Brad goreski relationship with rachel zoe

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brad goreski relationship with rachel zoe

Jan 24, Fans of The Rachel Zoe Project may have noticed that the star stylist doesn't take kindly to staff members striking out on their own (and isn't. Jan 2, Brad Goreski's rift with former boss Rachel Zoe has intrigued the style set Fashion feud: Brad Goreski, pictured on his new show, It's a Brad, Brad .. poses with new boyfriend as he makes their relationship Instagram official. Mutual friends of Jessica Alba's and Rachel Zoe's are rumored to have convinced Alba to dump stylist Brad Goreski.

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It really makes me sad — it really breaks my heart when I hear about not even necessarily gay kids but kids in general being so unkind to each other. Your book gets into some detail about your dark days with cocaine addiction and substance abuse. Were you nervous about releasing all that info to the public? Just hearing you say that really helped me out.

brad goreski relationship with rachel zoe

For me, getting that part of my life out into the open was healing. I feel like this part of my life — pardon the pun — is a new chapter. I wanted to just end this part of my life and be able to move forward.

brad goreski relationship with rachel zoe

Who knows what the next 20, 25 years, 30 years or whatever will bring me? Rachel Zoe has been saying a lot of negative things about you since you branched off on your own. I sort of expected your book to bite back but you mostly took the high road. It was such an incredible period in my life. I hope people are surprised.

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I owe so much to Rachel, and I really wanted to continue the celebration of women that the book is. I loved being around her and when it was time for me to leave, it was done.

People are still digging for me to say something about her. She was the outspoken, attitude-heavy and hard-working platinum-blond styling associate who'd been by Rachel Zoe's side for years.

brad goreski relationship with rachel zoe

But between filming on seasons two and three of The Rachel Zoe Project, drama unfolded off-camera and Taylor Jacobson was fired by Rachel and husband Rodger Berman, who strongly implied that Taylor had stolen from their business—something she repeatedly denied.

In the Season 3 opener, which aired in the summer ofRachel made it clear that even though months had passed, things were still raw: When another member of her staff at the time, Brad Goreski, told her he'd heard Taylor was styling a star for the Golden Globes, Rachel replied, "The last thing I want to hear is something good about Taylor.

Whatever happened happened, and it's time to move forward. She wrote "everything from how to throw a garden dinner party to caftans to picture of my parents in the '70s, because they were so cool. It's literally anything," she told TVGuide.

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Taylor briefly return to reality TV in to serve as a judge on the second season of Oxygen's Hair Battle Spectacular, and in starred on the first and only season of the network's Hollywood Unzipped: I like to stay home," Taylor told HollywoodLife. In MarchTaylor begrudgingly started promoting her celebrity styling work with a new social media presence.