Relationship of 5 elements with human body

The Relationship between the five elements

relationship of 5 elements with human body

The relationship between the Theory of the Five Elements and science false and would fade and disappear at death of the body. The inner. 5 Element Constellations: A Body Oriented Health and Wellness Approach In a 5 Element Constellation, there is usually no story except for the client's layer to taking and receiving and many times can reflect complex inter-relationships. Gurbani mentions 5 "TATS" that a human body is made of. What are these 5 elements? Are these also applicable to animals? Plants and trees?.

In 5 Element Constellations there is no past identification with an Element, so the connection can be experienced without past conditioning. As in Family Constellations there are similar orders of Love or Flow within the 12 organ meridian systems as documented in Chinese medicine.

One Order of Flow that parallels family systems is: In other words, if one Element is weak it will affect the others.

We are All Made Of These Five Elements

The basic flow is expressed in what is called the Generation Cycle outer circle in figure below. Earth then is the Mother of Metal and so on. If Earth gives too much to the Son Metal without receiving from its Mother Fire it can become depleted.

relationship of 5 elements with human body

The Control Cycle is the star in the middle of the figure and the arrows point towards the corresponding Element that it controls. Fire controls Metal melting, softening. Earth controls Water as with a dam. Metal controls Wood Trims, chops.

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Wood controls Earth roots hold Earth in place. An imbalance of the Ether element in the body manifests as Vata dosha disorders.

Light, clear and dry The Vayu or Air element governs all the movement in the body — inhalation, exhalation, opening and closing of eyelids, extension and contraction of joints, movement and other motor functions.

The Vayu Bhuta is made manifest in the skin.

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This is the organ that easily senses any movement or vibration, or detects changes in pressure. As the skin registers movement, the nervous impulse is formed due to this element. The imbalance of the Air element leads to extreme dryness of the skin, tissues and joints. As wind travels faster across a large space increase in Etherit causes excessive coldness and increased sensitivity to drafts, obstructed blood flow, bloating, constipation, lethargy, insomnia, muscular spasms, emotional stagnancy, dry cough, etc.

Elements of the Human Body

Vayu imbalance leads to Kapha dosha disorders. Hot, sharp, light and dry Agni can only be present in a space Etherwhere there is movement Air. The movement of matter causes friction and heating, which gives out light. Thus, the basic characteristics of this element — heat and light. The light of your eyes is through this element so it is responsible for vision. The shine of the skin and glow in the complexion is also a reflection of Fire element.

Healthy people naturally emit an energy and radiance. The imbalance of Agni Bhuta expresses itself in its aggressive form, as a fever in the body.

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Other symptoms of excessive Fire are hyperacidity, redness of skin, inflammation, excessive sweating and bad temper. In the mind, Earth endows resolve, power to withstand and endure. The sense of taste and tongue are Water dominant in nature. Thus, the liquid, mobile, dull, unctuous, soft, and slimy aspects of our being are dominated by Water. In the mind, Water creates feelings and emotions.

In the body, all food and substances, be they solid, liquid, or gaseous in nature, thanks to Fire, get transformed or converted into tissue and energy. In the mind, fiery intelligence and fiery emotions, along with passion, contribute to a fiery experience of the being.

Heat, luster, along with vision and visual sense, are Fire dominant in nature. In the mind, Fire assists passion, as well as anger. Its constant motion and speed is its unique characteristic. Respiration, twinkling of eyes all subtle movements, including that of nervescontraction and relaxation, movement, propulsion and retention, along with touch and tactile senses, are Air dominant in nature.

In the mind, the thoughts and their constant motion is well represented by Air. So typically, fearful anxiety will manifest if Air Element were to unnaturally increase.

relationship of 5 elements with human body

The vacant spaces inside the body, big and small channels, along with sound and auditory sense are predominant in Space by nature. It is the field that is simultaneously the source of all matter and the space in which it exists. The chief characteristic of ether is sound.

relationship of 5 elements with human body

Here, sound represents the entire spectrum of vibration. In the mind, it creates an expansive potential to meditate and be quiet.