Rin and shiemi relationship quotes

A Hate/Love Relationship [Okumura Rin X Tsundere! Reader]

rin and shiemi relationship quotes

I don't care what you people say. I'm not Satan's son. I'm of no relation to that filthy beast!! My only father is the old man!" ~Rin Okumura “I'm not. 13 ” We don't give a damn about your dream! We're just want to protect our friends and our world no matter what!” -Rin & Yukio Okumura. -Rin Okumura to Amaimon "Let me join you! I don't care what you people say I' m not Satan's son I'm no relation to that filthy beast!! My only father is the old.

So just wait a little, okay? I'm gonna study hard, become an Exorcist And then, I'm gonna rebuild our temple!

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How long will it be until Rin joins them? It'd be good to kill a little time I'm Amaimon, a Demon king. I'm kind of like your big brother. Nice to meet you. I'll make her my wife. Do you promise to be faithful to me in good times and bad? In sickness and in health? Will you love and honor me, all the days of your life? Then seal this covenant with a kiss How can I lose?!

Shiemi Moriyama

I could take one of her eyes a souvenir. One of our cousins had this hobby of collecting human eyeballs, he asked me to bring him some. Do you know what it is? It's a substance in Assiah strong enough to contain me! Shiemi gets offended and runs off with Rin running after her. Yukio announces a training camp that will be hosted in his and Rin's dormitory since they are the only ones using it.

After a written exam, Izumo and Noriko go to take a bath and Shiemi tags along. However, Izumo tells Shiemi to wait because she doesn't want Shiemi to see her naked, but she requests some fruit milk for when she gets out of the bath. A little saddened, Shiemi goes to get the milk, but Rin sees her and tells her that Izumo is just using her. Then they hear a scream, and they realize that it is Izumo and Noriko. Rin tells Shiemi to go get Yukio while he heads to the bathroom to help them, but Shiemi follows after him.

Arriving on the scene, they a ghoul that has burned Noriko and rendered her unconscious. Izumo summons her familiars, but because Noriko had just told her that she didn't like people who made a fool out of others, Izumo's familiars turn on her because of her weakened heart. Rin tells her to tear the papers and she does so, hence making her familiars disappear.

Rin distracts the ghoul, and Shiemi treats Noriko's burns with aloe, which she got from Nee. Rin is loosing against the ghoul and about to pull out his sword when Yukio arrives, alerted by the ruckus. The ghoul disappears, and Yukio thanks Shiemi for saving Noriko, making her blush. Summons Nee for help. Rin dashes to rescue her, and finds the insects swarming all over Shiemi's body.

rin and shiemi relationship quotes

Seeing her head bleeding and her in an unconscious state, Rin yells out in anger for the bugs to get away from her, accidentally unleashing his blue flames. This was then spotted by Ryuji, who came to check on Shiemi as well, however Rin was able to get out of explaining the flames that Ryuji had seen. When Shiemi awakens, she screams out for Nee, remembering what the moth Demons did, crying while holding Nee's ripped magic circle.

But Ryuji assures her that she could use another paper to summon Nee again.

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For the strategy Konekomaru came up with to bring the Peg lantern back to camp, Shiemi's part was being in the wagon feeding the Peg Lantern the moth Demons as fuel. She is later carried by Rin in order to move the Peg Lantern to the other side of the bank. She and her friends are successful in moving the Peg Lantern back to camp and shortly after are attacked by Amaimon. Later, Shiemi starts to walk out of the protective circle, surprising the others, and Shura sees a parasite in the back of Shiemi's neck.

Amaimon appears and takes Shiemi. Rin follows after him, but Amaimon's Behemoth blocks his path. Shura gives Rin the koumaken and holds off the behemoth while Rin goes after Amaimon.

Rin catches up with Amaimon and asks what he is planning to do with Shiemi, and Amaimon responds that he will make her his bride. After saying the vows, he prepares to seal them with a kiss but Rin stops him. As it becomes clear that Rin won't use his sword, Amaimon say that he doesn't need Shiemi anymore and prepares to take her eyes for an unnamed cousin.

