Haruka and michiru relationship with god

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haruka and michiru relationship with god

Tenoh Haruka is first introduced as one of Japan's top race car drivers, (天王星 Tennousei "Sky King Star", the given title of Uranus, the Greek god of the sky). The nature of Haruka and Michiru's relationship has been questioned for many years now, despite the overwhelming evidence. We'll start by addressing. From the true nature of their revolutionary relationship to each of their In Sailor Moon Crystal, Michiru tells Usagi that Haruka is both male and female. and Neptune betray Sailor Moon and awaken an ancient god at The.

In the anime adaptation, Michiru briefly flirts with Kou Seiyaat that time a man, asking him to help her unzip her dress. Her stated intention, earlier in the episode, is to learn Seiya's motives out of fear that he is a threat to the planet.

However, in the Infinity arc, Michiru appears as temptation for Mamoru, paralleling Haruka being used as temptation for Usagi. Though she never makes any of the advances on Mamoru that Haruka makes on Usagi, Usagi is jealous of her because she sees them together. Michiru is deeply artistic and is the Sailor Soldier most associated with the arts. Her known skills include the violinswimmingand painting ; of all her skills, her strongest is as a violinistwhich is also her greatest dream.

She also dislikes sea cucumbers for unclear reasons, and her favorite color is Marine blue. Sailor Neptune[ edit ] Michiru's Soldier identity. She wears a uniform colored in teal and ceruleanand unlike most of the other Soldiers, her gloves extend only to her mid-forearms and has an 8 stars shaped jewel on her teal-colored choker. She wears planet shaped teal colored earrings which is the shape of Planet Neptune but the earrings were absent in the version of Sailor Moon, and present in the Sailor Moon Crystal.

She is given specific titles throughout the various series, including Soldier of the Deep Waters [8] or "Depths" in the English mangaSoldier of Embrace, [9] Soldier of the Sea, and Soldier of Comprehension.

Just like her partner, Haruka, Michiru has some precognitive abilities while in her normal form. She is able to prophetically predict who the next target of the Death Busters is likely to be next. Sailor Neptune uses ocean-based attacks not just water[11] and carries one of three Talismans carried by the "outer" Sailor Soldiers; Neptune has the Deep Aqua Mirror, which always reveals the truth.

She takes a black-and-white approach to her role as a Soldier, one shared by Sailor Uranus, who is virtually always at her side. As she grows stronger, Sailor Neptune gains additional unique special abilities, and at key points her uniform changes to reflect this.

The first change takes place in Act 39 of the manga, when she obtains the Neptune Crystal and her outfit becomes similar to that of Super Sailor Moon.

She is not given a new title. A similar event takes place in Episode of the anime, and she is given the name Super Sailor Neptune. A third, manga-only form appears in Act 42, also unnamed but analogous to Eternal Sailor Moon sans wings.

She was among those given the duty of protecting the Solar System from outside invasion. As Princess Neptune, she dwelt in Triton Castle and wore a sea-green gown. She appears in this form in the original manga Act 41, as well as in supplementary art. It is unknown whether she had a romantic relationship with Princess Uranus at that time. Even in civilian form, Michiru has some precognitive gifts, as she occasionally states that "the sea is stormy" when there is an evil presence at work.

She is not shown using any other special powers in her civilian form, and must first transform into a Sailor Soldier by raising her hand or a special device into the air and shouting a special phrase, originally "Neptune Planet Power, Make-up!

She draws energy from the "deep waters" and blasts it at her foes. She is given three major attacks in the series, and although they all have English names like those of the other Sailor Soldierseach is also given kanji in the manga to denote the meaning to Japanese readers.

This is Sailor Neptune's primary attack for most of the anime series. They were always in sync, yet they'd never be in touch. No, not like that. So Haruka could stuff those thoughts of Michiru Kaioh down the drain with her morning shower's water.

Now if only her dreams behaved. Instead of a plate, Michiru put her hand in it. How she wished it were a piece of her heart as her partner closed around it.

