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I agree with your description of Hassan's influence on Amir too as I spoke about what the mullah teaches him at school differs from the views his father shares. Hassan also shaped the relationship between Baba and Amir. He also goes over the evidence that Baba was Hassan's father: Baba's paying Baba had said that theft was the only sin, and Amir thinks how Baba stole from right, only after he has recognized that he shares Baba's greatest failing as well. The relationships that clearly demonstrate this need for a fatherly figure are between Baba and Amir, Hassan and Sohrab, and Amir and.

This neglect and lack of fatherly interest created the problem prevalent throughout the entire story. Just as in the work Oedipus Rex, Baba creates a self-fulfilling prophecy when raising Amir. In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus took actions to avoid his fate, which inevitably led to the fulfillment of the fate he was attempting to avoid. In Oedipus took actions to avoid his fate, which inevitably led to the fulfillment of the fate he was attempting to avoid.

This ultimately creates the sense of jealousy and cowardice within Amir that ends up stopping him from saving Hassan from being raped. At the kite fighting tournament, Amir cuts down the second place kite and Hassan, his best friend and servant, runs it for him. Hassan finds the kite but gets trapped in an alley with a sadistic bully.

Do you think Amir can be held responsible for his actions as a child, despite his upbringing? He can be held responsible, but not completely. Baba created Amir as a jealous coward; therefore Baba is to blame for the actions Amir took in jealousy and as a coward. Where the blame lies can be shown when one considers another work, Frankenstein. In Frankenstein, the doctor creates a monster, but fails to give him a conscience.


Frankenstein cannot be held accountable for the horrific actions he took because that was just how he was created. The creator is the one to be blamed.

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A toaster cannot stream movies just as a TV cannot cook dinner. They can only do what they were created to do. Amir was created by Baba to be a jealous, petty coward, therefore Amir cannot be held accountable for the actions he took as a child. To conclude, The Kite Runner illustrates the necessity of having an empathetic fatherly figure, by showing how a child struggles for a father-son bond, and the consequences that can arise due to the actions taken to achieve this relationship.

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  • Do you think Amir can be held responsible for his actions as a child, despite his upbringing?
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The relationship between Hassan and his son Sohrab, demonstrates the necessity of an empathetic father, because it shows life where a relationship between father and son can develop.

Hassan listens to his son, plays with him, enjoys spending time with him, and really understands him. In specific relation to these two father-son relationships, Hassan is a foil to Baba while Sohrab is a foil to Amir. Hassan and Baba are both proud, strong men who stand up for what is good and right in the world. Baba puts his own life in danger to save a woman from being raped by a soldier when they are attempting to escape Kabul: Hassan also puts his own life in danger to get a kite for Amir, because he knows how much he wants it.

Hassan runs the losing kite for Amir, finds it in an alley where he gets jumped by Assef and his goons and then makes the choice to put his Amir above himself: The Buzkashi tournament was another example of how unlike Baba and Amir are. After the tournament Baba ridicules Amir for crying when a man gets killed. Another important aspect to this novel is jealousy and how this in many ways brings one relationship closer but separates another. An additional example of how Amir is jealous towards Hassan would be the birthday present Hassan received from Baba.

During scene seven of the rape sequence Amir has a decision to save Hassan or leave him. This act of disloyalty leads to the separation of Amir and Hassan but the creation of Amir and Baba.

During chapter 8, after the victory, Baba has celebrations with all of his relatives. These quotes alone involve verbs, adjectives and pre modifying adjectives. Baba is described in this way to highlight the fact of his domineering character but to also to include the fact of how he proud he is of his son. This sequence could resemble the symbolism of the two kites connecting. The final idea I am going to discuss is the way in which the language of Baba and Amir contrast one another.

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This shows how Baba sees himself as always write and never wrong, it shows how high his confidence is. This quote is in contrast to his character and how Amir perceives him.

This also illustrates the point that although Baba may be wrong he has the confidence and high morale to pull it off.