you.

Love And Hate Quotes

You may feel like you are in love with these surface traits, but you don't really have a deep and lasting connection with your partner, which leads to feelings of disconnection and constant fighting.

You are different in public than you are behind closed doors. To the outside world, you probably seem like the ideal couple. You make other couples jealous with your picture-perfect relationship. You come across as a match made in heaven. Other people don't suspect that you end up in separate rooms once you get home and hardly interact with each other.

relationship between love and hate quotes hatred

You have unresolved issues. You have frequent conflicts — some big, some small, and some even irrelevant.

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But the bigger issue is that these conflicts have never been resolved. Maybe you never talk about the conflict, or you just sweep it under the rug and move on to the intense make-up period. The problem occurs when these unresolved conflicts bubble to the surface after being bottled up for far too long. Leaving conflicts unresolved adds to your misery and confusion in the relationship.

You hate things about your partner. While you do love some things about your partner, there are other things you just can't stand. Every time you want to recommit to your love for your partner, you have this nagging inner voice reminding you that there's a serious disconnect.

Maybe you have talked to your partner about these areas you dislike, but nothing seems to change. Some selected a professional rival, and a small percentage chose a famous political figure. Researchers then analyzed the neural activity of participants as they gazed upon photos of their Most Abhorred Person in the World with reactions to people about whom they felt neutral as a control.

relationship between love and hate quotes hatred

The results surprised even the scientists. They found that the hate circuit includes two parts of the brain found in the sub-cortex: The putamen is a part of the brain scientists already know has to do with contempt and disgust, and may also be involved in the motor system the part of the brain that controls movement or action.

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The insula has been shown to be involved in responses to distressing stimuli. Yet to the biologist, hate is a passion that is of equal interest to love," Professor Zeki said. Thus, while love and hate are at seemingly polar opposites in literature and in our common thinking on the subject, physiologically-speaking they are, quite literally, intimately related.

As it turns out, they're not identical. But even the difference between them is cause for pause: When you scan the brain of someone looking at a person they hate, only a small part of the cerebral cortex associated with reasoning and judgment is deactivated; when they're looking at someone they love, large parts of the cerebral cortex are deactivated. In plain English, this means your ability to exercise logic and reason is switched pretty far off when you're in love with someone, but if you hate them, you can exercise better judgment.

According to Professor Zeki, "This may seem surprising since hate can also be an all-consuming passion like love. But whereas in romantic love, the lover is often less critical and judgmental regarding the loved person, it is more likely that in the context of hate, the hater may want to exercise judgment in calculating moves to harm, injure or otherwise exact revenge.