Sailor Uranus

She led Michiru out the door, her long stride going possessively over to her 'baby', the first motorcycle she'd ever had.

Anyone could tell it was old, yet in very good shape, practically gleaming as Haruka winked at it, ran her hands over the body. Good thing Michiru had a strict way of self-control about her or she'd have made a very embarrassing noise.

Almost reverently, Haruka stroked it, then quickly ran a hand through her blond locks. Straightening, she pulled off a grin, then took Michiru's hand. With a gentleman-like flourish, she swirled the smiling woman around her new car that she'd given to her for her nineteenth birthday. It was worth every blasted ogle from any man who she'd had to stop to buy the car for Haruka. Her eyes had held burning emotion then, her smile vibrant as the sky was gorgeous. The wind had whipped that day.

The appreciation still ran in her eyes, the passion hadn't dimmed.

Sailor Neptune

And it had been two years. Lightning fried Michiru when Haruka looked up from the car's tires to give her a direct once-over. She was so light, drifting The she looked down. At Haruka's sparkling eyes, the slight twitch of her lips. Blushing, she turned and raced for the front door. In a half-hour, Michiru Kaioh was going to play for some of the best musicians around. And she'd forgotten her violin.

Haruka's teasing laugh followed her through the house even six months after that. She perversely enjoyed it. Yes, she was a lucky one. If only they were here as they'd posed to be.

SEXY in her shoulders-bared blue-green dress, the slit to her leg not going unnoticed by men and women both. Her sweet smile yet firm glance quieted up whispers and whistles, though.

Haruka had donned her tuxedo, yet went with a loose gray scarf about her neck. Her ease of stance as a man heightened her charm, and she recieved many a look-over from single and not-so-single women.

Things You Never Knew About Uranus And Neptune | ScreenRant

If only they knew she was a part of the female gender I'm sure you can cope with charm and your natural teasings. So very easily, sadly. Fire, potent and pure, rushed through her veins on hot wind and radiated outwards, engulfing them both in scorching body heat.

Tonight rumors were gonna fly. Haruka smoothly walked over to the nearest woman and thought, "Well, I'll start with a blonde And end up probably seducing the whole room for her.

What she can make a woman do For Michiru, she'd gladly be of service. Michiru couldn't help but giggle to herself, balancing on the steps outside in her evening heels and gazing up at the moon. How smooth Haruka would have to be Michiru found herself looking up into sparkling green eyes, royal and warm. Suddenly, Michiru's heart started to pound, and she was fully aware of their standing position, right close and near about the same step, yet still on equal ground.

Then Michiru pulled, and Haruka was in her arms, she in hers. Right on the same step. Sighing, Michiru let go, knowing it for the best and the time ruined. The wind breathed out in annoyance, and then Neptune felt Uranus join her. It was a warm, invigorating feeling Especially out of those uncomfortable heels. The battle had started. Darkly hissing, the thing dove for her waist- right into an uppercut.

Split knuckle, healed in two seconds. Time to end this. Summoning leg-strength, Haruka leapt upwards and over the demon, then round-house kicked it down. Her hand over head, Sailor Uranus called forth her planet's attack- right onto the flailing form of evil. Oh, no time to worry NOW. Sailor Uranus raced upstairs to help the Senshi of Sea in erasing memories and easing pain.

Sometimes people got cuts, but Haruka took the time to wonder: Blood trickled, yes, but not by any enemy's attack. Hanging her head, Michiru groaned in irritation, then added another hole in the floor with her fist. At that moment, Haruka appeared at the top of the steps, concern in her eyes, already in offensive mode at Michiru's minor anger. I'll be at the car. Their bond was that good.

haruka and michiru relationship with god

Yet for a couple of days Michiru knew she'd not press for more. A dark stain had appeared. She was having her period. Turning off the engine and unsnapping her belt, Haruka leaned into her partner's seat.

haruka and michiru relationship with god

The way she scooted back bothered her, and Haruka gently asked, "Do you need ice cream? Not this time, although a cute line of smile appear.

haruka and michiru relationship with god

Leaning forwards, the racer opened her glove compartment and produced a teddy bear. Putting it into Michiru's hands, she watched an eyebrow raise. Even a couple of books and stuffed toys, along with two raincoats, one black, one dark blue. When Haruka noticed Michiru almost going for the toilet paper and tissue, she finally got it. She was painfully aware of Michiru's state; she hated her time of month.

