Changing lives one relationship at a time

Guest commentary: Mentoring — Changing Lives, One Relationship at a Time | Amigoscom

changing lives one relationship at a time

Changing lives — one diagnosis and lesson at a time they couldn't keep down a job; that they had had one failed relationship after another. Take a moment to think about someone who has made a positive difference in your life. Who inspired you to do your best and dream big? For so many of us, h. The impact a Big Brothers Big Sisters relationship can have is real. We hope these Little stories inspire you to start something by becoming a donor, volunteer or.

Guest commentary: Mentoring — Changing Lives, One Relationship at a Time

For so many of us, having someone who supported our aspirations, gave guidance, and made us realize our value, just by sharing their time, had a profound effect. That is the power of mentors. In honor of National Mentoring Month in January, we celebrate the positive impact that mentors have on the lives of young people. Quality mentoring relationships are a critical asset for youth, providing them with support, new possibilities and perspectives.

Research shows that mentors can have a life-changing impact on young people both personally and academically.

Our mentors build lasting, trusting relationships and create safe spaces for girls to take risks and push themselves. Effective mentors are the cornerstone of our approach to serving the whole girl with experiences that enable her to discover her own strengths and thrive. She taught me to accept help from others.

changing lives one relationship at a time

She would request simple courtesies such as: Now I treat others with courtesy, because I know it improves my personality and reflects the type of person I am. These small lessons will follow me into the future as a working professional.

Mentoring: Changing Lives, One Relationship at a Time | HuffPost

Ericka also introduced me to local authors and artists who taught us about their jobs and what paths they took to get where they are. This exposed me to the art of writing and influenced my interest in school. She showed me the difference between right and wrong and I learned the power of my words. They were finding everyday activities a real challenge. These are often telltale symptoms of ADHD in adults.

Changing Lives One Person at a Time

Four to five per cent of adults have ADHD — and, as it turns out, nearly 80 per cent of adults who have the disorder have never been diagnosed or treated. Knowing that the symptoms of ADHD can be traced back to early childhood, I was really interested in using my skills — as an educator, and former elementary school teacher — to help this population.

changing lives one relationship at a time

Some end up with poor grades, and many with low self-esteem. I suppose I have always questioned how we can better support children and youth — and now adults — who have ADHD and who are so often mislabeled.

changing lives one relationship at a time

We see about 40 new adults every week — they are referred to the centre by their family doctor or psychiatrist. I work with Anita to conduct a very detailed consultation —often assessing early school records, like report cards, which can help shine a light on just how early the signs and symptoms of their ADHD may have began. After the assessment, which takes about an hour, the patient is informed of the diagnosis and provided with a lot of educational resources and information about support groups.

We also provide them with a detailed report to share with their family doctor. Outside of the clinic, we are also working to build capacity in the community by educating others about ADHD. We host regular educational sessions for teachers and doctors, often fielding and answering questions from psychiatrics, pediatricians, addiction specialists and family doctors. Only a year and a half in to opening the centre — with locations in Vancouver and Burnaby — what impact has your work had so far?