Trouble with relationship

trouble with relationship

In the beginning of your relationship, you likely overlooked your partner's faults and vice versa. Take a look at the following slides to see if you. Relationships are tough sometimes. However, they should bring you more happiness than heartache. Here are 10 signs your relationship is in trouble. It's often tough to spot potential relationship problems when you're in the the early stages of your relationship, it will continue to be a problem.

You Assume the Worst If you are so insecure that you automatically assume the worst of your partner, it shows a profound lack of trust in the relationship.

trouble with relationship

Without that trust, the relationship will have a hard time moving forward. If they were just stuck in traffic but you come after them based on your fears rather than actual events, you will drive a wedge between yourself and your partner. Give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove themselves untrustworthy by their own actions.

Ghosts of Relationships Past If you are blaming your partner for incidentally doing something that reminds you of a former partner, then you have not dealt with the issues of the prior relationship.

10 Signs Your Relationship Is In Trouble

Your partner is not responsible for the actions of anyone else. Once you have dealt with that old ghost, then you can focus on your partner.

Contempt for Your Partner If you or your partner is disrespectful or insulting of the other, then that is a significant sign that your relationship is in trouble. Without mutual respect, your relationship has nowhere to go but down. Complement each other instead.

Build each other up instead of trying to knock each other down.

7 Surprising Indications Your Relationship is in Trouble

You should both be able to have full lives and spend time away from one another without anger, jealousy or resentment. While it is important to have your own social circles, it is also important to set aside time to be together.

trouble with relationship

Arguments Escalate Quickly Every couple argues, but if your arguments escalate to name calling and shouting each other down, then you are in serious trouble.

Healthy couples discuss their opinions or disagreements in a respectful manner. If you both are too mad to talk about it in the moment, then take a short break away from each other and come back an hour later when you have cooled off to discuss it without getting enraged. This phrase is used a lot and can mean a range of different things, but in general it describes feeling really anxious about being in a long term relationship.

Commitment issues can be caused by all sorts of things. One thing about entering into a relationship is that it does entail some degree of risk. But the benefits of making this change can be just as large as the challenges.

I have trouble starting relationships | Relate

Understanding and accepting that compromise is always a part of the process can make this transition easier. Or shy, bookish people.

trouble with relationship

Or outspoken, confident people. Or our type can come from subconscious ideas: You might feel like you never have the opportunity to meet anyone outside of your social circle or work. But internet dating has revolutionised the number of opportunities to meet people.

I have trouble starting relationships

Are you too scattergun? The other side of internet dating, of course, is that there can be too much choice. How we can help Relationship Counselling is for single people too. Come in for a solo session and your counsellor can help you figure out why you might be having trouble forming relationships, and think about ways to address this. Reassure you about where you are doing the right thing.

Review past relationships, their legacy and what you have learnt from them.