My wife is bored with our relationship

Bored in your relationship or marriage? A warning sign?

my wife is bored with our relationship

You've been together for a while now, and everything is going great. the difference between being bored and comfortable in a relationship is. The fact of the matter is that when your wife feels bored, she will automatically assume that there's something wrong in the relationship. You can blame our crazy. It's perhaps inevitable that, over time, a relationship loses some of its zest. There are many benefits to feeling comfortable with your long-term.

Which parts of you do they see that you no longer share with your partner. And why is that so? To prevent yourself getting stuck in the same pattern again, even in a new relationship! Is it normal to feel bored in a relationship?

Why Is Your Wife Bored of Your Marriage Right Now?

Are the two of you just pretending all is well? It may last from a few months to a couple of years. Romantic love, though, can and does last in some relationships. But, even when the initial excitement has worn off, there are still plenty of opportunities to pepper your life together with new excitements that keep the magic alive. To bring back that sparkle, the two best things you can do are: Changing your perspective Here are three questions for you to consider: If so, addressing you general sense of boredom is likely to have a positive impact on your relationship too.

In which case, will the excitement of that other aspect of your life wear off too?

my wife is bored with our relationship

And it is blinding you to all the stuff that's good about your relationship, even if it's not the 'exciting' stuff anymore? This reframe changes the meaning of the supposed boredom and monotony into a deeper attachment, i.

This is the stage whereby you have an opportunity to nurture a warm sense of lasting, comfortable and contented togetherness. You can see perhaps how I'm focusing mainly on you and not your partner. Chances are that you hold the key to a much better relationship.

How to change your expectations, perspective and the dynamics of your relationship First of all, it's really important that you feel happy in yourself. Know that your partner simply cannot fulfil all of your needs. These days, we often ask too much of our partner and thereby set ourselves up for a sense of failure.

Perhaps you too were hoping your partner would be: You're unlikely to find someone who excels at every single thing in the list above. Maybe your partner's brilliant at being a best friend, but not so good at creating a sense of security. Maybe they're super caring, loving and romantic, but not very spontaneous so they rarely initiate new exciting things. Perhaps they're not great with money, but they rock your world in the bedroom.

Do you see where I'm going? If you expect too much, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. No-one is perfect, and it's unlikely though not impossible! So, could it be that your sense of boredom is more a sense of disillusionment? If you focus on your partner's good qualities, can you see why you fell for them in the first place? And are you prepared to accept that you'll have to compromise on your expectations - in the same way that they'll have to compromise too?

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If you look at things from a different angle, you might find that feeling of boredom isn't so all-consuming after all If your expectations are too high, of course the reality won't match up! Sort out any personal issues you may have.

Your own worries or challenges will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the health of your relationship. You practically have the same conversation every night about the same two or three topics.

Sometimes it feels as if watching paint dry would be more exciting than spending one more minute with your partner. Danger Zone Being bored in your relationship puts you in the danger zone — for infidelity!

Click here to read more about this survey. Life gets in the way such as long work hours or travel for work.

Why Is Your Wife Bored of Your Marriage Right Now?

We love them with all our heart. But they do suck the life out of us at times. Financial pressures and so much more. Research has consistently shown that learning new things together as a couple increases the excitement within a relationship.

my wife is bored with our relationship

Take golf or tennis lessons together. Or learn a new language. Maybe you and your partner enjoy cooking; so cooking lessons might be just what your relationship needs.

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We talk about things, they get resolved, that's just the way things work, right? When your wife is feeling bored, or there's something else severely wrong with your marriage, communication stops being an effective problem-solving method. It's not that she no longer listens to you or what you're saying, it's that simple words just can't change her mind anymore.

my wife is bored with our relationship

This Is Why Marriage Counseling Frequently Doesn't Work Different marriage problems require different solutions, and marriage counseling is only one solution of the many available to you. However, many people turn straight marriage counseling in times of marital strife, when really this isn't the best thing to do. Anyone else will generally get left by the wayside. When your wife is bored and communication has become ineffective, that is almost certainly one of those times.

Marriage counseling works best when both people clearly want to FIX the marriage, not when you're the only one trying! It's times like this that you need something that is more powerful than simple communication. You need something that supersedes the boundaries of words to change the way your wife feels about your marriage and about you.