Mali france relationship with syria

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mali france relationship with syria

Dec 4, Syria – Lebanon – Mali – CAR – Somalia. Published It's a country with which we have such strong ties that our efforts are non-stop. Constant. France–Mali relations refers to the current and historical relations between France and Mali. France was the former colonial overlord of Mali, then known as . Combating Daesh France is one of the main contributors to the military action of the international coalition against Daesh, and has been ().

But we can still also work on the nuclear field, the military field and the food industry and tourism fields.


We also want to begin partnerships between our Russian and French companies, in order to be able to promote these technologies on external markets together. And there too, we have considerable opportunities for development. There are French investments in Russia and Russian investments in France. A short time ago, moreover, a Russian company was able to acquire a company in France, and this affects several thousand jobs. The Invest in France Agency must mobilize to give them the best welcome.

mali france relationship with syria

We also have a number of events to be held. The ministers worked on it. And we also have to organize two very important events in — in France but not only in France: At the request of a country, Mali, we wanted to play our part in the fight against terrorism. And I gave him a precise update on our intervention.

France and Syria

France, along with the Malian army and the [other] African armies, will do her duty. But we also discussed the transformation of this operation into a peacekeeping operation, and Russia will provide us with all her support on the Security Council.

Everything must be done to persuade Iran to give up — to unconditionally give up acquiring a nuclear weapon. We have the same objective, even if we differ on how to achieve it.

mali france relationship with syria

It continued in September with the appeal made by the French President during the ministerial week of the General Assembly. After an initial resolution was adopted at the Security Council on our initiative, M. Laurent Fabius went to Bangui on 13 October with the European commissioner responsible for humanitarian aid, Ms Georgieva.

He set out the framework of our action: Our goal is to help the Africans with this effort to make the country secure and maintain access to the population; the third aspect of our action, humanitarian action, is crucial. The humanitarian crisis requires protection of the population from violence; emergency food aid; health assistance; and medical assistance.

France is making a considerable effort: On our initiative, a resolution is being discussed at the Security Council in New York. It will enable the international community to lend its support to the African force, by authorizing those who would like to take part — including France — to back it.

mali france relationship with syria

Security depends first and foremost on the African states. Will there be cooperation with France?

France and Mali

With the new resolution, it will have a specific, clear mandate based on the United Nations Charter, and this will give it the necessary legitimacy to restore security. Yesterday we welcomed the reinforcement provided by the Republic of the Congo, which sent troops. Laurent Fabius also welcomed the Gabonese military effort.

The latter two actions are aimed at enabling the Somalis to take ownership of their own security on land and at sea. Last week we ensured that a resolution on the protection of journalists was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.

In getting this resolution adopted, we were also thinking very much of Somalia.

mali france relationship with syria

NGOs are by definition independent, and this framework must be respected. Of course, in Africa and elsewhere, we support them.