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gambia senegal relationship tips

Don't let the small geographical area of Gambia fool you. Gambia travel guide Virtually enveloped by its much larger neighbour Senegal, a legacy of the colonial foreign nationals were detained by the police in relation to homosexuality. i would like to learn about the culture of males from Senegal. . of you, on the issue of marriage and relationships in the cross cultural context. Some tips to better know this .. may vary between countries (Senegal and the Gambia) and the rural .. causes problems in education and relationship with the .

Avoid walking or being outside alone at night, especially at beaches. Keep your car windows and doors closed and locked at all times. Secure your hotel room against intruders, including when you're in it. Politely decline any offers, advances or attempts at conversation from 'bumsters', making sure not to offend.

Always keep your credit card in sight when making purchases. Scams Internet scams come in many forms, including romance, friendship, business and employment opportunities. Victims who travel to The Gambia or other West African countries to meet a friend or prospective marriage partner they have met online, or to recover funds they have lost, are at risk of kidnapping, assault and robbery.

Some victims have been killed. Commercial internet fraud is common and often originates in some African countries. Criminals have been known to seek details of 'safe' bank accounts overseas to transfer large sums of money as a donation or for a percentage of the amount involved.

They may also provide fake cashier cheques for 'urgent' shipments of large quantities of goods, request sizeable fees for a fake government contract and extort money from individuals they have convinced to travel to Africa for a business opportunity. These scams typically result from connections made through internet dating sites or chat rooms. Once a virtual friendship develops, you'll typically be asked to send money to enable them to travel to Australia.

In some cases the relationship is terminated with very little chance that any funds can be recovered. In other cases, foreigners are lured to Africa to meet their friend or prospective marriage partner and become victims of crime including kidnapping, assault and robbery.

Scrutinise all approaches originating in The Gambia or from people you don't know.

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Don't send money to anyone in The Gambia until proper checks are made. If you are the victim of a scam, get legal advice. Don't travel to The Gambia to recover funds. Scams Terrorism Terrorism is a threat throughout the world, including in The Gambia. An attack could happen anywhere and at any time, including in places visited by foreigners. Expect to be urged to take second helpings.

gambia senegal relationship tips

Leaving a little bit of food on your plate or your section of the communal bowl indicates that you have been looked after. People generally stay for half an hour or more after dining to continue building the personal relationship. Make certain your title is prominently displayed. Cards should be presented and received with two hands or the right hand. Gold embossed cards are always well received.

There is generally no formal ritual when exchanging cards. Make a point of studying any business card you receive before putting it away. Communication Styles As indirect communicators, the Senegalese use a lot of proverbs, sayings, analogies and metaphors when speaking, especially if what they have to say is delicate in nature. Passive silence is also employed on occasions in order to avoid conflict.

If people go quiet for no apparent reason, raising a non-controversial subject will allow communication to continue. Communication should remain positive at all times. Conversations generally only begin after extensive inquiries into the health and well-being of the other person and their family members. Even if everything is not going smoothly in your personal life, respond to such polite questions in a positive manner.

It is important not to rush the greeting process since your goal is to be considered a friend so that business is a possibility.

gambia senegal relationship tips

Eye contact is not pervasive, in fact making direct eye contact throughout a greeting and conversation may brand you as arrogant. The Senegalese tend to lower their gaze while conversing, especially when speaking with someone senior to themselves in age or position.

gambia senegal relationship tips

When communicating information, the Senegalese tend to start with the overall idea and gradually get into the details, using what may appear to be a circuitous route. Since they think in terms of context, they search for the rationale behind behaviour. They examine behaviour in its total context, not merely what they have observed. Business Meetings Business meetings are generally formal, especially at the outset as the relationship building process has yet to commence.

As the Senegalese grow to trust and respect you, they will naturally become less formal. It is a good idea to follow their lead and maintain a polite and reserved demeanor at all times. Agendas should be broad and flexible. If used, they are viewed as a broad outline of what is to be discussed. Business conversations generally weave their way through all the topics eventually.

The Senegalese are non-confrontational. More expensive hotels will be in better shape. Further inland there are eco camps and lodges which offer basic accommodation usually in natural surroundings.

You can also find cheap Guesthouses everywhere around the country, the accomondation is realatively basic but they are cheap. Stay safe[ edit ] The Bumsters Many of Gambia's unemployed young men have discovered that engaging and sometimes hassling tourists can be as rewarding as a real job. It's not a coincidence that there's a name for such persons: Be prepared for personal questions, sob stories, not-asked-for "favours" and self-proclaimed friendship, all with the purpose of winning your favour or opening your wallet.

Those not desiring such attention must use a combination of polite declination, wit, and when necessary firm refusal, if they want to be left alone. Caucasians may hear people calling them "Toubab" meaning white. Ignore them or say No. There are a number of very commonly used scams in the Gambia. If someone stops you on the street, they may tell you that they remember you from the hotel you're staying at and that they work there. They may invite you to another hotel, but this could be a scam to attempt to rob you.

Also, because people are constantly looking for ways to support themselves, if they offer you assistance or directions, it may be understood that they expect some monetary compensation.

Gambia travel guide

Scams also exist in which marijuana is offered to tourists or they are are invited to come smoke in a home, only to find police waiting for a hefty bribe.

A simple "Sorry, I am in a hurry" could suffice to dismiss them. But don't tell them why you are in a hurry and don't say anything else after that as this may lead to a conversation — and this could lead to unwanted attention and possibly a scam. Also remember that some Bumsters are not necessarily unemployed or young - never fall for hardship stories. One last word of warning: Some recommend a stern and harsh response to such requests, but this should be informed by your values and the relationship formed with the individual in question.

Keep in mind, however, that you may see this person again, and they could truly be helpful if you're in a jam or need information. Many people in tourist areas are merely 'friendly facilitators' who may hope for an exchange of favors, but are genuinely harmless. Being overly guarded could deny you an offer to join a local family for a traditional meal only likely outside of tourist areasor to personally meet one of the craftspeople who make the local goods for sale.

If someone has been genuinely helpful and has given you 10 or more minutes of their time GMD20 is sufficient. The Gambia is a great holiday destination but just keep your guard up at all times.

When swimming, be aware that the currents in the Atlantic waters can be strong.

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Always look out for flags on the tourist beaches indicating the level of danger on a red — yellow — green scale. Be careful about your political opinions, as such critical opinions against the government are considered a crime.