Turning back, the blond held out a pair of black panties and shorts in one hand, and more importantly, her partner's choice of a tampon or pad. Perhaps even a bit of her love. She was so glad the windows were tinted and she couldn't see in.

haruka and michiru relationship with god

Temptation was such a tease. One could even say it and Haruka played each other's keys. Just like its driver. A smooth, wonderful woman. One that looked a bit disgruntled. A dark hue appeared at the base of the woman's neck, and Michiru figured Haruka was blushing or the scarf was choking her. Reaching over, Michiru slowly unwound the scarf and tenderly felt the skin underneath. A giggle bubbled up- she couldn't help it.

Haruka had inched away, warily, and the color climbed up to her chin, then cheeks. At her laugh, the blond glanced over, a bit flustered. I did THAT under my normal self. I wanted to apologize for snapping at you back there.

I'm sorry for not telling you about my period. We're much closer than that by now. All you gotta do is ask.

The faint blush was still there. This time Haruka didn't back off and looked into her eyes with a grin in her own.

Did you think that was a real kiss? I can give you a REAL one next time. Haruka's face turned crimson, and this time, her eyes were surrounded by that red color called a blush. Michiru just leaned back in her seat and laughed. Special equipment had been made to withstand their Senshi attacks, but for their normal selves, a punching bag, some weights, and couple of bikes and a treadmill. She went straight to the punching bag and let out a frustrated roar with a kick.

The thing went flying, hitting the cieling. Plaster came loose, but Haruka knew the ceiling wouldn't give. As the bag swung down again, Haruka let it hit her, not even budging an inch at the blow. The pain was bearable. She knew how she could handle a punch thrown at mph easily. Now let's see if any fast-ball could scruff her up. Out loud, she surprised herself by whispering, "Let's spar, Michi. Especially when she turned around and looked as if she wanted to leave.

The racer stood idle as she felt Michiru brush by, a heavy feeling starting to come down on her. Suddenly, arms came around and grabbed her waist, digging in with soft fingers.

Haruka & Michiru moments in S season

Haruka's heart began to pound at the familiar scent, the aura of peace she felt, Michiru's closeness The fingers dug in while a leg slipped over and back between her legs, imprisoning her. Haruka let out a peal of laughter, wiggling, trying to get loose. Behind her, she could hear Michiru laughing, enjoying her squirming.

Abruptly, a hand stopped and wound its way at her throat, squeezing gently. Haruka went still, knowing her life could've been endangered.

haruka and michiru relationship with god

This would be a fun training round. Murky green eyes sliced through her with an amused tilt, slight disappointment in herself for allowing herself to be tricked by a suggestive line.

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Michiru knew her breathing was becoming a harsh pant, her clothes ripped, but decent. Haruka was the same. Three hours of playtime. Laughter about drugged her senseless, yet the Senshi of Sea didn't miss the ripples of seduction flowing from the woman she was now in contact with.

Hands twisted around her falling body, gently but insistently turning and nudging. Two seconds, and she was on the floor, or just ABOUT, with Haruka above her, softly pressing into her lower back, holding her up with a tug to her left wrist. She was in big trouble. Especially when oon the off-chance Haruka might feel more than blood clamping around her upper thigh. Sure, her 'enemy' would have her arm broken, but after, she herself would be vulnerable to a practically-death swipe to the neck.

Other than that minor distraction, Haruka could only concentrate on Michiru. The woman's legs were gripping her left thigh, and if that wasn't torture enough, Haruka's belly was pressing into her soft bottom.