However, Konekomaru accidentally sets off his firework and it hits Amaimon's hair spike, which makes it poof up like a broccoli, which Renzo laughs at. Amaimon takes offense at being laughed at and shove Renzo into a tree, knocking him unconscious. He then breaks Konekomaru's arm and takes Ryuji in a choke hold. Rin, angry about seeing his friends harmed, unsheathes his sword, revealing his identity, and engages in battle with Amaimon who releases Shiemi.

In the inn, she constantly helps out the others to preoccupy herself. She is less confident about her abilities, as she is unable to summon Nee after having Nee's summoning paper ripped by a demon at the training camp. In a short confrontation with Izumo, she breaks down and confesses that she is upset about being unable to support her friends when they need it the most, especially about not knowing the troubles that Rin and Yukio kept for being Satan's spawns, despite having been close with them.

She wishes to be a stronger person so that she can be relied on to help others when they are in need. Izumo bluntly calls her a "weed", claiming that Shiemi is as ever-intruding as a dandelion that carries its seeds and disturbs other plants' growth upon landing in the ground. Shiemi takes this as a compliment, thinking that Izumo was saying that she was persistent and persevering. Later, she, along with the other Exwires, is asked by Shura Kirigakure to break Rin out of prison, giving them all camouflage ponchos, which makes them invisible to others when worn.

When the Exwires successfully get past the prison guards and find the Demon prison cell Rin is locked in, she is the only one that is not petrified by the Demon, as she had no weapons and no intent to cause destruction.

Then, remembering being told by the Demon that it can be opened from the outside without a key, she opens the door and goes inside in search of Rin. When she finds him, she tells him why she was there and that everyone else had also came to save him. These days Rin is still upset at the fact that he was a demon, not to mention, the son of Satan.

A Hate/Love Relationship [Okumura Rin X Tsundere! Reader]

He felt insecure, that was what Yukio thought. You were one of those people who accepted him easily. Maybe you could bring a change into his life one day. Rin suddenly asked, "Why do you accept me so easily? Tilting your head slightly, you can see the building coming into your view. Not to mention, the son of Satan. I'm a demon who's an exorcist. You gave him a warm smile.

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Braking abruptly, your hair blows in the wind. You're probably not considered as human by tons of people. Rin stopped in front of you and watched as you smile at him, "You're still human right? I accept anyone for what they are. If they're evil, good, so what? If you're a demon or an angel, what's wrong with that? No one can replace you. No one can pretend to be you. There's only one of you in this world" you stated. Rin blushed slightly and averted his gaze from you.

The navy haired teen stormed away angrily, "No! That wasn't a compliment! Someone who accepts things easily Someone like that is perfect for Nii-san.

rin and shiemi relationship quotes

Yukio yelled out a 'I'll be there' before jogging towards the dormitory. Starting today, they have a new person staying in the dormitory. Someone who's going to change their lives. Perhaps for the best. Or maybe the opposite. Girls need their own privacy. Rin had a slightly unpleasant expression on his face. That isn't good news to me. You placed down your backpack onto the bed and took off your jacket. A knock was heard. I'll be cooking dinner now" that voice belonged to Rin.

You replied a 'Yeah' and grabbed a towel from the bed that was prepared by Yukio. Accidentally knocking over your backpack, a few books fell out. You frantically tried to gather the books. I heard a loud bang on the ground.

Are you alright [First Name]? You can just go and do what you were supposed to do. You grabbed one of the books. The book was about demons. Well, all of them are. Sighing, you placed them on the desk. You grabbed a new set of clothes before heading towards the first floor to take a shower.

It's not my stupid imagination. After taking a shower, you headed to the kitchen to have some dinner. Tilting your head in confusion, you glanced around the place, "We? He looked down to the ground.

rin and shiemi relationship quotes

You followed his gaze and looked down to see a small demon. As you can see he's a demon and works in the kitchen. Smiling back, you patted his head. You sighed in relief, "Thank god. For a second I thought you were decent at doing something. Did you put any poison? I'm eating this too. I'll prove it tomorrow with tomorrow's bento! Ukobach hopped onto the table and took off the lid. Yukio suddenly made his appearance. That's like you, Nii-san" he stated, walking to where you were.