Tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship quotes

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tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship quotes

General Trivia Appearances Images Quotes Quotes Young, Snaptrap, Ollie, Francisco, Larry, The Chief, Keswick and Dudley: "Vegetable Soup, It's burn!. General Trivia Appearances Images Quotes Quotes Dudley: "Me? I think the better question is why was Ep.'s Quotes /// Quacky Birthday's Quotes \\\ Next Ep .'s Quotes Season 1 ♢ Season 2 Dudley-Kitty Relationship T.U.F.F. Puppy Wiki. General Trivia Appearances Images Quotes Quotes Prev. #23Golden Retriever #34Bark to Nature #02Big Dog on Campus #13Candy Cane-ine Kitty Katswell/ Trivia 'Spider-Verse' Directors Discuss the Film's Relationship to the MCU.

Dudley is extremely jealous that Kitty is paying so much attention to Jack, and even spies on her.

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When Jack tries to convince Kitty to join S. Kitty turns down his offer and mentions that she actually really likes Dudley. After Dudley saves Kitty, he uses romantic dance moves on her briefly before spinning her out of the room. Kitty thanks Dudley for saving her and tells him he is the best partner she could ever ask for. He doesn't hug anybody else when greeting them in the alternate reality. Dudley tries really hard to make Kitty remember him.

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Kitty saves Dudley from certain death when he is catapulted into the shark tank. Kitty and Dudley hold hands, with Kitty thanking Dudley for helping, right before Dudley is teleported back to the original reality in present day. When Dudley goes back to the present day, the first thing he does is hug Kitty once again and says "Kitty, this is awesome! Dog Dish Kitty is the only one who is sensitive to Dudley's feelings and doesn't laugh when he has to wear the cone.

When Dudley loses all faith in himself and says he's useless to everyone but the birds, Kitty said she would argue with Dudley This shows that Kitty really felt bad about how the cone was affecting her friends job and confidence. Despite being disabled by the cone and having lost his confidence, Dudley immediately rushes to save Kitty when he hears her cries for help.

tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship quotes

After defeating Snaptrap, Kitty smiles at Dudley while giving a high-five at each other. Mind Trap While in the Hockey game, Kitty wears a 99 on her shirt, and Dudley wears a 86 on his Shirt, which shows how these two are mirroring Agents 86 and 99 from Get Smart, where both of these agents fell in love, and eventually married. After Kitty asks Dudley "Do you know what this means? Once Snaptrap is captured and beaten up by the other members of D.

M, Kitty and Dudley look at each other with a love glare in their eyes. Kitty excitedly hugs Dudley after he disarms the bomb, and he has a big smile when she does it. Like most stereotypical female spies or agents, she has mid-length, wavy black hair. Kitty wears a black suit and belt, but her headband, sweater, gloves, and boots are white.

tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship quotes

Kitty has a long, tan tail, and like most cats, has sharp, retractable claws and whiskers, but the whiskers have only been seen in Doom-Mates. Kitty getting angry at Dudleywith her eyes having turned red Sometimes, Kitty's eyes would magically turn a bright red whenever she would get very angry.

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Younger versions of Kitty have been shown and vary from episode to episode, but most consistently have her wearing braces. Her hairstyles take many features from Trixie Tang and Tootie from The Fairly OddParentsnotably the long straight hair with headband or pigtails. Kitty was also turned into a baby by the Young Gun and is shown to have had darker hair on her belly, and later, an old woman with a walker and tiny purple glasses.

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Background According to Operation: Happy BirthdayKitty's birthdays as a child were disastrous because of her cat-like instincts, but not much else is known. She also mentions that she spent 8 years of secret agent college in Toast of T. Interactions with Other Characters Alphabetically Kitty getting captured by The Chameleon Kitty was the first person to ever imprison The Chameleon, which he was revealed in Doom-mates. The Chameleon tries to seek revenge on her after escaping from prison, although his plans were foiled in the end.

In later episodes, The Chameleon's rivalry with Kitty seemed to disappear, and The Chameleon doesn't try getting revenge on Kitty anymore, but instead, tries to get revenge on the agency itself. It is possible that The Chameleon has a small liking to her. In Guard Dogwhen the train reached PetsburghKitty was forced to take care of The Chameleon, much to his pleasure. Kitty tends to be very obedient towards him, even when he orders her to do something that she doesn't appreciate. However, in Mind Trapafter The Chief insulted her fish cookies and threw them into a dumpster, Kitty became very disgruntled and hesitated to save him after he was kidnapped by D.