Farrakhan obama relationship with immelt

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farrakhan obama relationship with immelt

October TH Mag: Obama Two-Face - Chris Field: We knew he was a radical leftist . ICYMI: Louis Farrakhan Chanted Death to America in Iran faces of Obama, but it also exposes the close ties and cozy relationship Obama tapped GE CEO Jeff Immelt to sit on his Economic Recovery Advisory Board. A.C.O.R.N. = WEST BASE → UNIonS ← A.L.Q.U.E.D.A = EAST BASE. United National Islamic Socialists = New World Order Obama is Osama. President Obama, trying to boost anemic job creation and improve testy relations with Minister Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, arrives to his press Mr. Obama — who has tussled with the business world over taxes, his health Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, has complained that “government and.

farrakhan obama relationship with immelt

Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes. A handful of Obama policy proposals correspond to GE business initiatives. In May, Obama hired Ignacia Moreno as assistant attorney general for the environment.

farrakhan obama relationship with immelt

It hardly sounds like Obama is freezing out the special interests. All Americans should understand that their property is at stake, too. If you think the American federal government is bloated, inefficient and ineffective, consider the UN, a towering bureaucracy with delusions of being a world government.

Obama says he shares mission with business leaders

Fred Lucas reports that one of them is in the notoriously corrupt Democratic stronghold of New Jersey. The Republican nominee for governor is not like the last Republican governor named Christie Todd Whitman, that is. On top of that, he actually wants to cut spending. That is a virtually unheard of combination in New Jersey. The national and state parties felt that only moderate-liberal Republican candidates could win in the Northeast.

For example, if a member of the CBC other than the chair of the caucus at the time asked for the photo to be suppressed, that is a request that should be attributed to that member, not the caucus at-large.

farrakhan obama relationship with immelt

However, sometimes there are unexpected guests. For example, if a member of the caucus has a meeting with someone on the day of the lunch that he or she wants the caucus to meet e.

He declined to comment. So that leaves two questions: Was Farrakhan formally invited to the CBC, and what does it say about black politicians and the Jewish community? The likelihood is that he was invited: He was with a substantial retinue and the logistics of schlepping all those folks around Capitol Hill just to say hello for the informal first minutes of a weekly CBC get-together seems unlikely.

It also seems likely, given the timing of the meeting and the presence of Wilson, that Farrakhan was invited to discuss marking the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March.

Is this a 'radical' picture of Obama?

Was it the CBC as a group? Was it Rangel, McKinney, Obama or another unidentified member acting on his or her own? Farrakhan may have gravitated to the emerging political star to say hello, Muhammad was in the right place and time, a snapshot ensues.

October TH Mag: Obama Two-Face

Rangel, during his long service as a House member from Harlem, was a go-to congressman for Jews from his city. One of his last acts as a House member, when he was 85, was to fly to Israel in for the funeral of Shimon Peres.

At the same time, Rangel also has a longstanding relationship with Farrakhan, stemming from when they brokered an end to a deadly standoff between police and Muslims at a New York mosque.

And he really resents it when Jews call him out on the relationship. Jewish leaders said Farrakhan was too deeply stained with Jew-hatred for that rationale to fly.

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No less a figure in uniting Jews and blacks than the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

farrakhan obama relationship with immelt

Muhammad, when I spoke with him on Wednesday, said what many others before him have said: