Pakistan saudi relationship with iraq

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pakistan saudi relationship with iraq

First of all, Pakistani troops have been deployed in the Saudi kingdom before. of Pakistani troops remained in Saudi Arabia during the Iran-Iraq war. This new chapter in the Pakistani-Saudi relationship is part of a story. Iraq–Pakistan relations refers to the foreign relations between the Republic of Iraq and the Around 40, military personnel of Pakistan Armed Forces were stationed in Saudi Arabia to reinforce the internal and external security of the. Still, the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iraq is complicated by Iranian Tillerson is also visiting Pakistan, India and Switzerland on his.

Despite its considerable financial investments in creating a political alliance with Iraq, Saddam Hussein continued to press claims against Kuwait.

Tillerson Promotes Closer Iraq-Saudi Ties

Saudi Arabia took action against Iraq, claiming Iraq's actions posed a serious threat to its security, and requested the United States to bring troops into the kingdom to help confront Iraq. Riyadh's fears concerning Baghdad's ultimate intentions prompted Saudi Arabia to become involved directly in the war against Iraq during January and February Although the United States was the principal military power in the coalition of the forces that opposed Iraq, the kingdom's air bases served as the main staging areas for aerial strikes against Iraqi targets, and for personnel of the Saudi Army who participated in both the bombing assaults and the ground offensive.

Iraq responded by firing several Scud-B missiles at Riyadh and other Saudi towns.

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This conflict marked the first time since its invasion of Yemen in that Saudi Arabia had fought against another Arab state. One elements of Riyadh's containment policy included support for Iraqi opposition forces that advocated the overthrow of Saddam Hussein 's government.

pakistan saudi relationship with iraq

In the past, backing for such groups had been discreet, but in early the Saudi's invited several Iraqi opposition leaders to Riyadh to attend a well-publicized conference. To further demonstrate Saudi dissatisfaction with the regime in Baghdad, Crown Prince Abdallah permitted the media to videotape his meeting with some of the opponents of Saddam Hussein. Their fears and warnings that Iraq would fracture along sectarian and political lines proved accurate.

This of course undermined attempts at reconciliation between the Iraqi and Saudi governments.

pakistan saudi relationship with iraq

Iraq has, as a result, always chosen Iran over Saudi Arabia as their closer ally. Pakistan's army under the current chief of army staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, who was appointed inhas made sure Pakistan continues its support of the GCC countries but without prejudicing its relationship with Iran.

The visit was described by Iranian media as historic. Previously, former army chiefs, like General Raheel Sharif and General Pervez Musharraf, had travelled to Tehran but not on an official military visit. The Pakistani military has always held the cards when it comes to Pakistan's strategic foreign policy.

pakistan saudi relationship with iraq

General Bajwa has managed to mend ties with Iran during his two years at the helm. Under General Bajwa, the Pakistan Army has sought to provide more than just boots on the ground.

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It also sought to provide Qatar with its latest fighter jet, the JF, jointly produced with China. No foreign patrons or alliances The Saudis had viewed the former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, as their puppet, while they perceived his predecessor, Asif Ali Zardari, as Iran's puppet.

pakistan saudi relationship with iraq

With the coming of Khan, the four decade-long hold of the two-party system has been broken and - unlike the Bhuttos, Zardaris and Sharifs - he has no foreign patron or alliances. At the same time, following the Pakistan Army's playbook, Khan has reached out to Iran, and has held public meetings with the Iranian ambassador to reassure Tehran that Pakistan and Iran are brothers. The Iranian foreign minister, Javed Zarif, was the first foreign dignitary to pay Khan a visit.

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Khan also accepted an invitation for a state visit to Tehran. He said that Pakistan was on Iran's side against the American sanctions and pressure on Tehran. He has been arguing for over a decade now that the Saudis view Pakistan as pivot for their own security — there is simply no way the Saudis can afford to lose Pakistan as a strategic partner.