Edward iv and elizabeth woodville relationship with god

Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville: A True Romance by Amy Licence

edward iv and elizabeth woodville relationship with god

Edward IV (28 April – 9 April ) was the King of England from 4 March to 3 . Edward's marriage to Elizabeth Woodville has been criticised as an in Lincolnshire between Sir Thomas Burgh of Gainsborough and Lord Welles. Edward IV's Marriage to Elizabeth Woodville in Context for sure, given the potential enmity of Louis VII, but God knows pissing off the kings of. Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville: A True Romance and live under justice, which we have not done of long time, God knoweth. it comes to Edward's reign, much more than his secret marriage and his military prowess.

Edward IV’s Marriage to Elizabeth Woodville in Context

Cressy devotes an entire chapter to clandestine and irregular marriages [iv]both of which terms apply to Edward IV since he married twice in secret when he was king, without the asking of banns at mass. Please read the following carefully — especially the second paragraph quoted — for at first glance it may seem that medieval law and early modern social practice were at odds when they were not.

The two of them were married. No priest was needed to make such a marriage legal and binding, though Eleanor may have told her family afterward and wanted to consult a priest and confine herself to a nunnery once she heard King Edward had subsequently married Lady Elizabeth Grey.

The uninformed seem to assume that the term means what it might mean in the 21st century — that Edward IV had merely been engaged to Eleanor Talbot and only a broken engagement was revealed in The term means a previous marriage. Edward IV stood accused of having previously married Eleanor Talbot. Edward married Elizabeth Woodville on 1 May Eleanor Talbot did not die until 30 June This is where it gets complicated, unless you think in terms of what Edward IV should have done but did not do, at the very least, to ensure the rights of his heir to inherit his hard-won throne.

William Mead and Margaret Rame were ready to be married at Great Waltham, Essex, in after the banns were asked openly in church on two successive Sundays.

If one intending partner was already contracted to another the wedding was not supposed to proceed. And if such a person forgot or concealed a pre-existing contract, the marriage, if solemnized, could be declared invalid. If banns were asked by a priest three times in public as [the churches] dictated; and, If no one came forward at that time with reason s why a couple should not be married; or, If someone came forward at a later time with valid reason s why the marriage was unlawful and should be dissolved; then, Regardless [the churches] dissolved the marriage, any children of the marriage were not and could not be declared illegitimate because their parents had followed the dictates of [the churches].

If banns had not been asked, if [the churches] had not been involved in the run-up to the marriage, if [church] procedure had not been followed, then the children of a dissolved marriage could not and would not be protected by [either church].

edward iv and elizabeth woodville relationship with god

This is as inexplicable as it is inexcusable. He was a popular king for many reasons, both on personal and political levels, as well as for his feats of military prowess and his deeply cultured and magnificent court.

The harms that hath fallen in getting of his realm be now by him turned into the good and profit of us all. We shall now more enjoy our goods, and live under justice, which we have not done of long time, God knoweth. Or rather it might be a number of real Edwards, as in life he was just as inconsistent, evolving and variable as any multifaceted human being whose persona straddles both public and private realms.

His court witnessed a cultural flowering in comparison with the austerity and turmoil of that under Henry VI.

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As a function of this magnificence, Edward understood the importance of appearances, consciously crafting his own performance under the Burgundian influence in what can be seen as an act of early Renaissance self-fashioning. Unlike Richard though, Edward survived attacks upon his kingship, threats to his life and imposed exile.

edward iv and elizabeth woodville relationship with god

His reign also witnessed cultural changes with the proliferation of educational and conduct manuals inspired by Italian humanist concepts, creating a royal household devoted to reverence and service, a court whose lines were redrawn to become a well-regulated body that could paradoxically embrace both thrift and majesty.

Yet this new court was determined by conduct as much as birth.

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Edward might be imposing, but he was also warm and accessible; newcomers were made welcome and men of culture and ability could be advanced, as well as the old nobility. As might be anticipated, this created problems. Yet the answer to those problems was Edward himself, in his dynamic rule by personality; a larger than life, lusty and powerful man — something of a medieval superhero — winning astonishing victories against the odds, with wisdom and charisma.

edward iv and elizabeth woodville relationship with god

Her beauty was legendary, but on almost every other level she was an unacceptable choice for an English queen. Her father was a man whom Edward had, until recently, held in contempt.

Edward IV’s Marriage to Elizabeth Woodville in Context – Rebecca Starr Brown

However, it is less remarkable that Edward married her than that he actually admitted it four months later. But Elizabeth was different. She may have begun her reign as unsuitable and unpopular, but she was in fact the perfect embodiment of the beautiful, submissive, fertile queen — an ideal portrayed in manuscripts and illustrations of the era.