Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai kodaka relationship questions

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Yozora concluded her relationship with Kodaka after he became Rika's new friend . in her personal issues and being appointed of watching over Hinata's studies. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai x Seitokai no Ichizon Crossover Special. Does Kodaka hook up with Sena, what happens with Yozara? Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai to him to risk alienating the other girls by committing to a relationship while it exists. This involves her wearing a girls uniform at school , giving back the butler costume to Yozora (seeing as she no longer. Kodaka initially didn't know that Yozora was his childhood and very first friend. Although Yozora recognized him immediately when she first saw him entering.

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Furthermore, even before the fiasco in their Christmas party, Sena had already planned on giving Yozora a birthday present, which speaks volumes regarding her friendlier outlook towards Yozora. Finally, Sena viewed Yozora as special, despite the latter insisting otherwise.

A bewildered Yozora is then taken aback by Sena asking her to be her friend, only to be confirmed by Yozora of there already established friendship. Sena showed her concern towards her best friend when she tried her hand in helping with Yozora's dysfunction family situation by hiring her as their estate's butler.

boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai kodaka relationship questions

This would, in turn, lead to Yozora meeting Stella, the estate's current butler at the time, and eventually idolizing her, much to the envy of Sena. Edit Sena initially saw Kodaka as just another one of the boys that tried to win her attention.

boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai kodaka relationship questions

As such, she would sometimes make fun of Kodaka and offer Kodaka her "reward" of stepping on him, or something similar. To her surprise, Kodaka did not want her rewards and didn't act like the boys she usually knew.

Because of this, Sena's insults to Kodaka toned down significantly and she began to view him differently. Sena soon began to trust Kodaka more and more as she believed that Kodaka would keep the promise to teach her how to swim and wouldn't tell anyone that she secretly likes her nickname "meat". After Kodaka scolded her for being foolish and arrogant, Sena was shocked to know that she was actually scolded by a guy her age. She was rather unhappy when she could not kiss Kodaka directly at the "King game" [8] and even hinted to Kodaka that she liked being in his company which Kodaka had no caught on at the time [9].

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She was shown to be romantically competitive, always stating that she will not lose to the likes of Yozora in vying for Kodaka's affection. When their engagement was made known, Sena agreed to the idea of being married to Kodaka masking the fact by stating she wanted to be true sisters with Kobato and expressed disappointment when Kodaka dismissed it [10] ; however, Sena nonetheless confessed Kodaka her true feelings. However, when Kodaka broke his aforementioned promise by dating Yukimura and knowing his intentions of leaving the club altogether [13]Sena lamented at one point but continued to romantically pursue Kodaka, demanding that he remain in the club and allow himself to be fought over by her and Yozora [14].

Edit Sena seems to like Kobato a lot main reason being her cuteness and always tries to get on Kobato's good side. However, this feeling is not mutual and Kobato would often cry and hide behind Kodaka, seeking protection, and reject Sena's offers and suggestions.

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Edit Rika's attitude toward Yozora can be expressed as respectful as she addresses her as "senpai" and tends to be quite polite and patient when Yozora demonstrates her ignorance in varying topics that concern manga, anime and games. Despite different interests, they often team up to trick and bully Maria and Sena, which proves that they have many mutual traits. Rika also seems to understand this and tries to slowly turn Yozora into her soul mate having similar tastes.

An example was when Rika convinced her club-mates to watch a movie revolving around the gay relationship between two male club members. While Yozora initially protested against Rika and what she perceives as an obscene movie, after watching the movie, Yozora became a fan of Rika's taste of movie genre and allowed future showings of it in their clubroom.

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Yozora initially insulted Rika on her perversions but Rika soon returned it by confirming Yozora's insults and even added more perverted comments back to Yozora.

Being unable to handle this, Yozora soon stopped insulting Rika and would even do what Rika told her to do.

boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai kodaka relationship questions

Though in the end, Rika only wanted to befriend and be considered as Yozora's friend, showing genuine concern when she succumbed to depression and knowing about her strained relationship with her half-sibling. Edit Although Rika was perverted, at times she would be shocked and surprised to know that Sena could be even more perverted than her.

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Rika also seems to have a complex like most of the girls towards Sena's buxom body, and would then insult Sena the same way as Yozora. Like Sena, if someone mocks or made a fool of themselves on one of Rika's favorite BL games, Rika would also become angry.

boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai kodaka relationship questions

Later on, Rika revealed that she somewhat admired Sena for being simple, while also being surprising and complex as a person. Edit Although both characters do not really interact much, there was a time when Kobato became scared of Rika when the latter wants to know what color her undergarments are.

It was eventually changed to more mutual terms as the series progressed. Edit Rika was the one who convinced Yukimura that she is a female. Like Kodaka, Rika respects Yukimura's decision of wanting to be a man and hence, has decided to refer to Yukimura as a guy, even after the revelation of her true gender.